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Posted: 7/1/2013
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Delta Generali Major Insurance Firm Renovates Auto Inspection Company Operations with Cloud

Delta Generali Osiguranje subsidiary Blutek was keeping business information in Excel and Word files. Inspectors used to have local application for entering data, manually preparing and sending reports to headquarters for processing. DGO, finding this to be slow, error-prone, and inefficient, decided to have a central system, so Blutek can have consistent information on its business by enabling employees to enter data directly from the field.

* This cooperation between Delta Generali, Microsoft and Agito in Serbia is an important step in developing greater satisfaction of our customers. Windows Azure allows excellent performance and overall improved service and can easily be integrated with existing IT applications and environments. *

Vesna Minic
IT Director Deputy
Delta Generali Osiguranje

Business Needs

Delta Generali Osiguranje is the largest private insurance corporation in Serbia. DGO is a part of Generali Group (http://www.generali.com ) one of the world biggest insurance groups. One of its subsidiary operating companies, Blutek, is responsible for the inspection of automobiles. Blutek central office has a lot of documents where they were storing and keeping data regarding business like contracts, invoices, customers, finance reports. From another perspective, Blutek inspectors would routinely inspect automobiles, putting their findings on a standardized form. This form was a part of local application connected to a database running on a local computer. On a periodic basis, reports from these local computers at each of the Blutek locations would be sent to headquarters for processing.

Delta Generali Osiguranje found this process to be slow and prone to errors in entry. Worse, it was slowing down subsequent processes that would lead both to new contracts being completed and also to customers being satisfied.

The current process also delayed the availability of management reports. To assemble one, one would have to go from location to location gathering the data from each to assemble into a report. By the time the report was prepared and delivered, it was already out of date. What was needed was a system that would deliver inspection results in real-time making it quick and easy to immediately process new contracts and customer claims without delay.

Delta Generali Osiguranje determined that Blutek needed to be automated, and given the criticality of receiving the data on a timely basis extra and all the unnecessary costs that were being generated every day, that automation had to be done quickly. Given that sensitive customer information was involved, it would have to be automated in a very secure and reliable fashion as well.

Delta Generali Osiguranje tasked IT Director Deputy Vesna Minic with establishing an automated operations and monitoring solution for Blutek within six months.

Given the short timeframe, Minic had to make the right decisions quickly. She knew that automating these processes would require far more and far better IT infrastructure than she currently had available to her. She also recognized that having to provide comprehensive information to drive reporting on customers, vehicles, and profits would require more extensive programming than she could achieve with existing resources. She also knew it wouldn’t hurt to bring in the most cost-effective solution.

Minic decided to use Microsoft Windows Azure as the platform for Blutek’s solution. In this way, she would completely avoid any new investments in hardware and the time it takes to order, receive, configure, and deploy it. She also engaged Microsoft Consulting Services to provide Project Management both over the provisioning of Windows Azure services and also the development and integration of the required applications.

Microsoft Consulting Services partnered with Agito d.o.o., Microsoft 2010 Partner of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe, to develop the required applications. Agito brought extensive experience developing solutions for far-ranging complex business requirements at major companies.

Since it is a cloud-based system running centrally on Windows Azure, all Blutek employees can access it from wherever they may be, on a wide variety of mobile devices or computers.

Blutek inspectors now export their findings directly into the central system from their local machines. The system validates the data as it is entered. With all paper forms eliminated, and error-prone copying and entering of data a thing of the past, Blutek now provides Delta Generali Osiguranje with real-time data, centralized reporting, and is no longer the bottleneck in the procedural chain.

“This cooperation between Delta Generali, Microsoft and Agito in Serbia is an important step in developing greater satisfaction of our customers” comments Vesna Minic. “Creating more efficient, more advanced approach is our contribution to the quality and reliability of our services. Windows Azure allows excellent performance and overall improved service. Moreover, it can easily integrate with other existing IT applications and environment.”

Delta Generali Osiguranje saw the need to move quickly to automate processes that were delaying larger value chains. They needed better monitoring capability, faster access to reporting, and significant expense reduction.

Microsoft Consulting Services and Agito, working with Vesna Minic and her team, leveraged Windows Azure to deliver a solution that was deployed within a very aggressive timeframe, eliminated and reduced costs, and had the desired impacts on their business operations.

  • The initial infrastructure investments required to launch the solution were eliminated

  • Ongoing operating expense for the solution was dramatically reduced as fewer human resources will be required, and no ongoing infrastructure operating expense is involved. It is projected that the cost of operating the solution will be returned very rapidly

  • The combined teamwork of Microsoft Consulting Services, Agito, and the Blutek IT team was able to rapidly specify, develop, test, and deploy this new automated solution within six months, which would have been impossible without Windows Azure and .NET development tools. The aggressive six-month deadline to “go-live” was met!

  • As Blutek’s operations expand into new geographic areas, this solution will scale readily to accommodate their increased requirements

  • The new system not only delivers data about customers, vehicles, and profit generation, it also provides human resource and payroll functionalities as well

  • The stability and reliability of Windows Azure assures high application availability so inspections and reporting will not be delayed

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 2000 employees

Organization Profile

Delta Generali Osiguranje, the largest private insurance corporation in Serbia, has 80 branches and employs 1800, with a 2010 total market share of 18.5%, owning 80 million Euros in insurance premiums.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • BMC - Next Generation Applications

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