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Posted: 5/28/2013
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Webzen Korean Gaming Company Launches Massively Multiplayer Offering on Cloud Platform

Webzen, an online game developer, wanted to support the global launch of Arctic Combat, a new massively multiplayer game that would be played online by thousands of users. To minimize lag time in dynamic combat scenarios, Webzen decided to run Arctic Combat in a hybrid-cloud environment based on the Windows Azure platform. As a result, players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience, including first-person-shooter (FPS) combat, without communication errors. The solution also seamlessly transfers data between the cloud and on-premises infrastructure, so Webzen can offer its games in regions where cloud services are not available. Arctic Combat launched successfully in the North American and European markets in December 2012.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 600 employees

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Platform

Vertical Industries
High Tech & Electronics


Business Need
  • CRM
  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

IT Issue
  • Cloud Services
  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Warehousing