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Posted: 7/10/2012
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Green Future Innovations Energy firm gain significant increase in business productivity at cost-effective means with Microsoft Dynamics AX

“Being a startup company, we did not want to make mistakes in our system acquisition. We knew that Microsoft has been working closely for years to give reliable business solutions with all its products. Given that most education and business users are familiar and comfortable with MS solutions, we are confident that our users will be able to easily navigate and grasp the MS Dynamics AX features and functionality.”
Leonides V. Tolentino, AVP for IT, Green Future Innovations, Inc.

Green Future Innovations, Inc. (GFI) is a corporation that aims to contribute to the domestic supply of renewable energy and is fully committed towards a green and sustainable development through its ethanol plant located in San Mariano, Isabel that is poised to be fully operations by 2012. The company wanted a solution that everyone will be most comfortable with, having an interface that can be easily understood. They searched for a system that was highly-scalable, easy to maintain, and easy to use – all done at cost-effective measures.

To meet the needs of the company, GFI decided to discuss these requirements with Microsoft to invest in technologies that will help run the business. Because of this, GFI invested and subscribed to Microsoft’s Dynamics AX. With its deployment, GFI has been given the right technical support to be able to provide green technologies and renewable energy to its customers, contributing to the growth of the energy sector in the country.

Green Future Innovations, Inc. (GFI) is a joint venture corporation by and among Filipino and Japanese partners and is a domestic corporation duly-registered under Philippine laws.
GFI utilizes sugarcane resources that are owned by the Filipino people. The bioethanol plant has the capacity to produce 200,000 liters per day of anhydrous alcohol.
As a firm that aims to bring the Philippines green and sustainable development through renewable energy, GFI utilizes cutting edge technology ensuring that the community and the environment will be maintained as the company aims to pursue agro-industrial and socio-cultural development.
Since its establishment a few years ago, GFI realized at an early stage that the firm needed and required an IT infrastructure that could support the daily operations of the corporation. This is why GFI began searching for a reliable business management solution that will meet their daily demands at cost-effective means.
“Given there are many Financial and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions in the market, our company had to make sure that we purchase a business application and solution that will grow with us,” said Leonides Tolentino, AVP for IT, Green Future Innovations, Inc.

GFI also wanted to ensure that the company shortens the learning curve of the people who will be involved in the project and that the technology can be seamlessly integrated with its current infrastructure.
GFI immediately acted on the situation to address the problem and made sure to evaluate and deploy the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which will ease their business productivity in the long run. According to Tolentino, GFI needed an ERP solution that was easy to use, flexible, easy to maintain, can be immediately implemented at cost-effective measures.
The company’s key requirements in the selection process focused on the solution’s features and functionality; stability and security; future modification and extending features; product implementation base; credibility of the implementing partner; and cost effectiveness.

GFI engaged with ABM Global Solutions, Inc., a business solutions provider of choice offering applications software and implementation service geared towards engineering, wholesale, and even food manufacturing industries. ABM Global Solutions offers technology platforms that enable business processes in both enterprise and SME environments.
After some evaluations, analysis and studying, GFI then chose Microsoft Dynamics AX and created a database on the Microsoft platform, allowing employees to customize and assign levels of access for different users. This ensures an increase in employee productivity and efficiency of operations all at cost effective measures.

To be able to increase the business productivity of GFI, the organization trusted the expertise of Microsoft and chose Microsoft Dynamics AX, an adaptable, global business-management solution that works (like and) with familiar Microsoft software and empowers organizations with the competitive edge over others.
Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP solution package designed to streamline processes across the corporation’s business services, human resources, financial and supply chain.
Microsoft Dynamics AX provides real-time insight into manufacturing processes to raise production efficiency and at the same time, reduce overall operational costs.
“Microsoft Dynamics AX helps manage the complex business services and transactions within the organization and provides the business insight to further compete and work more effectively and efficiently,” said Lyn Reyes, Business Lead for Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Philippines.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to provide greater integration, flexibility and extensibility so that corporations like GFI can increase work productivity and make better decisions.
As Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a service-oriented feature, it allows corporations to adjust and fit the ERP solution to their business needs. GFI availed of solutions that would help the corporation’s financial, trade and logistics matters.
Tolentino shared how working with familiar tools helped the business since its deployment a few months ago. “We have been looking and have validated quite a number of ERP and financial business solutions. Although most have common features and functionalities, our overall evaluation showed that Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best one for our requirement now and in the future. We know we have a solution that will grow with us.”

The use and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX provided GFI with a stable and reliable IT infrastructure that contributed to the significant increase in business productivity at cost-effective means.

Increased Functionality and Ease of Use
With the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX, GFI now has a picture of the day-to-day financial-related transactions within the company.

“We were able to create different user groups on the different Microsoft Dynamics AX modules that we have, ensuring that users are allowed to access features and functionalities and view only those data that are specific to them,” emphasized Tolentino.

The company is confident that the underlying development tool is easily understood and that talent acquisition will be easier for GFI.

Flexibility and Maintenance.
“We are confident that we will be able to monitor critical transactions in order for us to ensure that this has a positive impact on our cash flow in terms of responsible fund management and allocation and be able to determine key areas that need improvement,” Tolentino shared.

GFI has also already created a working committee with representatives coming from its finance, accounting, operations and IT departments who will work out the roadmap to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX to support the company’s system in agriculture, manufacturing, and human resources.

Easily scalable to address future growth
According to Tolentino, Microsoft has been working hard through the years to seamlessly incorporate all its business applications with security and ease of management in mind.
“We are looking to enable all our mobile and remote users to connect to our company and access the necessary information whenever and wherever they are. Given the advanced information on the direction of product life cycle of MS Dynamics AX, we are assured that our investment is protected and that support updates will be available for us,” concluded Tolentino.

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX is the complete ERP solution for enterprises that provides a purpose-built foundation across five industries, along with comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management.
It empowers your people to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive. All of this is packaged in a single global solution giving you rapid time to value.
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Organization Profile
Green Future Innovations, Inc. (GFI) is a newly formed venture among Japan's Itochu Corp., JGC Corp., the Philippine Bioethanol and Energy Investments Corp., and Taiwanese holding company GC that aims to contribute to the domestic supply of renewable energy through a 54 million- liter ethanol plant in San Mariano, Isabela that is poised to be fully operational by 2012.

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