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Posted: 10/12/2012
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REBU Firm Increases Efficiency by Implementing an Integrated ERP Solution

With expertise in providing sanitation services, REBU (a subsidiary of RER Group) needed a solution that would replace several of its “island” systems for a single integrated ERP solution. The aim is to provide greater functionality, better insight into the business processes and improve efficiency which the previous systems couldn’t give. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX, both employees and management had access to business data in real-time, enhancing productivity and communication throughout the firm.


REBU (part of RER Group), company with a long tradition in sanitation services, is the first of its kind on the local market. REBU started in 1997 with the technology taken from the previous sanitation service of Bucharest, RASUB. Using old working machines in 1980, REBU has reached to own a fleet with more than 400 state of the art equipment.

REBU's shareholders are The City Hall of Bucharest and the German company, RER. Their partnership began in 1997 and has enriched REBU's experience with the German knowledge in sanitation. The German shareholder helped REBU reach a new level of technology, through the endowment with new state of the art equipment, counting brands like MAN, Mercedes, Ford. The working machines have better lifting and transporting abilities, which contributes to the productivity growth by reducing the working time.

Not having a group integrated solution, RER has been using a system formed by several data "islands". "REBU used MFG/PRO and Epicor-Scala applications that were no longer handling the company's activity. Other branches were utilizing CIEL or Wizrom", stated
* Microsoft Dynamics AX contributed to the increase of company's operational efficiency with more than 80%. *

Vlad Culețu
General Manager
RER Data Service

 Mariana Manea, IT Manager, RER Data Service. "The lack of integration in the previous systems led us to choose an ERP solution truly integrated", added Mihai Matache, Management Consultant, RER Data Service.

Today, RER group uses, in more than fourteen locations in Romania, the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, which assures their support. RER Data Service manages the IT infrastructure of RER Group, whose main beneficiary is REBU.


Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated and flexible solution suited for different business requirements, which simplifies the decisional processes within the company. Microsoft Dynamics AX has a friendly interface, integrated with Microsoft Office applications.

"One of the advantages brought by the Microsoft Dynamics AX was the discharge of double work in the invoicing process. The new system allows the automatic execution of accounting notes and a perfect integration of the system's modules with the financial accounting component", acknowledged Mariana Manea, IT Manager, RER Data Service.


       • Integration of all the business processes
       • Real time communication
       • Complete reporting system
       • Secured access to the resources of the system
       • Connections between all departments

In the case of RER Data Service, Microsoft Dynamics AX had a complex architectural development. The system was incorporated with a billing solution, thus assuring a high speed reporting process.

Another benefit of the new system is the introduction of cost centers, providing a proper tracking of different departments or product lines. Furthermore, the cost evaluation was simplified with the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX resources.

“Microsoft Dynamics AX contributed to the increase of company's operational efficiency with more than 80%. Moreover, we highly appreciated the professional approach of LLP Dynamics Romania's team during the implementation of this complex ERP project”, referred Vlad Culețu, General Manager, RER Data Service.

Taking into consideration the latest improvements for Microsoft Dynamics AX, the solution offered the perfect integration support into the architecture, suited for the Romanian market. "RER Data Service keeps all its servers in the ROMTELECOM data center, all users connecting remote to the ERP solution. The architecture based on data center' reliance offers a high level of flexibility and safety in service", concluded Alexandru Bănuţoiu, IT Administrator, RER Data Service.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 987 employees

Organization Profile
REBU (part of RER Group), company with a long tradition in sanitation services, is the first of its kind on the local market.

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

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Professional Services



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