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Posted: 12/2/2013
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Hobs Reprographics Expanding Printing Company Uses Volume Licensing Agreement to Increase Efficiency

Hobs Reprographics needed to reduce software deployment time, simplify licensing administration, and free up IT resources to better serve the business. Through the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), the company has been able to replace its 30 existing volume licensing agreements with just one. This gives greater control over assets, ensures compliance, speeds up the purchasing process, and cuts deployment costs by 30 percent.

Business Needs
Founded in 1969, Hobs Reprographics has developed into one of the country’s most successful independent reprographics companies, with a network of 23 branches and more than 300 employees. By combining the latest technology with knowledgeable staff, it delivers high-quality printing services to its growing customer base.

The company is split into four specialist subsidiaries, and IT is managed centrally across the group. The combination of multiple offices across the United Kingdom and a constant cycle of hardware and software updates means that the four-person IT team is always looking for areas where it can increase efficiency while supporting the company’s business needs.

With more than 30 different Microsoft licensing agreements in place across the entire group, managing licenses, making new purchases, and deploying software was consuming a significant amount of the IT team’s time. Hobs Reprographics therefore considered new ways of licensing Microsoft products that provided greater flexibility, simplified asset management, and reduced deployment time.

“Because we work with a number of different resellers, we had to sign a separate agreement for each one individually,” says Damian Motyl, Group IT Manager at Hobs Reprographics. “This increased paperwork and slowed our ability to deploy new software quickly to meet the needs of the business. Each company within the group was treated as a separate entity, meaning I needed to manually track our licenses to ensure we were compliant. Rather than spending my time supporting our users and developing our IT strategy in areas such as the cloud, I had to focus on license administration, which was holding the business back.”

To increase efficiency and meet its licensing needs, Hobs Reprographics adopted the new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) under the next generation of Microsoft Volume Licensing (NGVL) initiative.

* I’ve stopped worrying about licensing; I know I’m compliant automatically. The MPSA saves me a day of administration every week, time that I can spend on better serving the business. *

Damian Motyl
Group IT Manager, Hobs Reprographics

The MPSA transforms volume licensing to deliver greater value from licensed assets, more flexible purchasing, and simplified asset management through an improved agreement structure, new purchasing platform, and modernized systems and tools. Moving to the MPSA enabled Hobs Reprographics to replace its 30 existing license agreements with a single, non-expiring master agreement. This covers online, on-premises, and professional services offerings for the entire group of companies, and it is entered with a single signing event that simplifies the process and saves time.

Through the introduction of multiple purchasing accounts to the MPSA, Hobs Reprographics now has flexibility in how it organizes its assets. Each of its four subsidiaries has its own purchasing account, and the IT department has a consolidated view of assets across the entire organization. All purchases are pooled, so Hobs Reprographics automatically receives the best price from Microsoft. Multiple resellers can be quickly listed on each purchasing account, which increases flexibility and avoids additional paperwork.

Hobs Reprographics is using the MPSA to extend its deployment of Microsoft technologies, such as investment in Microsoft Office 2013, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8. Obtaining quotes from resellers, ordering, downloading license keys, and managing assets through the Microsoft Volume License Center (MVLC) provides a seamless, efficient process through a single, group-wide portal.

“The new MPSA agreement is exactly what we need to meet our goals of increasing efficiency and freeing up management time. It has improved IT operations from purchasing all the way to asset management, and the new Microsoft Volume License Center provides us with a single portal for all our Microsoft needs, whether on-premises or cloud-based in the future,” says Motyl.

Hobs Reprographics has transformed its licensing through the MPSA, dramatically increasing productivity and enabling IT to respond faster to the needs of the business. Key benefits include:
  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs. Hobs Reprographics is a fast-moving organization with frequent acquisitions. “Previously rolling out licenses to new parts of the business was time consuming. Two days after we signed our MPSA the company made an acquisition. I was able to roll them into our MPSA without any problems and in just a few days—previously, it would have taken weeks,” says Motyl.

  • Increased efficiency. The combination of a single, master agreement and the user-friendly tools within the MVLC is delivering major efficiency benefits to Hobs Reprographics. “The MPSA took just three days to set up and sign, helped by the contract being 70 percent shorter than before. Purchasing new licenses now takes two days instead of more than a week, and deployment costs have been reduced by 30 percent,” says Motyl.

  • A path to cloud computing. Moving IT operations to the cloud is a potential future direction for Hobs Reprographics. The ability to purchase online services, such as Microsoft Office 365, through the same MPSA agreement and self-provision through the MVLC means that Hobs Reprographics is future-proofed with an ability to adapt to changing needs.

  • Improved asset management. All licenses across the entire group can now be managed centrally from a single location, while providing subsidiaries with the freedom to create their own purchasing accounts. “I used to have multiple spreadsheets to see where licenses were assigned—now it is all in one place. I’ve stopped worrying about licensing; I know I’m compliant automatically. The MPSA saves me a day of administration every week, time that I can spend on better serving the business,” says Motyl.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 300 employees

Organization Profile

Hobs Reprographics is one of the United Kingdom’s largest independent providers of document management and reprographic services, serving customers through a network of 23 branches across the country.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 2013 suites
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing
  • Microsoft Office For Mac 2011
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2012

Vertical Industries

United Kingdom