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Posted: 11/15/2012
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ESADE Institution Uses Consulting to Implement Collaboration Solution, Increase Efficiency

With a history of more than 50 years, ESADE is one of the top 20 global business schools in the world. A pioneer in Europe because of its innovative learning model, it focuses on three areas of activity: education, research, and social debate. ESADE directors are aware of the importance of innovation, access to information, and collaboration in the field of education, and in 2011, they decided to replace the ESADE intranet with a new one based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. They wanted to take advantage of its advanced features, which would benefit the entire ESADE educational community. The directors engaged Microsoft Services to handle the project’s technical implementation in order to minimize the risks of adopting a newer technology and, at the same time, maximize its impact. With its new intranet, the institution benefits from improved collaboration and efficiency.

ESADE is an independent, nonprofit higher educational institution created in 1958 in Barcelona, Catalonia, under the initiative of a group of business people and the Jesuits Company. Since 1995, it has been part of the Ramon Llull University. ESADE operates in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, and Munich. It has global partnerships with Georgetown University in Washington and HEC in Paris, and it has more than 46,000 alumni on five continents.

* Microsoft Services has helped us to minimize risks and maximize impact in the adoption of new technologies. *

Raquel Boza
ICT Service Director, ESADE

Based on a vision of commitment to personal development and social responsibility, ESADE applies its own innovative educational model to develop professional and managerial skills and competencies. This has earned it international recognition for its high-quality training in two main areas: ESADE Business School and ESADE Law School.

The institution’s directors, aware of advances in technology and the need to be on the leading edge, realized that their intranet no longer met their business or educational needs and did not allow them to continue growing with the quality that ESADE required.

The institution wanted to create a new intranet, but also wanted to minimize any risks associated with implementation.

In 2011, after clarifying the institution’s requirements and expectations regarding the future intranet and studying various options, technology administrators at ESADE decided to replace its intranet with a new one based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This perfectly suited ESADE, because the product’s cutting-edge technologies matched the innovative nature of the institution itself, and because it offered new and efficient solutions to its problems.

The institution’s goal was to have a new intranet for the entire ESADE community—students, professors, former students, and administrative and service staff. “We wanted it to serve as an information repository and gateway to the applications needed by user groups to perform tasks, whether onsite, virtually, or to communicate and collaborate at a distance in a multicampus setting, such as the one we currently have,” says Raquel Boza, ICT Service Director at ESADE. “We chose the Microsoft solution because of its excellent features for online collaboration, which is so important in an institution like ours, and because its maintenance is simpler than that of other similar solutions.”

* We are convinced that when we adopt new technologies, engaging Microsoft Services offers added value, given its superior knowledge of the solution. *

Raquel Boza
ICT Service Director, ESADE

The institution’s directors also decided to engage Microsoft Services to oversee the technical implementation of the project from the beginning, in order to ensure maximum performance. “We are convinced that when we adopt new technologies, engaging Microsoft Services offers added value, given its superior knowledge of the solutions,” says Boza.

Boza also emphasizes the role of Raona, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with Gold competencies, who not only handled the development of the solution, but also contributed ideas and solutions. It worked alongside Microsoft Services to provide the best results and most productive use of the technology for ESADE.

The first phase of the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is complete. “At this point, the first phase—setting up the intranet for the teaching staff and service personnel—is already implemented at budgeted time and cost. The results are excellent,” says Boza. The intranet has new features that the previous one did not have, such as workgroup collaboration, an added workflow view, and a calendar that adds events from different sources (such as the institutional event calendar, the academic calendar with classes and tests, along with the Microsoft Outlook calendar or other specific calendars).

The second phase is now underway. It will incorporate sections of the intranet for candidates, students, former students, and partners. Although it is not yet complete, Boza is already seeing immediate benefits. “With the new intranet, we have solved a serious problem: disorganized information,” she says.

By implementing a new intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, ESADE now enjoys improved collaboration, greater efficiency, and increased usability. Working with Microsoft Services helped to ensure an implementation that minimized risks and quickly resolved any issues that arose.

* With the new intranet, we have solved a serious problem: disorganized information. *

Raquel Boza
ICT Service Director, ESADE

Improved Collaboration and Usability
Boza sees many improvements in the new intranet. “The new intranet is more user-friendly and usable. We can work and collaborate with online groups, which is a great advantage because it results in greater productivity,” she says. "Now that the information is organized, we can find it easily, and we have features, such as workgroup collaboration, that are very valuable in our area.”

Increased Efficiency
The previous intranet was growing chaotically, which made it very complicated to find information. With its new intranet based on SharePoint Server 2010, users now find information very easily. “Also, the tool has a search engine that allows us to find information even when we don’t know where to look for it,” says Boza.

Helpful Support and Services
Boza notes that the three keys to the success of the new intranet. First, it was “having the support of Microsoft Services to implement technologies such as SharePoint Server 2010,” she says. “Second, Raona was able to understand how to best help us; and the involvement of the entire ICT team at ESADE, because this technology spans across all the groups and processes of the institution.”

“Microsoft Services has helped us to minimize risks and maximize impact in the adoption of new technologies,” says Boza. She adds, “Microsoft Services directly resolved all issues that surfaced during the implementation without our involvement, coordinating all third parties for us. They fully understood our specific needs and were committed from beginning to end.”

Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services is a global team of professionals who are dedicated to helping customers maximize the value of their investment in Microsoft software. Microsoft Services touches customers more than 715 million times a year, helping them plan, deploy, support and optimize our technologies. They also work closely with Microsoft Partners by sharing their technological expertise and product knowledge on a regular basis.

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For More Information
For more information about Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers in the United States and Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 550 employees

Organization Profile

ESADE is a higher educational institution with main offices in Barcelona, Catalonia. It specializes in training individuals to become highly competent, socially responsible professionals. It has nearly 4,000 students and 550 employees.

Business Situation

ESADE needed to renovate its intranet, which no longer met the business requirements of the institution or its collaboration needs.


To meet the institution’s needs, directors at ESADE decided to move the intranet to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and engage Microsoft Services for project implementation.


  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased efficiency
  • Helpful support and services

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • BMC - Mission Critical
  • Business Productivity - Collaboration

Vertical Industries
Higher Education


Business Need
Support and Services


Microsoft Services