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Posted: 12/8/2010
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Edipower Energy Producer Fuels Productivity, Mobility with Robust Operating System

To maintain its competitive advantage, Edipower needed to upgrade its enterprisewide IT environment. With the help of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Microsys, the company deployed the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. Edipower uses Windows 7—in conjunction with Microsoft Application Virtualization technology and the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system—to improve mobility, boost productivity, enhance security, and contain costs. 

Business Needs
With six thermoelectric and three hydroelectric power plants, Edipower is one of the largest energy producers in Italy. The company generates 7 percent of the national demand, with a throughput of 24 billion kilowatts in 2008.

Edipower has maintained its competitive advantage by deploying the company’s IT infrastructure using Microsoft products, including the Windows Server 2008 operating system and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Edipower deployed Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)—part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack—to virtualize Microsoft Office Project 2007, Microsoft Office Visio 2007 drawing and diagramming software, and various business-critical budgeting applications.

The company also adopted the Windows Vista operating system to take full advantage of the enhanced functionalities included with the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 email messaging and collaboration software.

* Edipower adopted Windows 7 as part of our initiative to increase productivity across the enterprise…. With Windows 7, we have all of the tools that we need for the next phase of our development. *

Gianluca Fusco
Chief Information Officer, Edipower

To keep information systems up-to-date, improve companywide productivity, and provide employees with user-friendly tools, Edipower began exploring the possibility of further upgrading its IT environment.

In 2009, Edipower learned about an opportunity to become an early adopter of the Windows 7 operating system and immediately began testing. The IT department ran tests using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 and the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 5.0 to determine compatibility with business-critical applications and existing hardware. Based on the positive test results, Edipower installed Windows 7 Enterprise on an array of test machines in the IT department and on strategically selected computers throughout the company.

By the end of 2010—and with the help of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Microsys—Edipower migrated 440 of 900 workstations to Windows 7, with plans to complete the deployment in mid-2011. The company used the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 to automate deployment of Windows 7, in combination with Windows Deployment Services, which enables remote deployment of the operating system over a network.

Additionally, Edipower will be deploying Windows Server 2008 R2 so that employees can take advantage of DirectAccess, a new feature in Windows 7 Enterprise. By using the DirectAccess feature, employees will be able to connect to the company network via the Internet, rather than through a virtual private network (VPN).

Employees are also excited about the BitLocker and BitLocker To Go data encryption technologies, which help the company tighten security by restricting access to hard drives and detachable storage devices.

Edipower expects that upgrading to Windows 7 will help the company improve the productivity of its mobile workforce, enhance security across the enterprise, and contain total cost of ownership.

Improved Mobility, Productivity
With Windows 7, mobile employees experience longer battery life on portable computers, which in turn results in greater productivity, energy savings, and environmental stewardship.

Another benefit for the mobile workforce is remote access. With DirectAccess, remote employees expect to be able to connect directly to the company network through the Internet, which simplifies network management by eliminating the need for a dedicated VPN connection.

Enhanced Security
Edipower uses the built-in data encryption functionality of BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. Individuals who do not possess the appropriate credentials are prevented from accessing sensitive data.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
To optimize deployment processes, improve the efficiency of IT management, and contain the total cost of ownership, Edipower uses App-V.

“Even though we use App-V with only 5 to 10 percent of our PCs, we’ve seen a positive impact on our core business functions,” says Gianluca Fusco, Chief Information Officer of Edipower. “We can manage application compatibility more efficiently—especially for applications running on different versions of the Windows operating system. And by standardizing our IT environment, it’s easier for us to deliver on our service level agreements, which gives us a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Edipower reports that applications that are virtualized by using App-V integrate seamlessly with Windows 7, and centralized installation and management of deployed applications results in reduced costs.

“Edipower adopted Windows 7 as part of our initiative to increase productivity across the enterprise,” Fusco concludes. “For many years, Edipower and Microsoft have worked together to build efficient and effective information systems. With Windows 7, we have all of the tools that we need for the next phase of our development.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 1200 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Milan, Edipower ranks among the top electrical energy producers in Italy, supplying 7 percent of the country’s energy needs.

Software and Services
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization
  • Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
  • BitLocker To Go
  • Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

Vertical Industries
Power & Utilities


Business Need
  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Business Productivity

IT Issue
  • Identity, Security and Access Management
  • Personal Productivity
  • Desktop, Device and Server Management