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Posted: 3/14/2013
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Tieto Corporation IT Services Firm Reduces Messaging Costs by 25 Percent

Based in Finland, Tieto is the largest computer services and software solution provider in the Nordic region of Northern Europe. Tieto relies on a Microsoft messaging solution to help employees at its 26 locations communicate with partners and customers. Most recently, Tieto upgraded to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to take advantage of enhancements in disaster recovery and storage. It also expects to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Business Needs
Tieto is an international IT services company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. One of Europe’s largest IT services providers, Tieto has offices in 26 countries and employs nearly 18,000 people. The organization delivers software solutions and consulting services to enterprises in the public administration, finance, telecommunications, forest industries, and other sectors. Its largest customers reside in Northern Europe, Germany, and Russia.

* The ability to use lower-cost storage with Exchange Server 2013 is a crucial benefit for us. Overall, we expect up to a 25 percent cost savings for our messaging environment. *

Ilkka Salomaa
Lead Service Architect, Tieto

As an IT services provider, Tieto must maintain an excellent messaging infrastructure to help its dispersed workforce complete projects efficiently. For several years, the company has used Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 as its messaging solution.

Tieto supports about 28,000 mailboxes, most with a 500 megabyte (MB) size limit. Employees use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook 2010 to manage their email messages. Employees use Outlook data files (PST) files to store messaging data that exceeds the limit, and the company also relies on a third-party archiving solution to store older messaging data.

Tieto deployed Exchange Unified Messaging to several thousand employees so they can access email and voice mail through Microsoft Outlook Mobile and Microsoft Outlook Web App. For real-time communication, Tieto deployed Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 to provide instant messaging, presence, conferencing, and voice capabilities.

Recently, Tieto decided to evaluate Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to understand how the enhanced architecture and archiving capabilities could help it increase the efficiency and resilience of its messaging solution. The company wanted to reduce employees’ reliance on PST files and to investigate lower-cost storage options. It was also interested in reducing the footprint for its messaging deployment and in retiring its third-party archiving solution.

Tieto decided to deploy the solution in production in a virtualized environment running on Hyper-V technology in the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. At its two data centers, the company deployed three load balanced Client Access Servers. It also deployed three mailbox servers in a database availability group. For disaster recovery and backup, Tieto is keeping three active copies of its mailbox databases to ensure a highly available environment.

For storage, Tieto uses a Hitachi storage-area network (SAN) with tiered storage. Exchange Server 2013 manages data efficiently and delivers a 70 percent IOPS (I/O operations per second) reduction relative to Exchange Server 2007. With the reduction in IOPS, Tieto has been able to use less expensive disks for its Exchange Server storage.

IT administrators at Tieto are using the Windows Power Shell 3.0 command-line interface to create scripts to perform administrative tasks and manage user configurations. Tieto is also taking advantage of role-based access control (RBAC) to give custom administration rights to different roles. For instance, the help desk staff can be granted limited administration rights.

Tieto is increasing employee mailboxes to 2 gigabytes (GB) from 500 megabytes (MB). It is also using the In-Place Archive to replace its EMC archiving solution and to help eliminate PST files. With the In-Place Archive, employees can access archived email through a mailbox folder that sits alongside their inbox in the Outlook client.

Many mobile employees at Tieto use Exchange ActiveSync to access email and calendars on their mobile phones. To access email when working from remote locations, employees use Microsoft Outlook Web App, which they access through popular browsers. Tieto is currently involved in the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and it hopes to configure Exchange Server 2013 to interoperate with Lync Server 2013 so that employees can start an instant messaging session or view presence in Outlook and Outlook Web App.

Through its Exchange Server 2013 deployment, Tieto expects that the latest technologies can help improve the Microsoft messaging environment it has relied on for years in the following ways:
  • Reducing costs. By virtualizing the deployment and consolidating roles in its Exchange Server 2013 deployment, Tieto reduced the number of servers required to run the solution, which helps to reduce maintenance costs. Tieto is also reducing costs by retiring its third-party archiving solution.

    It also expects to reduce costs for storage. “The ability to use lower-cost storage with Exchange Server 2013 is a crucial benefit for us,” says Ilkka Salomaa, Lead Service Architect at Tieto. “Overall, we expect up to a 25 percent cost savings for our messaging environment.”

  • Increasing availability and resilience. By implementing database availability groups, Tieto can ensure its messaging solution is available for employees. “The high availability and resilience features in Exchange Server 2013 were the main reasons we wanted to deploy the solution,” explains Petri Pollanen, Service Architect, Unified Communications Group at Tieto.

  • Improving productivity. By increasing mailbox sizes for employees, Tieto can ensure that they spend less time managing their inboxes and more time focused on business. Tieto is excited about the improvements in Outlook Web App, which is easy to use and has a consistent look and feel with the Outlook client. In addition, employees can easily access instant messaging and view presence information through Outlook Web App, which means they can also communicate more easily in real time.

By upgrading to Exchange Server 2013, Tieto can provide a highly available messaging infrastructure that continues to support business critical communication as its employees have come to expect.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 18000 employees

Organization Profile

Finland-based Tieto is a large, global IT service provider founded in 1968. The company, which creates software for enterprises in many industries, employs close to 18,000 people.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Vertical Industries
IT Services


Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Unified Communications
  • Team Collaboration
  • Data Protection and Recovery

IT Issue
Personal Productivity