Posted: 1/21/2014
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BMS Consulting Ukrainian IT Consultancy Accelerates Business Growth with CRM System

BMS Consulting, one of Ukraine’s leading IT consultancies, turns to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure internal processes are aligned with business goals. In the process it benefits from a clear view into the sales pipeline, an overarching strategic insight into management priorities, and accurate insight into projected revenues.

BMS Consulting is a leading Ukrainian IT consultancy and system integrator. Headquartered in Kiev, the company is over 16 years old and employs over 300 people. Its customers are high-profile companies within Ukraine and CIS, and its distinctive feature is a large number of system architects who have a frontline role within the company, advising clients on the most effective technology infrastructures to meet their needs.

* We now have a formalized relationship between sales and service people, and for the first time a chain of hard evidence to predict business and revenue growth. *

Sergiy Potapov
Organizational Development Director
BMS Consulting

Importance of Communication
This work is vital to the company’s business growth because it establishes a pipeline of impending and future projects. Sales consultants follow up on the work of the system architects and are instrumental in turning architecture blueprints into hard revenue. As fine tuned communication between sales and system architects is essential in driving the business forward.

However, this communication process was disorganized and sometimes slightly chaotic. Sergiy Potapov, Organizational Development Director at BMS Consulting, explains: “Neither the sales consultants or system architects really knew what the other group was doing. The communication process was spontaneous but also a bit of a mess. We needed to develop a formalized process that would enable both parties to see what the other was doing.”

Establishing Priorities
The company mapped out a process blueprint and then chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 among other solutions as the best one for implementing and automating the processes. After a one and a half month long implementation process, supported by Microsoft Solution Sales Professionals, up to 70 people use the system, and it provides a single and clear view of opportunities, helping the sales people identify priorities and focus on clients who are in immediate need of new systems.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an extremely good system. We can easily customize it to meet our specific needs and don’t need special tools for the task. It gives us a clear vision of all the tasks that our consultants are working on, at what stage the projects are, and who is responsible for driving the project,” says Sergiy Potapov.

At a management level, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is making a radical difference to planning and future revenue projection. The company commercial director has immediate insight into all activities and client development stages which is vital in helping establish business priorities. Sergiy Potapov concludes: “We now have a formalized relationship between sales and service people and for the first time a chain of hard evidence to predict business and revenue growth.”

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Document published January 2014

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 300 employees

  • Requests from the sales department to be easily met
  • Clear vision of project stages
  • Better management of technician resources
  • Sales pipeline transparency
  • Control over Service Level Agreement tasks
  • Analytics for better decision making in the sales department

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Vertical Industries
IT Services