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Posted: 5/16/2013
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City of Mantua The City of Mantua Improves Productivity and Communication with Microsoft Lync

The Municipality of Mantua estimates savings of approximately €315,000 a year, thanks to the reduction in telecommunications expenditure and the organization of virtual meetings that cut costs and reduce the time needed for movement of personnel. A program has been launched with the aim of making communications within the local authority more efficient and improving the speed and quality of internal cooperation. For this important innovation project, the Municipality of Mantua has chosen Microsoft Lync.

Business Needs

The Municipality of Mantua had a dated and technologically obsolete telecommunications infrastructure, based on TDM-standard telephone switchboards installed in 2002. The e-mail system used was considered no longer able to support the local authority’s needs.

The requirements that drove this project implementation were: to rationalize and improve the efficiency of the authority’s ICT infrastructure, modernize the obsolete communications and e-mail systems and improve the quality of communication within the authority from a multimedia/multichannel point of view.

In addition to this, the authority needed to reduce its communication costs, in particular those relating to internal calls, which accounted for approximately 50% of the total cost of telephone bills as the majority of calls made by the Municipality were internal calls between offices: an average of 1,200 internal calls per day.

Cooperation between officers was essentially based on exchange of e-mails, face-to-face or telephone discussions. All internal meetings, within the city of Mantua, were carried out “physically”: approximately 60 internal meetings per week, with an average of 5 people involved, which resulted in significant loss of time during the transfer between offices.

The pilot phase of the renovation project, which started in July 2012, has now been completed. It involved the authority’s 8 main offices, with a view to extending implementation to the smaller offices to include all the authority’s staff.


The Municipality of Mantua has chosen to use a Unified Communications and Collaboration system based on Microsoft technology. Deployment of Microsoft Lync has started, with the support of Telecom Italia. Lync was chosen, primarily because all the Unified Communications functions are integrated in a single product: instant messaging and presence, VoIP, audio, video and web conferencing. The Microsoft solution was also considered extremely user-friendly.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Lync allows users to work in a familiar, appealing environment. This means that the changes introduced by the new system have been welcomed by users.


With the scope to creating greater knowledge and awareness of the use of these solutions, NetConsulting, a company providing ICT analysis and consultancy services, carried out a study to assess the impact that introduction of the solution would have on the Municipality of Mantua.

This assessment was carried out by comparing management of the authority’s internal communications before the project with the management of communications after implementation. Thanks to the introduction of the Unified Communications and Collaboration system, Municipal employees will be able to communicate with the various offices using VoIP equipment and terminals, or use the Instant Messaging tool installed on their PC workstation. In this way, the authority will be able to reduce the cost of internal calls to zero. The cost reduction that the authority will achieve is estimated at approximately €315,000 per year, a saving produced mainly by the reduction in expenditure for telecommunication, which represents 65% of the overall savings.

The savings on people movements and transfers represent 35% in all: approximately 31% in recovery of working hours (no longer used for travelling to meetings), and 4% deriving from savings on car transport costs during transfers.

In the light of the project costs, the initial investment made by the Municipality of Mantua will be recovered in approximately 18 months.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 500 employees

Organization Profile

Mantua is a beautiful, historic city in northern Italy surrounded on three sides by lakes. It was one of the greatest Renaissance Courts in Europe and home of the wealthy Gonzaga family.

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