Posted: 5/23/2014
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Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) Government department uses CRM as a platform to deliver a person-centered solution

The mission of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is to continually improve the quality of life for Ohio’s citizens with developmental disabilities. To this end, the department has recently adopted a new person-centered philosophy. The approach is aimed at transforming service delivery to ensure that the person being served is at the center—and often a part of—all decision-making. By focusing on personalized plans and outcomes, which address what is important to and important for the individual, programs allow individuals to thrive and grow in society.

Supporting this new mission poses a considerable challenge, both from a business transformation and technical perspective, for the 88 counties in Ohio. Because each county is responsible for its own IT deployments and funding, the ability to execute on the new vision across the entire state was considerably limited. The DODD IT team sought to address this challenge by building a system of discovery, planning, and support on the foundation of common sense, respect, empowerment, and collaboration.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Rather than develop its own solution for case management, DODD IT chose to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform, tailoring it to the requirements of the people-centered approach. Bryant K Young, CIO of Ohio DODD, says, “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get case management, workflow capabilities, a database, security, and alerts and notifications—all without having to code anything. All this makes the system very appealing when you are looking to speed the time-to-value of a new application.”

* With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get case management, workflow capabilities, a database, security, and alerts and notifications—all without having to code anything. All this makes the system very appealing when you are looking to speed the time-to-value of a new application. *

Bryant K Young

Over eight months, DODD IT built a case management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now in use across 18 of Ohio’s 88 counties, the system—known as “imagine”—supports the department’s new, person-centered philosophy, capturing crucial information about people with developmental disabilities, such as an individual’s goals in life.

As a part of this project, DODD IT also built a fully integrated Microsoft .NET-based portal that makes key capabilities and information from the system available to the individuals served by the DODD. Explaining the system in action, Matt Curren, Senior IT Application Development Manager for Ohio DODD, says, “We were able to witness one individual using the system. He was able to sit down, log in to the portal, and provide information about himself, such as what was important to him. He was also able to correct some of his demographic data and upload some of his favorite pictures.“

Using the built-in dashboards within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Service and Support Administrator (SSA) receives alerts when an individual’s information has changed. SSAs use the system to work the case, and their directors or superintendents can also view case information to better understand the needs of their counties. Work can be easily delegated to county staff through the built in workflow capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The CRM system also exposes key information from various legacy systems, such as the state’s system for Medicaid. Information from these systems and from the CRM system is captured in a Microsoft SQL Server database and then provided as business intelligence to the counties—a capability that the counties did not previously have.

Enable rapid application development

For a shop accustomed to building its own solutions, application development was considerably faster. Venu Edupuganti, Senior IT Support Manager and Chief Architect for Ohio DODD, says, “It would have taken three to five years to develop this solution from the ground up. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, development took only eight months.”

Ease adoption

Because DODD IT was able to build its new system on a platform that works through Microsoft Outlook and with other Microsoft technologies, adoption went smoothly. Says Kathy Casagrande, Assistant CIO for Ohio DODD, “Our biggest challenge was how to have person-centered conversations. Learning to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the easiest part of the implementation. Some counties were able to use the system without any formal training.”

Better serve constituents

Ohio counties using the new system are now more easily able to provide a person-centered, collaborative approach to better serve people with developmental disabilities. Never before in the state of Ohio have county boards of developmental disabilities had an application that used electronic processes to facilitate collaboration and coordinate service plans for skills development and achievement of individual life goals using person centered principles. This system helps individuals directly—it’s a story about changing people’s lives!

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