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Posted: 5/2/2013
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Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric Boosts Productivity and Customer Service with CRM Solution

Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in the research, manufacturing, and marketing of electrical and electronic equipment. Employees working at its United Kingdom (U.K.) offices focus on factory automation, including environmentally friendly heating, air-conditioning and visual information systems. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company has significantly increased efficiency and customer service, and is enjoying strong growth.

Business Needs

Mitsubishi Electric was maintaining a broad range of spreadsheets and databases containing its customer information, alongside a customer relationship management (CRM) system that was no longer fit for purpose.

The company realised that a more sophisticated CRM system—one that provided comprehensive customer information—was required to drive the business forward.

The new system needed to track all interactions with customers and provide easy customisation and flexible reporting to make its sales operations more efficient.


Mitsubishi Electric chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM, running within the Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client, which easily integrates with its existing quoting system.

Jeff Whiting, IT Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, says: “People are comfortable working in Microsoft Outlook—they’re used to the interface and don’t have to think about where they can get the customer information they need.”

The company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation was supported by Microsoft Partner ConsultCRM. “Working with ConsultCRM has been a great experience. They’ve always delivered what we’ve asked them to, and their staff have been absolutely first rate, giving us a solid foundation on which we can build our future business,” says Whiting.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM has benefitted many areas of the business, providing information that has been the catalyst for improvements in productivity, profitability, and customer service.

Smarter sales activities. The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has enhanced the sales team’s performance because employees can see which sales activities are most effective. “We’ve helped sales team members focus their attention on the activities that achieve the best results. They can carry out their own analysis and make their own decisions. The CRM system has certainly improved their performance and they now make much more intelligent decisions,” says Whiting.

Informed and effective customer meetings. Mitsubishi Electric sales people are now more knowledgeable about their customers’ activities because they have all customer-related information—such as order tracking, returns, service issues, and areas of interest—at their fingertips. This in turn allows them to serve customers better and identify further opportunities. “The sales teams are looking for a reason to go into a client and talk about their business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the right information on the road, when they need it. This has improved their success rates,” says Whiting.

Significant productivity gains. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Mitsubishi Electric teams are now more productive. This saves money and reduces workload. For example, some existing processes involved keeping as many as 10 spreadsheets about the same project across several departments, with the same data being entered several times. “When we started to use the CRM system, we found that every person could add their part to it and this reduced mistakes and avoided information loss—and it gave us more visibility of what was actually going on,” says Whiting. “Some reporting in our support area was taking three days a month to compile. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it takes 20 seconds.”

Strong, targeted growth. The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM gave managers at Mitsubishi Electric the ideal opportunity to review the day-to-day running of the business, especially sales team activities. Making sales operations better targeted and effective, and generally strengthening the business with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has meant that Mitsubishi Electric is in a good position to get through the current economic downturn. “We’ve used our time working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to strengthen our position in terms of growth throughout the recession,” says Whiting.

Great flexibility and customisation. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Mitsubishi Electric sales and management teams have been able to easily develop new processes as required. And once the teams understood the power and flexibility of the new system, they realised that they could customise it to make their jobs easier. “We can customise or build processes and analysis systems ourselves within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system,” says Whiting. “For example, we use the new system to track our customer information and create visual representations of this information, such as charts and graphs, specific to that customer. These are easy to understand and act on.”

Improved customer service. Because Mitsubishi Electric now has greater visibility of order tracking information, it can serve clients more efficiently. Reports are automated and instant, meaning that customer queries can be answered far more promptly. “Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM means we’re saving time because our people don’t have to chase around to answer customers’ questions, they just query the system and get an immediate answer. We’re also eliminating mistakes because everything is logged and tracked, which means the information we provide is accurate,” says Whiting.

Ease of use. Many of the teams at Mitsubishi Electric have moved seamlessly on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “After using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, staff are reluctant to use anything else,” says Whiting. “Microsoft Dynamics was the right decision because it’s given us a tool we can work with really effectively. It’s been a very positive experience—we have people banging on our doors to take on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in other parts of the business.”

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Organization Size: 450 employees

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Mitsubishi Electric is a manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment. It operates from four locations across the United Kingdom and employs more than 450 staff.

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