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Posted: 2/17/2012
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proMX GmbH Gaining Sales with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

proMX is a Microsoft partner with a gold competency in both Customer Relationship Management and Independent Software Vendor. The company’s add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, called proRM, enables professional services firms to perform project and resource management from within the business management software and has been growing in popularity. In fact, proRM earned proMX the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solution of the Year award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2011. To help further build the success of its proRM solution, proMX made the solution available on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, a central hub for partner solutions and services. Since taking advantage of the marketplace, proMX has, over 10 months, generated 160 leads, of which around 10 percent have converted to sales.

Business Opportunity

An active participant in events such as Microsoft Convergence and the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, proMX works diligently to build recognition for its expert services and solutions, including proRM, a project and resource management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This add-on accounts for 30 percent of the company’s revenue. From the success of proRM, proMX won the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solution of the Year award at the Worldwide Partner Conference in 2011.

* I have, at this very moment, as many as 20 new leads coming in through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. *

Peter Linke,
CEO, proMX

From participation at events like Convergence, proMX receives more than just recognition: It receives insight into the latest happenings at Microsoft. Peter Linke, CEO of proMX, explains, “Across the events that we participate in, Microsoft was promoting the new Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, and we saw that it would be a great opportunity for us to build further awareness and sales of our add-on, proRM.”

The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is an online lead generation tool that helps partners showcase and sell their best Microsoft Dynamics add-ons and professional work to more customers.

Online Strategy

Following its interest in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, proMX soon after made its proRM add-on available. Says Linke, “To make our solution stand out on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we provided our listing in both German and English so that we could target our key markets: Europe and the United States. We then worked to ensure that our solution was Certified for Microsoft Dynamics so that we could demonstrate the power of our solution and receive a priority listing in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.”

In listing its solution on the marketplace, proMX employed several other tactics as well. For instance, the company provided options for customers to try a demo, buy proRM from the proMX website, and take part in a trial. The company also made a wealth of information available to prospective customers to ease the buying process. This included general solution overview information, support and training materials, specs and reference materials, and a whitepaper. proMX also worked diligently to link to the marketplace from its own website and from links in its employees’ email signatures.

proMX also runs web campaigns to help drive the success of its add-ons. Its most recent campaign will provide a five-user proRM Lite Version license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and the on-premises version free of charge.

Customer reviews, a capability of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, have also helped proMX make its add-on solution stand out. Says Linke, “It’s now a part of our business practice to ask customers to provide a review of our add-on on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Customers reviews are absolutely something that partners need to push for and, aside from our solution being certified, it’s one of the sole reasons people will choose to try and then buy our solution.”

Currently, proRM has 25 customer reviews and a five out of five star rating.


With proRM on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for 10 months, proMX has generated 160 leads, of which around 10 percent have converted to sales.

In generating these sales, Linke notes that the requirements from his team have been minimal. He says, “Monitoring, maintaining, and updating our marketplace listing only takes a few hours a week.”

In addition to new sales, proMX has gained insight, through a quarterly Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace report, into web traffic from the solution—insight that will ultimately help the company further optimize its listing for increased sales. Currently, the company receives, on an average monthly basis, around 164 page visits for proRM in Germany and 283 in the United States. Says Linke, “The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is no doubt helping us to build brand recognition for proRM.”

Linke adds, “Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, we are seeing tremendous growth in the number of leads we are getting. This is the future of how customers will be buying add-on solutions, so we see our success from the marketplace only getting better.”

About proMX
A successful national and international systems integrator based in Germany, proMX focuses on customer-optimized and integrated business solutions for small and medium-sized companies. A Microsoft partner, proMX has expertise ranging from strategic consulting and process optimization to the planning and the realization of complete IT infrastructures and the operation of complex solutions. proMX solutions span business intelligence, customer relationship management, custom development, and unified communications.

About the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace
The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is an online service designed to help customers find trusted Microsoft Dynamics experts, applications, and services that enhance and easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Powered by the Microsoft Pinpoint platform, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace provides greater visibility to Microsoft partners. With the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, customers can search partners, applications, and services by product, business issue, or location. With listings to serve customers both locally and worldwide, finding the right Microsoft Dynamics expert, application, or service is easier than ever.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 43 employees

Partner Profile
proMX is a Microsoft partner that serves customers across Germany, the United States, and worldwide with its project resource management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, proRM.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Vertical Industries
  • IT Services
  • Professional Services