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Posted: 1/16/2014
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Novi Pazar - put Road Construction Company Continues Business Growth by Using a New ERP Solution

With its substantial growth, the road construction and maintenance company Novi Pazar – Put has overcome the possibilities of a functionally and technologically outdated business software they were using. Rational and efficient management of complex business processes and expensive resources created the need for the introduction of a new, modern and flexible business solution, so the company chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, complemented with add-on solutions developed by NPS.

Business Needs

Although Novi Pazar - Put is part of a powerful and successful group of Serbian road construction companies, the management of the company was fully aware how important it was to continuously invest into improvement of operations and use of more sophisticated tools and systems for project and resources management. Therefore, replacement of the outdated business solution, more precisely a set of heterogeneous, poorly connected and technologically obsolete business applications, was necessary to address the increasing needs of the rising company.

The most qualified and experienced people in the company have been engaged to define all the requirements and demands that had to be placed by the new solution and selected partner. “We engaged more than 50 experienced professionals from our company for this project. This way we managed to set the functional and technical requirements. In parallel we collected information on solutions used by our competitors, especially in our region, as we were aware how important it is to get quality local support”, says Ertan Ljajić, IT Manager at Novi Pazar – Put. The basic idea of this project task was that new system must include all business processes reflected in a construction company.

Because of the complexity of business processes in the construction industry, there were no companies in Serbia that even dared to try to implement such a system. Many construction firms in the region have had bad experiences with fsailure to implement information systems, even for only standard business processes (Finance, Sales, HR, Manufacturing…). “We did not know that there were only a small number of solutions and partners capable to understand and realize all that we had defined in our strategy. With all this information, it was even more difficult to make a decision“, adds Ljajić.

The team considered a number of options of upgrading the standard ERP solutions with modules specialized for the construction industry, from simple ones developed by local software vendors, to those developed by Microsoft Dynamics partners, as well as third-party solutions. The final decision was to start the development of missing modules based on the awareness that the customer had a team of skilled, experienced engineers and technicians, who were able to precisely define the requirements, procedures and processes.


NPS, chosen Microsoft Gold Enterprise Resource Planning Partner, has an equally experienced team of consultants and developers, who are able to translate the defined project requirements into a modern, powerful and functional solution, fully integrated into the global ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

“In conjunction with NPS we have implemented most of the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, the essence of our business and the issues with previously used solutions had to be resolved by additional development and with specific and specialized modules”, explains Ljajić.

The result of this joint effort is the development of the three brand new, parameterized vertical solutions under one name: NAV4Construction. After the completion of the certification process (CfMD), these solutions would be offered through a global Microsoft Partner Network to all companies in the construction segment, wherever they are.

The implementation Project was completed in 9 months, along with additional module development. Almost all standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules were used, as well as most of add-on solutions developed by NPS (advanced manufacturing, HRM and Payroll...). However, the main challenges were the specifics of construction industry, with processes out of scope of the standard ERP solution, and were solved through development of three brand new verticals: Construction, Quantity Surveying and Machinery Management.


Today Novi Pazar – Put has a system that allows timely and accurate planning, monitoring, realization, and expenses postings on all construction sites including: billing sheets and log book, situations, the calculation of the finished products costs, and complete monitoring of each individual machinery resource.

“We now have a fully integrated and automated specialized software solution, covering all aspects of our business. It has made such an improvement in our operations that it is difficult to imagine how we used to work without it. Only now when we have all our construction sites in the system, all the Bill of Quantities, when we had identified and eliminated all the ‘bottlenecks’, and all processes and work units are connected, we can conclude that all the implementation goals are achieved”, says Ljajić.

“With the use of modern tools for business intelligence, such as BI4Dynamics, we have automated monitoring and analysis for each of our construction sites and all available resources. However, we are aware that there is still a long way to go and that it will take more time and more efforts before we will able to say that we have fully adopted the new system. Only then we will get to the desired level of monitoring of our activities,” concludes Ljajić.

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 450 employees

Organization Profile

Established in 1962, A.D. “Novi Pazar – Put” is specializes in construction and maintenance of road and other civil engineering structures, and is a member of Putevi Group since 2003.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Vertical Industries
Public Works & Transportation


Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Unified Communications
  • Team Collaboration
  • Business Continuity

IT Issue
  • Asset Management
  • Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Data Migrations


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