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Posted: 3/30/2012
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Pegasus Airlines Leading Turkish Airline Manages All Agency Activities Thanks to New CRM System

Pegasus initially began using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage the activities of sales representatives. Thanks to its strong infrastructure, the company quickly expanded the area of Microsoft Dynamics use in order to manage all agency relationships and respond to unscheduled charter flight requests coming from different channels.

Business Needs

Pegasus is expanding its operations with each passing day, while investing in its fleet to increase capacity. In order to fully use this new capacity by increasing agency performance and by fulfilling charter flight requests from tour operators, Pegasus sought a solution to coordinate and control these activities. The main goals were the ability to examine the sales teams’ activities, to easily monitor the agencies’ performance and to track incoming requests from different tour operators, as well as communications related to these requests.

As the sales teams are always on the go, it was necessary to set up a common platform for effective and quick information sharing as concerns their meetings as well as notes related to these meetings with the management team.

Another important source of Pegasus income is private flights. A control application, where private flight requests from tour operators and corporate customers could be collected in a single pool and scheduled in a timely and correct manner, was required.


The data processing department that was receiving these requests decided to develop a solution using Microsoft SharePoint, a software program it already used. The team discussed the issue with Microsoft’s partner, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, with whom they collaborated on SharePoint projects, and learned that Microsoft Dynamics CRM could provide a quicker solution. The data processing department, striving to quickly fulfill the sales team’s requests, realized that their needs could be met quickly by following the advice given in Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri’s and Microsoft’s joint presentation.

The fact that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used in Microsoft Outlook and that sales representatives automatically enter information into the CRM system, while managing agendas and meeting notes, especially caught their attention. In this way, activity-related information and informative notes, which are very important for CRM, could automatically accumulate in the system without the need for additional time and effort by the sales teams.

Pegasus made the decision to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and immediately created a project team. Under the supervision of the manager of the software development department, the project team (consisting of sales representatives and a representative of the group reservations department) performed analyses jointly with Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri’s consultants. Following these analyses, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri made the necessary improvements and implemented the project by providing 50 man-days worth of consulting services. After all the sales and revenue figures were transferred into the CRM system from different applications, performance evaluation displays and reports were developed.

Sales Team Management
When it came to the management of the sales teams (the project’s starting point), the desired goal was achieved thanks to the recording of all activities. The fact that sales representatives, who are always on the go, are able to automatically report their whereabouts to the center by updating their calendars in Microsoft Outlook, and that sales managers are able to create CRM activities by assigning tasks in Microsoft Outlook and monitor the performance of sales representatives based on unfulfilled tasks, provided a great convenience. The system started tracking the frequency of meetings to be held with agencies and other customers. The frequency of meetings, determined based on agencies’ transaction volume, is compared with agency employees’ activities. If the expected number of meetings does not occur, those concerned are notified.

Ability to Respond Quickly to Customer Requests
As a revenue source, private flights are as important as scheduled ones. Private charter flights are requested by travel agencies for special tours or by corporate customers for their internal activities. As these requests are also made to competitors, it is critical to respond quickly to them, after making necessary checks. If the request is not answered in a timely manner, it may be fulfilled by competitors.

These requests are now taken through the web site, and this system integrated into the CRM system reports when a request was received and whether it was answered. Workflows necessary to fulfill the requests were also added to the CRM system. It provides guidance concerning the identification and receipt of necessary permits for private flights. As part of the project, targets related to the request response time were determined. Actual performance is compared with these targets and the new system guarantees that no request remains unanswered and that each one is answered before the company’s competitors have a chance to do so.
Agency Relationship Management
A portion of sales revenues comes through agencies. Thanks to the integration with the ticketing systems, sales carried out by each agency are reflected in CRM and the sales teams are able to see their agencies’ performance instantaneously. The agencies’ periodic sales targets, sales and service fees payable to these agencies in connection with the realized sales can be monitored through the CRM system.

Notes on periodic meetings with the agencies and the agencies’ growth over time can be reviewed in the CRM system. Therefore, even if agency representatives change, the new representative is able to review all meetings and monitor the agency's growth in the CRM system. The system can also track all the agencies’ requests, including promotional material requests, and whether these requests were fulfilled. Promotional materials sent to agencies are recorded in the system, so it is possible to track these materials as well. In this way misappropriation of promotional materials is prevented.

Tracking of Marketing Operations
Agencies perform many different marketing activities. The most common ones are agency-specific events, sponsored events and distribution of promotional materials for use by agencies. All these activities, to which a significant part of the marketing budget is allocated, are tracked in the CRM system.

Events organized for the agencies are tracked in the CRM system via the Agency Event Accelerator add-on. From the initial planning stage, any kind of activity is recorded in the CRM system and is monitored by the entire marketing department. Information on agencies and agency representatives to be invited to the organized events is stored in the CRM system. This helps prevent event mishaps and agency participation rates are monitored.

Promotional materials that were not thoroughly tracked before are now ordered via the CRM system and the amount of these materials is recorded. Therefore, the total cost of promotional materials and investment in promotional materials for each agency are tracked. It is ensured that the cost of promotional materials matches the agency’s performance and marketing budgets are used in the most efficient way.

Pegasus sponsorship activities are also tracked in the CRM system. Tickets for sponsored events are shared between agencies and corporate clients. The creation of lists of those invited to the sponsored events, distribution of invitations, confirmation of attendance and planning of customized services for the participants are all done via the CRM system. Therefore, all agency-related information (i.e. how many visits were made to the agency during the year, how much promotional material was handed out and how many times the agency was invited to sponsored events) can be seen on a single screen.
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Solution Overview

Organization Profile
Pegasus, which launched its first flight in May 1990, has come a long way on a journey that began with only two airplanes. Pegasus now boasts a fleet of 32 aircraft and has become one of the leading airline companies in Turkey; with regularly scheduled and charter flights to over 100 destinations in 17 countries.

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