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Posted: 12/27/2013
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Gamsole African Mobile Game Developer Hits One Million Downloads Within 11 Weeks

Gamsole, a Kenyan-based mobile game developer turns to the Windows Phone 8 platform in a bid to drive global download success, and within a short time achieves over four million downloads for a new game. The ease-of-development framework provided by Windows Phone 8 shapes the company’s future game strategy as it turns to this platform.

Business Needs

Gamsole is a Kenyan-based games developer, headquartered in Nairobi, which creates games for a largely African audience. It has a background in developing for the Android platform and its locally-flavored games such as Lagos Traffic have proven to be popular. This fact spurred it to continue developing on the Android platform, despite what it admits are some time-consuming technical difficulties. However, that said, when it wanted to launch its games to the large global African diaspora it discovered the required advertising and marketing spend was prohibitive. As such it wanted to develop games on a different platform that would be:

  • Able to provide a global reach to the African diaspora

  • Technically flexible and open to develop on

  • Fit to create games that are simple to understand and fun to play

  • Easy to incorporate features that are imaginative and engaging

  • Appealing to gamers of all age groups

* Windows Phone 8 provides an easy-to-use development framework which makes it quicker and more cost-effective to develop than Android. *

Abiola Olaniran
Founder & CEO


Gamsole had previous experience of developing on the Windows Phone 7 platform and as Abiola Olaniran, founder and CEO of Gamsole, says: “It was very positive and we had a good success with it, about 300,000 downloads, but at the time we couldn’t publish outside of Africa.” However, with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and an increased reach for Windows Phone Store, Gamsole decided to develop its next game, Candy Smashup, on the Windows Phone 8 platform. “We understood that the platform offered several advantages over Android and we were keen to explore the features,” explains Olaniran.

These advantages included:

An easy-to-use development ecosystem that is open and interoperable

In-app purchase service that lets developers sell additional content and experiences within the app or via the Windows Phone Store

Native code support to enable easy development across platforms so developers can code apps in C++ and C, or mix and match code to match their needs

  • Significant time savings for development, one day for three compared to Android

  • Use of XML for user interface development creates compelling and addictive game play

  • Dovetails with Microsoft Silverlight application framework, easily used to create a rich and engaging gaming experience

  • No need to create code for some visual aspects of the game

  • In-app purchase feature enables Gamsole to plan for new revenue streams for future games

  • Candy Smashup was created in only two weeks, as a free game running ads

  • One million downloads within only 11 weeks of launching the game

  • Over four million downloads seven months later

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

Gamsole is a Kenyan-based game developer that specializes in games for mobile platforms. Its games have a distinctly African flavor and the company’s overarching ambition is to develop games for the large global African diaspora.

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  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone Marketplace

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