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Posted: 5/12/2011
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Mays Mission for the Handicapped Nonprofit Generates Large Cost Savings, Focuses on Mission with ERP in the Cloud

Mays Mission for the Handicapped wanted to remain current on its Microsoft Dynamics GP solution without taxing its budget. Moving from an on-premises deployment to a cloud-based ERP system with myGPcloud from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner RoseASP enabled Mays Mission to minimize its hardware requirements and receive support with timely software updates. After a rapid, smooth migration to the cloud, Mays Mission continues with work with its preferred finance management solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, and pays a reasonable, monthly subscription fee. The software updates and regular data backups included with the service eliminate the cost and concern about performing these functions by the organization. With myGPcloud, Mays Mission streamlines its financial management and focuses fully on providing critical services to people with disabilities. 

* I would recommend myGPcloud to anyone. It’s an outstanding value, takes a huge burden off our own resources, and offers an advanced solution that helps us streamline our work in so many ways. *

Sherry M. Niehaus,
President and Executive Director, Mays Mission for the Handicapped

Business Needs

Mays Mission for the Handicapped, headquartered in Heber Springs, Arkansas, has been supporting people with disabilities since 1967. Founded on the premise that everyone deserves a chance, Mays Mission provides a variety of services and programs that help people connect with job openings. All across the United States, the organization also provides academic scholarships and “camperships,” which make it possible for children and adults to participate in summer camps. Mays Mission’s nationwide job opportunity referral system generates a large number of calls and mail inquiries to help support the organization’s goals and assist people with disabilities.

Since 1991, Mays Mission had used an on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage its finances. The solution’s database housed all of the organization’s financial data and served as an important reference resource. Sherry M. Niehaus, President and Executive Director of Mays Mission for the Handicapped, explains, “We wanted to make use of the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP to continue to receive support and timely software updates. However, we have limited resources for managing technology. We could not afford the costs to update our software tools nor could we replace our computers, especially in a weak economy with donations down.”

For assistance, Niehaus contacted REACH-Solutions, her trusted, long-time technology provider. REACH-Solutions, a Microsoft partner with Gold status in the Enterprise Resource Planning competency, researched available options.


REACH-Solutions found myGPcloud, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that RoseASP offers. RoseASP is a division of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Rose Business Solutions that focuses on offering Microsoft Dynamics GP and other business software in an on-demand environment. RoseASP makes myGPcloud available for a free, 30-day trial for organizations that want to experience the service before purchasing it, and unlike many other providers’ offerings, it does not require setup fees, a minimum number of users, or a minimum time commitment. At all times, customers retain ownership of their business data.

At RoseASP, the technologists are also business experts with a deep understanding of what organizations need from their business management systems, based on many years of experience across numerous vertical markets. The business logic and vertical-specific, prebuilt capabilities of myGPcloud are designed to get companies immediately productive on the cloud-based solution. Important for organizations with stringent needs for information integrity and application availability, the RoseASP data center complies with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, has SAS 70 Type II certification, and offers 99.5 percent system availability.

Choosing among several myGPcloud offerings, Mays Mission selected myGPcloud Business Essentials(plus), which provided all the functionality the organization required. A consultant from REACH-Solutions spent just one day at Mays Mission to update systems and migrate information to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. RoseASP received that database and readied an instance of the solution for Mays Mission. The following day, Niehaus logged into myGPcloud through her browser to do her work, as she has ever since.

Today, Mays Mission makes the most use of the general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functionality of myGPcloud. Niehaus also accesses the payroll capability to record and track employee information. The ERP cloud service—at a cost of just U.S.$165 per user, per month—includes regular, automatic backups and prompt software updates.


For Mays Mission, working with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in the cloud means the organization can continue to work with its preferred finance management system, with enhanced efficiencies and optimal expense control. Niehaus states, “I was afraid we might have to switch to another software tool. I’m very happy that we found a low-cost, extremely efficient way to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The solution is our preferred business management and reference system, and it makes a huge difference for the organization to be able to continue working with it.”

Minimize Expenses, Gain Important Support Services

By moving finance management to the cloud with myGPcloud, Mays Mission can take advantage of all the latest feature enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics GP and efficiently keep up-to-date on future product enhancements. Concerns about data protection and software updates have completely disappeared. Says Niehaus, “I feel very lucky. We saved expenses by migrating to the cloud, and for a low monthly fee, we receive the full functionality of the solution. Even better, we never have to worry again about backing up our data or performing software updates, because all that is included in the service.”

Streamline Financial Management

With myGPcloud, Mays Mission always has its ERP system and many years of business history at hand, wherever users are. “myGPcloud is always there for me when I need it,” says Niehaus. “It’s easy to use and provides many features that help me work more efficiently.” She particularly appreciates that the solution’s modules connect so that finance updates reflect throughout the entire system without repeated entering of information. Month-end and year-end closes and associated reports take place with few steps and in minimal time. “We also use a lot less paper now, saving and sharing reports in more digital files, which are much easier to forward to somebody or retrieve them as needed,” adds Niehaus.

Ensure Successful Audits, Extend the Value of the Solution

Mays Mission staff access more than 20 years of business history through myGPcloud, it also looks forward to working with the solution for the foreseeable future. Auditors have already told Niehaus that they support the cloud-based technology, especially given the regulatory compliance and service levels that the RoseASP data center facilitates. Before the next year-end audit, Niehaus plans on sending the auditors a complete electronic file of business events, helping them make their work onsite at Mays Mission more efficient. “Working with a digital report out of myGPcloud, our auditors will be able to review monthly reconciliations and other financial information quickly and in as much detail as they like, so they can streamline their process by focusing on the most important concerns,” she says.

Over time, the organization will start making use of other capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Says Niehaus, “I look forward to using the bank reconciliation functionality and simplifying that aspect of our work. I already know it will be very easy to learn, because the solution is extremely intuitive.”

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 11 employees

Organization Profile

Mays Mission for the Handicapped offers job opportunities, scholarships, and support services to people with disabilities across the United States and promotes awareness of the potential of people with disabilities.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

Vertical Industries
Charities & Philanthropic

United States

Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Cost Containment

IT Issue
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Software + Services


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