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Posted: 5/14/2014
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Mercedes-Benz Romania Romanian Car Importer Streamlines Marketing with New CRM

Mercedes-Benz Romania is the sole importer of Mercedes-Benz cars in Romania, a Daimler AG company. Its main activities include importing Mercedes-Benz vehicles (cars, light vehicles and trucks), importing Mercedes-Benz spare parts, marketing and PR activities (at "brand" level) and coordinating the activities of Romanian authorized centers (more than 30 authorized Sales and Service centers). Except for the sale of trucks, where Mercedes-Benz Romania deals directly with the end consumer, the sale activities towards the end client are carried out through authorized Sales and Service centers.


Mercedes-Benz Romania fully complies with the brand’s international standards and focuses specifically on customers and their needs as concerns customizing their vehicles. Therefore, in order to carry out efficient marketing activities and build consumer loyalty, the company needs detailed information about its clients. The need for a professional solution dedicated to managing customer relationships materialized in 2010, when changes on the local auto market led to increased attention to market segmentation and understanding the personal needs of the customers.

* Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us to make the customer the focus of every activity at Mercedes-Benz Romania. Moreover, we know exactly through which channels they want to receive information. *

Claudiu Arion
eBusiness & CRM Network Manager
Mercedes-Benz Romania

"After 2010, when the auto market changed, the management at Mercedes-Benz Romania became even more aware of the fact that in order to build customer loyalty by providing better services, we need a consolidated image of our relationship with our customers. We needed the most detailed information possible on all types of interaction. For the retail activity within the Trucks Division, we also needed specific tools for documentation, management and reporting on sales processes," states Claudiu Arion, eBusiness & CRM Network Manager, Mercedes-Benz Romania. In this context, Mercedes-Benz decided to invest in a CRM solution that would offer the necessary support for maintaining a professional relationship with customers and business partners in Romania.


The process for selecting the CRM solution was very thorough and organized with the support of the German headquarters. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz Romania set up a project team involving several key people from each department in order to determine the requirements and define the specifications. After receiving approval from the German headquarters, the project team engaged in the actual selection of the solution. Mercedes-Benz Romania and Daimler HQ opted ultimately opted for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

"From my point of view Dynamics CRM is a simple and flexible solution, which also has numerous functionalities. Dynamics CRM was also easy to integrate into other IT systems existing within the company," says Claudiu Arion.

After choosing the solution, Mercedes-Benz Romania also launched a process for selecting a partner suitable for the implementation. Mercedes-Benz Romania and Daimler HQ chose the company, TotalSoft, for the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. "We assessed each supplier and we rated them based on several aspects; starting from project approach, costs and team experience and continuing on to the company profile and its capacity to provide support for the solution’s implementation on other markets where Mercedes-Benz does business directly," continues Arion.

Project Progress

The project for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM began in January 2012 with a series of workshops, delivered together with the TotalSoft team. They were dedicated to strengthen processes within each department and to define specifications. Dedicated flows were created for each business line: cars, light vehicles, trucks and after-sales. They worked with a single database that would include several sources: proprietary IT applications, webpages, dealers, marketing agencies, etc.

The project covers the sales, marketing and customer support activities from the perspective of customer interaction. It also covers the back-office processes. In order to achieve business goals more easily, the project was divided into three modules/stages:

Module - Customer 120

This was the project’s first stage and it focused on building the consolidated database and capturing online and offline customer interaction. It allows for the capture of information related to customers, vehicles, dealer activity, showroom entries and service entries. At this stage, the company’s websites were integrated into the CRM solution to allow for the automatic processing of online customer requests. The solution predefined workflows for the automation of task distribution and process streamlining. The solution also directs customer messages to people in charge and it monitors their progress in handling requests. The standard response time was set at 24 hours. If worker fails to meet a deadline, the application automatically sends alerts and, if needed, notifications to supervisors. Also during this stage, the team defined flows for the management of complaints. The solution receives the latter through various channels (phone, email, webpage) and sends them to the people in charge for assessment and response.

