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Posted: 1/24/2013
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City Hall of Buzău Local Government Improves Efficiency Using a Document Management Solution

For civil servants working in city hall, monitoring the flow of documents and requests for information by the public was a constant battle. The local government needed a document management solution that would provide its employees the ability to track and trace all documents. By implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and GoPrim (a document management system), the Municipality of Buzău improved its ability to serve the public.

Business Needs

Like many governmental institutions, the City Hall of Buzău needed to ensure that all documents and correspondence that were being received and sent were properly accounted for. This meant that it should be able to track and trace these documents and correspondence, as well as their status. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the employees at City Hall.

Employees at the General Registry Office, who are responsible for managing all written correspondence and documentation, faced a major challenge. Because everything was done manually, it took a considerable amount of time to register and send these documents to the appropriate department or recipient. Furthermore, the time it took to determine their status was equally long.

"There were many problems in terms of monitoring the flow of documents at City Hall. We had no information regarding their status, including if whether the documents had reached their intended recipients or departments. There was no computer-based solution to track down and permanently monitor the flow of documents - which was very frustrating," says Daniela Druiu, Director of the IT department. "Previously, we had an email infrastructure provided by our internet supplier. However, there were only 10 inboxes allocated for all 728 employees at the city hall. This was simply not doable. Additionally, we often had many difficulties with the availability of our email service," she adds.

The high volume of documents that needed to be monitored, inadequate email infrastructure, non-existence of a collaborative solution and workflow was hampering City Hall’s efforts to improve its level of service, both for its employees and the public. Officials at City Hall realized that a documentation management solution needed to be found quickly.


It was decided from the beginning that in order to minimize costs and take advantage of the existing infrastructure at City Hall, which was based on Microsoft products and technologies, the primary solution would be a Microsoft-based product.

* Because of the solution, we are now able to control and monitor all processes within City Hall. I’m very happy that we have increased our ability to absorb requests from the public by 100 %. *

Daniela Druiu
Director of IT Department
City Hall of Buzău

The IT department began to look at possible solutions that were available on the market. After careful deliberation, City Hall decided to implement Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and GoPrim, a document management system as well as a local solution for public administration developed and supported by CG&GC Software Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in a partnership with CTCE Piatra Neamt.

"By implementing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, we are able to bring new possibilities of communication within the organization. It is the electronic platform of cooperation and messaging within City Hall, and the solution is closely connected with GoPRIM. To this end, the cooperation function is added one for conveying the messages and notifications for all the employees who interact through the flows modeled with GoPRIM. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a common platform for storing, archiving and retrieving documents. GoPrim is based on SharePoint – technology. It is not only a document management system which allows us to keep track of all our communication and documentation, but also a workflow management solution. Furthermore, these three solutions are tightly integrated with each other, providing more functionality, increased performance and value."

GoPRIM is a modern solution of e-governance, providing special opportunities in optimizing workflows in local public administration. Access to GoPRIM is gained through a web interface. It is available over the internet and allows a user to find all the forms filed online or attach supporting documents to a request, where these documents will be connected to the workflow initiated by the request within City Hall. GoPRIM also provides validation checks.


Implementing these solutions has proven to be a resounding success.


One of the benefits is the ability of employees to collaborate with each other remotely.

The latest Microsoft technologies such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) have provided new opportunities of collaboration and communication within the organization. Outlook Web Access allows the user to access the information provided by the Exchange Server through a web browser. Outlook Mobile Access gives access by means of the mobile devices to resources offered by the Exchange Server.

“I use the facilities of collaboration and email that are available on the Web or the mobile phone on a daily basis, and the new technologies allow me to be in constant contact with my workmates at City Hall,” says Constantin Boşcodeală, Mayor of the Municipality of Buzău.

User-Friendly and Increased Transparency

"While considering the intuitive interface of the Microsoft applications, our new document management system has been adopted very quickly by employees at City Hall. We are no longer encountering problems similar with the one we had in our previous attempt in finding a document management solution," says Petronela Jipa, Director of Customer Service.

Additionally, the presence of an Exchange server in the IT infrastructure at City Hall has brought further value to the project, since operations specific to the workflow were bringing large number of emails into the organization. Moreover, access to common resources – documents or other files through the Exchange Server, is leading to a visible reduction of redundancy of information present on the workstations inside the organization.

"Because of the solution, we are now able to control and monitor all processes within City Hall. I’m very happy that we have increased our ability to absorb requests from the public by 100%,"says Daniela Druiu.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 782 employees

Organization Profile

The City Hall of Buzău caters to the needs of over 150,000 inhabitants. It is located in Romania.

Third Party Software
  • GoPRIM

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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National Government Agencies



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