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Posted: 6/20/2014
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CCC Information Services Software Maker Speeds Auto Repair Estimates, Business Success with Windows 8-Based App

Responding to customer demand, CCC Information Services created a Windows 8.1–based estimating app for tablets that automotive repair facilities use to prepare estimates faster without ever leaving their customer, which helps increase sales capture. CCC ONE® Touch was installed from the Windows Store by more than 1,100 CCC customers in its first 30 days

When the average person is involved in an auto accident, they are upset, possibly injured, and at the least inconvenienced. They just want the whole affair to be over. CCC Information Services makes software solutions that help insurance companies and repair facilities return customers to their vehicles quickly. Chicago-based CCC works with more than 350 US insurance carriers and nearly 24,000 US repair facilities.

Need: Tablet-Based Estimating Tool
The company’s primary product for repair facilities, CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform, is a comprehensive software suite that helps shops manage the claims process and repair workflow by improving communication between insurance carriers, repair facilities, parts providers, rental car companies, and vehicle owners. Shops access this product from their desktops and laptops.

However, shops were clamoring for a tablet-based tool that met the specific needs of estimators. “Estimators’ primary job is to meet with customers and assess the damage, but they spend most of their time examining the damaged car and calculating estimates on their office PC—away from the customer,” says Ron Nelson, Vice President of Products and Technology for CCC Information Services. “When estimators leave their customers to write estimates on their computers, the customer experience may be adversely affected. Our body shop customers were asking for a tablet-based solution that would let estimators get out from behind their desks and work more closely with customers.”

* Writing an estimate on the CCC ONE Touch app is significantly faster and engages the customer in the process, which helps improve sales capture. It also provides shops with cutting-edge technology. *

Ron Nelson
Vice President of Products and Technology, CCC Information Services

Rich Development Tool Set
Because the vast majority of both repair facility and insurance customers use Microsoft-based server and security technologies, CCC decided to develop the estimator app on a Microsoft platform—specifically, the touch-enabled Windows 8.1 operating system. A relatively small development team of just seven people created the app, called CCC ONE Touch, in just 14 months, using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 development system and other Microsoft software.

“Rather than taking conventional Windows desktop apps designed for a mouse and keyboard and asking customers to run them on tablets, we knew that touch user interfaces are becoming ubiquitous so we designed everything to run natively on Windows 8.1,” Nelson says. “The Windows Runtime Framework made coding easy, and we followed the Microsoft Modern user interface guidelines in determining button placement and other design elements.”

In addition to the Windows 8.1 touch capability, CCC appreciated both the operating system’s integrated camera, which is critical in capturing photos and scanning vehicle identification numbers, and its easy connection to the Active Directory service and security model that its customers use. Tablets running CCC ONE Touch easily join the shop’s existing domain.

“We also love the Windows Store model,” Nelson says. “Historically, we shipped our products on DVDs, and customers downloaded data and software updates online, which takes 30 minutes or longer. Updates to our Windows Store app take seconds, and we don’t have to host or deal with the underlying application update technology. We’re eager to extend our presence in the Windows Store.”

Increased Professionalism, Productivity, and Efficiency for Repair Facilities
CCC launched CCC ONE Touch in the Windows Store in early February 2014. It’s free to any body shop that licenses CCC ONE Estimating with digital imaging. CCC plans to introduce a similar product for insurance carriers.

Instead of leaving the customer to inspect the car and return to his or her office, an estimator carries a lightweight tablet running CCC ONE Touch and spends every minute with the customer. Estimators include the customer in the process, walking them around the car, taking photos with the tablet, tapping on the highly visual app to indicate damaged areas, and creating the repair estimate. The customer is involved every step of the way, and the process is transparent, which builds trust.

“Writing an estimate on the CCC ONE Touch app is significantly faster and engages the customer in the process, which helps improve sales capture. It also provides shops with cutting-edge technology,” Nelson says. “Last year, our customers wrote 17 million estimates valued at [US]$34 billion.” Saving just a few minutes per estimate is a lot of time saved in total and could translate to an hour or two per day per estimator. Estimators can use this time to write more estimates or do other important activities such as working with technicians, as well as communicating with customers and insurance companies.

Brian Huntley of Jack Maxton Chevrolet, a CCC ONE Touch customer in Columbus, Ohio, says, “CCC ONE Touch really engages our customers. It has definitely increased our capture ratio.”

Rapid Time-to-Market, Increased Revenues for CCC
By using Windows 8.1 and Microsoft development tools and technologies, CCC was able to develop and launch a large, complex app in just 14 months, providing new technology to the market. “In the first month that CCC ONE Touch was available in the Windows Store, 1,100 CCC repair facility customers installed and started using it, far surpassing our expectations,” Nelson says. “Our goal was to hit that number in one year. CCC ONE Touch has seen the fastest 30-day adoption rate of any product we’ve ever launched.”

CCC has already seen an upswing in new business from shops interested in the new technology. Extending the platform to Windows 8 mobile devices is attracting new customers for CCC while reinforcing the value of the CCC ONE platform for existing customers. The company expects that trend to continue.

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Organization Size: 1400 employees

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CCC Information Services, based in Chicago, Illinois, provides products and services to the automotive claims and repair industries. CCC works with more than 350 US insurance carriers and nearly 24,000 US repair facilities in the United States each year.

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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