* From my point of view, Dynamics CRM is a simple and flexible solution, which also has numerous functionalities. *

Claudiu Arion
eBusiness & CRM Network Manager
Mercedes-Benz Romania

Module - Customer 240

It is the module that allows the user to add information about vehicles to the CRM by integrating it with Daimler’s other IT systems. The module allows more refined customer segmentation based on criteria related to vehicles owned. Information varies from technical data to equipment and specifications related to manufacturing; such as generation of complex reports.

Module - Customer 360

This module is currently in development. It will add a sales component to the project by implementing specific features dedicated to the Trucks Division. The module will allow for the management of the entire sales process within the CRM; starting with quotations and contract creation and moving on to product delivery to the customer: both for new and used vehicles.

In addition to the completion of the Customer 360 module, the project will also include other activities; including development of a version for tablets that will bring additional mobility to Mercedes-Benz Romania’s sales and advisory team.


By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, Mercedes-Benz Romania has developed a professional relationship with its customers and it can provide faster and better services. Even if the project has not yet been completed, the benefits are undeniable and have been quickly noticed by both the customers and company management.

Improves relationships with customers by providing timely, customized feedback

With Dynamics CRM, Mercedes-Benz Romania automatically captures and processes customer requests sent both online and offline. Communication errors are eliminated and the customer is informed both consistently and on time. The response time is guaranteed by the internal SLA, and the analysis of activity in recent months has shown significant improvement. "Processing interactions with customers and the workflow automation in Dynamics CRM has reduced time spent processing customer requests," states Claudiu Arion.

* With Dynamics CRM we have more thorough knowledge about our customers; we anticipate their future needs and requirements. *

Claudiu Arion
eBusiness & CRM Network Manager
Mercedes-Benz Romania

Boosts customer loyalty

Mercedes-Benz Romania integrated information from multiple sources into the CRM solution’s database. This allows the creation of an accurate image of customers and helps understand their actual requirements. "With Dynamics CRM we have more thorough knowledge about our customers. We anticipate their future needs and requirements and we are proactively building brand loyalty. Our colleagues from Customer Support are able to immediately call up a customer’s entire service history and provide a quick, documented response," explains Mr. Arion.

Increases marketing activity efficiency

The marketing experts at Mercedes-Benz Romania are among the key users of the CRM solution. They currently benefit from detailed customer information received from multiple sources. This allows a more refined segmentation of the market and helps the marketing team carry out actions that meet our target audiences’ requirements and expectations. The solution also allows for the maintenance of and access to marketing companies’ entire histories. Thus, the marketing team can revisit and repeat activities with major impact and positive results. "Our marketing colleagues can optimize their budgets by launching niche campaigns and assessing results more easily. Dynamics CRM allows us to identify opportunities and turn them into leads and prospects at a far lower cost," reports Claudiu Arion.

Increasing the Productivity of the Sales and Advisory Team

The solution allows the smoother, more simplified running of internal processes; from drafting documentation to management reporting. Employees involved in consultancy and sales can spend more time on activities related to customers, thus increasing the company’s productivity. "At the end of the implementation project for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we will know for sure how each opportunity develops and how we will make the most of it. Managers can make interventions in time to make the activity more efficient. Meanwhile anticipation of sales volumes will be easier; enabling us to apply a more consistent business strategy," concludes Claudiu Arion.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics, go to: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics  

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 300 employees

Organization Profile

The Mercedes-Benz Romania Company is the sole importer of the Mercedes-Benz brand in Romania. It is a Daimler AG company.

Business Situation

Mercedes-Benz Romania complies with the brand’s standards and focuses on customers’ needs to customize their vehicles. The company requires information about its customers to carry out marketing.


Mercedes-Benz Romania set up a project team that, as a result of a thorough selection process, opted for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.


  • Improved customer relationships by providing quick and customized feedback
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased the efficiency of marketing activities
  • Increased the productivity of the sales and advisory team

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Vertical Industries
Automotive, Industrial Equipment & Aerospace