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Posted: 3/7/2013
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Errigle Inn Iconic Belfast Pub Boosts Efficiency, Saves $1,500 Annually with Cloud-Based IT Tools

“We outperform the market consistently with our ability to cater events for customers. With Office 365, we no longer worry about missing an enquiry and losing potential business.… It’s excellent!”
—Phil McGurran, General Manager, The Errigle Inn

Business Needs
Phil McGurran, General Manager of The Errigle Inn, depends on reliable technology to run the business. However, the inn’s outdated, on-premises email and file storage server was impacting operations.“We had missed some email messages for bookings, affecting potential revenue,” McGurran says. “We restarted the server several times a week, causing downtime and disabling our merchant services and internet connectivity. Backups didn’t always work, and we worried about losing menus and event data.”

Staff needed mobile access to email and calendars on their own devices. “With 75 employees working from 9:00 A.M to 2:00 A.M. daily, I wanted better communication tools to improve teamwork across shifts,” says McGurran.

The Errigle Inn worked with Microsoft Partner Network member Nitec Solutions to retire its server and migrate the email and business data to Microsoft Office 365, an online service that unites familiar Microsoft Office applications with the power of email, calendaring, collaboration, and communication solutions. “Office 365 is a more solid business solution than Google Apps and has all the features—shared Outlook calendars, instant messaging, presence, web conferencing, team sites, and Office Web Apps—that we need in one integrated suite,” says Paul Boyce, IT Manager at the Errigle Inn.

Since migrating to Office 365, The Errigle Inn is saving approximately one hour of lost productivity a week, and £1,000s [US$1,500] per annum in IT support costs. Now that menus and event data are stored securely in the cloud, management can reliably access the information they need. “All the duty managers access our shared ‘Manager’ account to keep our event calendar up-to-date so everyone knows what’s going on and we never miss a booking,” says Phil McGurran. “Better internal communications is improving teamwork at The Errigle. That’s good for customer service and for business!”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 75 employees

Organization Profile

The Errigle Inn, an iconic Belfast pub and live music venue in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1935 and has been owned and managed by the same family ever since. It employs 75 people.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • Lync Online
  • SharePoint Online

Vertical Industries
  • Accommodation
  • Food Service


Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Business Critical


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