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Posted: 11/7/2013
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Virtusa Corporation IT Services Company Maximizes Resources and Increases Competitiveness with the Adoption of Microsoft Private Cloud Solution

Virtusa, an IT services provider was looking to upgrade their existing solution to allow for automation and scalability of business functions. With the help of Microsoft Consulting Services, Virtusa was able to customize their own private cloud solution, “Hyper-V based Private Cloud,” to meet their needs. With the solution, they reduced licensing costs, as well as improved scalability and flexibility for testing and development of modules. End-users can now leverage the core IT infrastructure on Hyper-V and support a range of customer needs.

Business Needs
Virtusa is a Microsoft Partner and provides a broad range of IT consulting, systems implementation and application outsourcing services through an optimized global delivery model. Virtusa also has partnerships with other global software vendors including IBM and OpenText. Employing 7,000 employees in 9 countries across the globe, the company provides customized solutions in Business Processing Management (BPM).

Virtusa has been ranked by Forbes amongst America’s top 100 Best Small Companies, reflecting its dedication to excellence and the ability to be relevant in an industry dominated by large global players. To remain competitive, Virtusa continually seeks to improve its internal operations and processes by employing advanced tools and technologies. Virtusa wanted to advance adoption of a private cloud-based service provider model internally to offer better services to end-users. They sought to provide self-service capability to end-users, and to improve their ability to provision, monitor and manage their IT operations and assets. They needed a solution that would enable them to extract key information easily and offer cloud computing capabilities. Virtusa’s existing framework was non-intuitive, expensive, lacked scalability and lowered efficiency.

As a Microsoft partner, Virtusa was aware of the solutions and services offered by Microsoft Services, and they engaged Microsoft Consulting Services to design and deploy their private cloud solution.

During an internal assessment initiative, Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) demonstrated the features and capabilities of the Microsoft Private Cloud Solution (Hyper-V based Private Cloud) to Virtusa, and helped them understand how it would help to meet their business needs.

Following that, Virtusa engaged Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to design a private cloud solution with System Center Orchestrator 2012 at its core. Supported by System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), it allowed for automated creation, management and deployment of resources in its environment. In addition, a point solution framework was deployed to address the growing feature needs of Virtusa. This model provides Virtusa with an option of adding customized solutions to the framework. With Hyper-V Hypervisor, System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012, Virtusa was able to consolidate their servers effectively to optimize their available resources.

“The MCS India Consultant understood our requirements and IT processes very well, and helped us to design and implement the Microsoft Private Cloud to best meet our IT needs. Through this, we have also established standardization of IT operations and virtualization of our IT environment,” said Mr. Thushan Wickramarachchi, global systems manager/architect, Virtusa Corporation.

The solution comprised of:

  • A dashboard to provide quick snapshots of the utilization of virtual machines across business units, locations and other required criteria, accompanied by trend reports.

  • Multiple levels of approval (web-based and email driven) facilitated by a combination of web services, database and System Center Orchestrator.

  • Role-based access control and web-based self-service capability.

  • Integration with end-user communication mechanism for a consistent user-interface.

  • Integration with Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 and existing System Center installations.

Three Virtusa data centers have adopted Hyper-V Servers, and Virtusa has engaged Microsoft to scale its operations and deploy a hybrid cloud with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS).


* “The Microsoft Private Cloud Solution was designed by Microsoft Consulting Services India to meet our IT needs. It enabled us to standardize the Virtual Machine deployment and operational tasks, helping us to save cost and increase business efficiency.” *

Mr. Thushan Wickramarachchi
Global Systems Manager/Architect, Virtusa Corporation

By adopting the Microsoft Private Cloud framework with Hyper-V Server as part of its infrastructure, Virtusa was able to reduce costs while maximizing its resources to meet the needs of its growing business. Virtusa is equipped to optimize its performance and sharpen its competitiveness in the industry through the new framework, which increases mapping transparency, arranges data effectively and consolidates servers.

Reduced Costs with the Adoption of a Comprehensive Solution

By adopting Microsoft Private Cloud, which includes System Center 2012 and Hyper-V, Virtusa is able to consolidate and virtualize its physical servers, test and development environments and workloads, allowing them to lower utility costs and optimize use of its IT resources. In addition, unlike its previous platform, Virtusa does not need to buy a new license for every additional workload.

Reduced IT Management Complexity with Automation of Operational Processes

By standardizing and virtualizing the IT environment, and introducing automation of standard operational processes, IT management complexity is reduced. In addition, there is elimination of errors from processes that were done manually previously. As a result, efficiency of IT management has also improved.

Enabled IT Infrastructure Scalability to Meet Future Business Demands

With the Microsoft Private Cloud solution, additional solutions can be adopted into the current infrastructure to meet Virtusa’s growing needs. “Here at Virtusa, we are constantly growing and aspiring to do more. It helps us tremendously to have an IT infrastructure that can evolve alongside our business and even drive it. Also, by implementing this solution, the MCS India team helped us consolidate our infrastructure, which will in turn allow us to save costs in the long-run,” said Madu Ratnayake, senior vice president and CIO, Virtusa Corporation.

Heightened User Experience with Increased Process Transparency

The new IT architecture enhanced transparency of Virtusa’s IT processes. By mapping approval processes and multiple networks in detail, IT managers have access to a comprehensive view of Virtusa’s IT infrastructure. This improves their ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the system and take proactive steps to resolve any issues, ensuring optimum performance to grow the business.

Increased Ease of Monitoring with Data Analysis Tools

With this solution, end-users are able to view a dashboard of their project utilization and associated reports to aid in their decision-making process. The automated dashboard is updated to suit users’ needs, and significantly reduces the amount of time spent on extracting key data every time users need to check on the status of a project.

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 6000 employees

Organization Profile
Virtusa provides a broad range of IT consulting, systems implementation and application outsourcing services through an optimized global delivery model. Through the industry leading platform process, Virtusa focuses on delivering business results by modernizing, rationalizing and consolidating the critical applications that support their clients' core business processes.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator

Vertical Industries
IT Services


IT Issue
Private Cloud