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Posted: 5/10/2013
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LV (Liverpool Victoria) UK insurance giant sees 66 per cent reduction in sales administration

LV= (previously Liverpool Victoria) is the United Kingdom’s largest friendly society and has 5500 employees working in 17 offices. It provides investment and insurance services to more than 5 million members and customers. LV= Broker was created in 2006 and now has an annual turnover of £700 million ($1.1 billion). After considering, the business implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a centralised, secure data repository which is easily accessible by both in-house and on-the-road sales teams. As a result sales staff are seeing a 66% reduction in administration thanks to the automation of previously manual tasks, while management have much greater visibility of profitability and are easily able to meet their compliance and auditing commitments.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 5500 employees

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Vertical Industries
Outsourced Services

United Kingdom