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Posted: 4/19/2012
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Customer Effective Financial Services Experts Cut Sales Cycles in Half, Reach New Market Segments

Through its solution listing in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, Microsoft partner Customer Effective cuts its sales cycle by half or more, connects with an average of four new prospects every month, and reaches customers in valuable micro-vertical market segments. After customers engage and are interested in Customer Effective: FinServ, the partner’s sales team is ready to present and demonstrate the benefits and capabilities with the greatest appeal for a given micro-vertical segment.

Listing its solution called Customer Effective: FinServ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace brings a steady stream of new business opportunities to Customer Effective. Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Customer Effective: FinServ is a vertical solution that has proven its value in hundreds of implementations in financial-services organizations. Mike Rogers, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Customer Effective, explains, “We receive an average of eight new contacts per month through our Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace listing. Of those, an average of four turn into qualified leads and engage with us in conversations about their goals and visions for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their business.”

Most of the potential customers that Customer Effective hears from have not yet deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are evaluating to what extent the solution can meet the specific needs of their business. Some of these prospects are financial-services professionals with many years of experience in large companies who start their own business. “Through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we hear from many people in micro-vertical market segments, so we can effectively increase our exposure and visibility in certain areas,” says Rogers. “The potential purchasers tend to be extremely sophisticated. They need to meet highly specific requirements within budget constraints.”

Customer Effective’s solution listing and company profile in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace incorporate terminology that makes it obvious to potential customers that this technology provider is at home in their industry. When they take the next step and contact the company, Customer Effective representatives determine their needs and provide supporting materials that correspond to the prospects’ micro-vertical market. And, when they demo the solution, they draw on the flavor of Customer Effective: FinServ that already includes the capabilities and best industry practices that Customer Effective has established for that micro-vertical market. “Through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we gain the ability to demonstrate our expertise and insight to customers and prove that we can deliver an effective solution that is far above what generic approaches can provide,” says Rogers. “Because we have already prebuilt most of the functionality customers need, we can also work realistically within their budgets.”

In pursuing the new business that the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace generates for Customer Effective, the company’s sales representatives find that they can significantly shorten the sales cycle. “By effectively aligning customer needs and our solution offering, starting with an introduction through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we can cut the sales cycle in half, from six to eight months down to two to three months,” states Rogers. “We can increase our sales volume, and customers receive their solution sooner. Everybody wins!”

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace Listing:

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 5 employees

Partner Profile
With well over 500 Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM projects completed successfully, Microsoft partner Customer Effective is a leading innovator in relationship management solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Third Party Software
Customer Effective: FinServ

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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IT Services

United States

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  • Business Productivity
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Personal Productivity