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Posted: 4/29/2012
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Miriam College Foundation Inc. Miriam College Helps Employees Reach Their Full Potential

Miriam College recently deployed Microsoft Dynamics Navision to help their college gather data more effectively and generate reliable and easily understood accounting reports; financial statements and budget performance.


Nestled within a lush, green, and peaceful campus in Quezon City, Metro Manila is one of the foremost women’s colleges in the Philippines. Throughout its 85-year history, Miriam College is a non-profit, non-stock Catholic educational institution that offers academic programs from pre-elementary to post-graduate and adult education levels that develop both the learning and caring competencies of students and are enriched by a wide range of national, regional, and international linkages. Primarily a women’s school, the pre-elementary, adult education, graduate, and deaf education programs of the institution accept male students.

The school’s Higher Education unit is composed of four colleges that offer baccalaureate and graduate degree programs: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, Accountancy and Entrepreneurship; the College of Education; and the College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies. Recently, the unit has expanded its programs in the fields of Biology, Applied Arts, and Tourism.

However, there were large amounts of data gathered and they needed a solution that would help them generate reports, financial statements, budget performance and bank reconciliation reports faster. They also needed a reliable ledger for the integration of ancillary services such as MC uniform sales, accessories and souvenirs.

Miriam College considered upgrading its IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of technology and efficiently meet the demands of the school.

The school needed the right set of tools and solutions to maximize its workforce with an integrated IT infrastructure to help, and Miriam College found that Microsoft has the exact solution to address these requirements. They engaged Raffles Solution and Services, Inc, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in providing world-class solutions and services, to build a flexible, high-availability infrastructure that would help Miriam utilize its employees better by providing them with the right tools for the job.


Miriam College required a solution that catered to its exact needs which was more or less an accounting based program that would help manage the information gathered in generating reliable and easily understood reports.

Their financial statements, budget performance and bank reconciliation reports generally took long to generate; were hard to understand; and were not user-friendly. This made dissemination of information slow and it was very difficult to come up with immediate decisions when there is no readily available data.

“We need a system that can help us take the pain out of key accounting tasks. We want a powerful accounting tool so that we can easily view specific information needed to make important and urgent decisions. We need a system that matches our business needs as well as our budget. Also, the major deal maker for Navision was the availability of the technical support to us when needed, fast response time in troubleshooting and the ease of use of the system,“ said Myrna Vidal, Finance Director, Miriam College.

With Microsoft’s Dynamics Navision, Miriam Collage was able to gain real-time access to accurate information, which helped employees operate more efficiently. Efficiency was achieved by providing accurate and accessible information. All data is stored in a single database and employees can easily access real-time information.

“Microsoft Dynamics Navision has this dimension feature which the others did not have. It helps us in the analysis of accounts. It helps us filter and sort ledger data. The application allows us to set up rules on how to combine dimensions and dimension values. The analysis views can also be set to fit specific needs,” said Vidal.


Easier Access to Relevant Information

Miriam Collage achieved immediate access to real-time, accurate information, helping employees operate effectively and efficiently. All of Miriam College’s data are stored in a single database and employees can easily access real-time information when needed, which enables them to make better decisions with clear and accurate data that is easy to present.

Cost Efficient

Miriam College’s operations became more cost efficient using Microsoft Dynamics Navision. Daily operations became more proficient and well-organized due to the solution enabling employees to come up with their inventories faster by distinguishing patterns and trends earlier. Since Microsoft is the most well-known platform, training was simplified with the great customer support that is available through partner and online tutorials. The familiarity of the Microsoft user interface helped reduce training time and increase adoption as well.

“Business operations were streamlined and became cost efficient. We were able to monitor our inventories which we were not able to do in our old system. In addition to that we were able to provide all the units and offices with the budget performance report on a monthly basis,” said Vidal.

Increased Employee Productivity

Employees can monitor performance, analyze trends and spot potential problems before they occur which allows employees to complete tasks sooner with more adeptness. This is in large part due to the Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

“Noticeably, we could generate the balance sheet, income statement faster than when we were using the old system. We could also easily analyze each of the accounts because the extraction from the system is much easier. We just have to call the account code and it’s as easy as the ABC. We are able to prepare our internal reports like the budget performance and financial statements faster,” ends Vidal.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for mid-sized organizations that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use. Right from the start, simplicity has guided—and continues to guide—innovations in product design, development, implementation, and usability. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has more than 80,000 customers, over one million users worldwide, and is available in more than 40 country versions.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 424 employees

Organization Profile
Miriam College is a non-profit, non-stock Catholic educational institution that offers academic programs from pre-elementary to post-graduate and adult education levels.

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Vertical Industries
  • Primary & Secondary Edu/ K-12
  • Higher Education