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Posted: 5/29/2013
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Tenth Street Technology Vodacom Equips South African IT Firm to Take On Growth

South Africa’s fast-maturing IT market is one of the largest in Africa, and continues to grow. New technologies are creating new ways of doing business, and IT service providers are hustling to keep up. Such was the case for Johannesburg-based IT firm Tenth Street Technology. It needed a more reliable and scalable infrastructure to develop customer solutions cost-effectively, so it engaged Vodacom to implement Microsoft Office 365. The results: dramatically improved collaboration and productivity within the business—and the ability to deliver the same benefits to customers.

Challenge: Scale Up to Meet Demand Without Breaking the Bank

Tenth Street Technology offers everything from desktop and server support to data storage and hardware procurement. An upswing in mobile computing in recent years brought more customers requiring support for their mobile devices. These customers opted to upgrade their servers—sometimes at a high cost.

* Working with Vodacom in introducing me to the Office 365 product suite [was] literally easier than pie. *

Carl Lensing
Tenth Street Technology

“For a few years, cloud technologies were just not available, so we needed to do huge capital outlays on hardware and software in order to provide a simple solution for small and midsize customers,” said Tenth Street Technology Director Carl Lensing.

Both Tenth Street Technology and its customers prioritized value, wanting the best possible solution at the lowest cost. Lensing saw virtualization and cloud-based technologies as an answer.

Vodacom Provides Cost-Effective Solution

Tenth Street Technology researched solutions and telecom operators. It chose Vodacom over a familiar competitor due to price as well as high-quality service and standards.

Lensing did his homework around technologies, as well. “I have worked with hosted Exchange solutions as well as Google Apps, and the services that come bundled with Office 365 just made a whole lot of sense, as integration and collaboration with other Microsoft products are seamless.”

Deploying with Vodacom: “Easier than Pie”

Vodacom helped Tenth Street Technology deploy a comprehensive cloud solution based on Office 365. The company moved from a traditional telecom system to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and upgraded from on-premises Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Exchange Online and Windows Server 2012, with Nokia smartphones running on Windows Phone software.

The implementation was done in two weeks with zero server downtime. During the deployment, Vodacom introduced Tenth Street Technology to the Office 365 web-based admin console, where clear instructions made it possible to configure services in about 30 minutes. Lensing described the process as “literally easier than pie,” thanks to Vodacom’s familiarity with the products.

And the solution was, according to Lensing, “very aggressively priced.”

Office 365 Getting the Job Done

With its updated infrastructure, Tenth Street Technology is positioned to make the most of burgeoning opportunities. Improved collaboration and productivity, along with simplified management, provide a solid platform for growth. And using Office 365 demonstrates the company’s commitment to the latest technology—creating the opportunity to deliver custom Office 365 solutions.

Staying Current = Staying Competitive

With the new technology in place, new opportunities to deliver cloud email solutions to customers look promising. Lensing noted that the low Office 365 monthly fee is a clear bonus, for both his company and for prospects.

For an IT services firm, using the very latest technology is a powerful selling point, said Lensing. “It can create a bit of a wow factor. It makes the business look on top of its game.”

Accessibility: Have Device, Will Travel

The ability to access documents and email from practically anywhere and any device using Office 365 tools—SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange email—has provided unmatched ease of communication and collaboration for Tenth Street Technology.

Lync has been especially helpful in responding to challenges. With the new solution, employees have been able to conference on the fly, sort out issues, and quickly return to business.

Simplified IT That Fits Any Business Model

Simple setup, easy changing and adding of components, and a monthly payment model have saved time and stress for Tenth Street Technology.

Lensing advises other companies to follow suit, noting that the cost rationale for adopting Office 365 is strong, and that with a reliable and tested platform, companies will benefit from easy upgrades going forward. “You should not be afraid to move your business into the cloud.”

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Document published April 2013

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