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Posted: 8/14/2013
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Oneonta Discount Building Supply Microsoft Dynamics RMS Preferred Over RockSolid POS for this House-Hasson Lumber and Hardware Dealer

Oneonta Discount Building Supply struggled with paper based tickets and manual order processes that negatively affected their flow of business. As a House-Hasson Retailer with over 550 customer accounts, they needed a POS system in order to communicate effectively with their distributor and to serve their clients with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS and System Solutions helped Oneonta simplify business by bringing all their order processing and inventory management into one comprehensive solution. Oneonta can safely say they don’t have to chase tickets for hours on end, they can report on anything they want, they can serve their clients better (special orders included), and they have detailed insight into inventory in order to make appropriate business decisions with their supplier, House-Hasson.

Business Needs

Oneonta Discount Building Supply is a hardware and building supply retailer based out of Alabama. Oneonta has a close relationship with their primary distributor, House-Hasson, and has been working hand in hand with them since 2008, delivering everything from paint supplies to plumbing and electrical equipment to their customers. With a customer base of about 70% contractors and 30% ‘do it yourselfers’, Oneonta juggles a large amount of inventory with over 550 customer accounts; many of whom order different items and quantities each time.

For many years, Oneonta managed their business using a ‘glorified calculator’ as owner, Rodney Gray put it. Gray explains, “The entire system was outdated. We couldn’t connect to the internet, credit card transactions were still over the phone line, and the speed of processing an order was terrible.” He continues, “We desperately needed a complete Point-of-Sale (POS) system that would simplify and automate our day to day operations.”

One of their biggest pains was dealing with paper-based order tickets. It would take a full time employee at least three hours a day to simply file the tickets and if someone needed to pull a ticket, it would take another 10-15 minutes to track it down. Because of this tedious process, Oneonta couldn’t provide immediate answers to their customer’s questions and they were definitely using too much time and too many resources to manage these paper-based orders.

In addition to the ineffectiveness of their solution, they had little to no support from their software provider. Gray recalls having to leave a message and then wait for hours, even days, to hear back from them. “Being in retail, we really need someone we can rely on 24/7.”


In 2008, Oneonta started looking for another solution that would fit their needs. At a tradeshow, they came across two options, RockSolid POS® and Microsoft Dynamics® RMS. After evaluation, Oneonta was impressed with what System Solutions could offer in the Microsoft Dynamics RMS solution. Being a Microsoft product, Gray felt at ease because of its reliability and has used Microsoft based products in the past. The cost was also very reasonable compared to the other options. Gray explains, “Most of the other systems we looked at were about 50% more of an investment. Microsoft Dynamics RMS and System Solutions was a great fit for what we needed and at a price we could and can continue to afford.”

It took about 60 days for Oneonta to get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics RMS and the project went very smoothly. Gray was surprised that no one from System Solutions came to their location, but was even more surprised at how well it all worked out. Gray says, “Being able to pull off our implementation remotely was a true testament to System Solutions’ organization and communication skills.” He continues, “We have since experienced their hands-on support from afar and are very happy with the expertise we have access to daily.”


No More Chasing Tickets!

Oneonta can now immediately see every transaction by customer instead of chasing tickets for hours every day. It is now a matter of seconds to pull up who bought what from within the Microsoft Dynamics RMS database. They used to have one full-time and one part-time office employee, and now only need a part-time office employee to manage other daily tasks.


Oneonta also loves the reports made possible by housing all their data in Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Gray says, “Reports were a bit tricky at first, but once I realized the potential and what the system was asking, I can report on anything!”

With insight into who owes money, everyday sales in relation to margins, inventory by category, and sales tax audit trails, Oneonta can make informed business decisions, helping them stay profitable. For example, Gray has been able to raise or lower their margins depending on the data reported out of Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Their other system reported a blank margin per day, but Microsoft Dynamics RMS shows margin by item so they know what items to have on stock, items they can cut back on, and what customers are actually purchasing those items.

Serving Clients Better

With Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Oneonta can now email statements and transactions to customers as they occur. One of the many benefits Oneonta can offer their government customers is proof. In order to retain funding, any Government agency or municipality needs to prove the work done and items purchased. With paper tickets, proof of purchases was at risk of getting lost, but now Oneonta can send electronically to the customer’s office in real-time.

Now that they don’t deal with file cabinets, Oneonta can also find transactions faster to answer customer questions immediately. Gray says, “We used to have to either put our customers on hold or call them back to answer a simple question such as how many items they ordered last week. Now we can just click the mouse a few times and find the exact information we need.”

About 30% of Oneonta’s orders are ‘special orders’ and don’t have a SKU associated. System Solutions was able to customize Microsoft Dynamics RMS so Oneonta could add the information needed for special orders such as the item description.

Inventory Control

With Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Oneonta is in much better control of their inventory. Gray says, “I love the inventory wizard. I can change margins by category or department without updating each and every item.” With the ability to make changes across the board, Gray is saving time and gaining more control over the items he has in inventory.

Automatic updates are now also possible with Oneonta’s distributor, House-Hasson. House-Hasson simply uploads their Purchase Orders and Microsoft Dynamics RMS is automatically updated with amount of inventory along with any price changes. Before this, Oneonta would have to manually key in about 20 pages of data into their system each time they received stock from House-Hasson.

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

Oneonta Discount Building Supply is a hardware and building supply retailer. Oneonta works primarily with distributor, House-Hasson, since 2008 to deliver everything from paint supplies to electrical equipment.

Software and Services
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Vertical Industries
Specialty Retail

United States

Business Need
  • Financial Management
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Business Productivity
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

IT Issue
  • Data Warehousing
  • Personal Productivity
  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution
  • Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration


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