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Posted: 10/24/2013
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PV Oil Deploys Microsoft comprehensive solution, PV Oil steps into the new and higher IT level

About PV OIL
Vietnam Oil Corporation (PV OIL) - a member of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, was established on June 06th 2008 on the basis of merger of PetroVietnam Trading Company (Petechim) and PetroVietnam Oil Processing and Distribution Company (PDC). Having 33 years of tradition in oil & gas trading and crude oil export with complementary strengths of the predecessor organizations in the area of crude oil export & import, crude oil trading and oil product processing and distribution, after more than five years of its establishment, PV OIL has grown strongly, with activities spread throughout the territory of Vietnam and overseas development. PV OIL proud to import and export 100% crude yield Vietnam safely & effectively; and also be a pioneer in the field of biofuels
In 2012, PV OIL's total sales reached VND 82,525 billion, accounting for 11% of total revenue of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. Consolidated before tax profit of the entire PV OIL reached VND 469 billion with a total contribution to state budget of VND 5,629 billion .

Current status of IT application and deployment at PV OIL
PV OIL is increasingly aware of the vital and extremely important role that IT can bring to the business operations. Specifically, since 2011, the IT orientation of the PV OIL gradually becomes clear and system and planning has been standardized system through the following specific objectives:
- 2011: completion of Phase I upgrade deployment of IT infrastructure together with a systemic and long-term planning, especially adopting server virtualization technologies and building a centralized security and management model.
- 2012: completion of deployment of a centralized Portal (Portal) and Email system by PV OIL to all of joint stock companies with PV OIL governing shares using SharePoint and Exchange technologies with over 3300 accounts. Also, in 2012, PV OIL signed an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft in order to license Windows, Email, SharePoint applications and tighten cooperation with caring support from Microsoft for these projects. Since the deployment of the Portal and Email, PV OIL has got a technology platform to develop a range of SharePoint-based applications for the period 2012 through 2015: Digital Office, Petroleum Stores Management, Petroleum Storage Management, Management of Terminal Safety Information (POTIS), On-line training (e-Training), Human Resource Management, Project Management, Contract Management, Document Storage Management, Management Reports, etc. Also in 2012, PV OIL completed a master plan of IT infrastructure for the period through 2015, upgrading the Phased I system into a system that meets IT application development scale and security and safety standards.
- 2013-2015: PV OIL will accelerate deployment of ERP solutions and specialized software applications for petroleum business & distribution to meet the growing scale requirements of the PV OIL business systems.

To PV OIL, an optimal choice is Microsoft solutions
From practical needs ....

Born from a merger of two business organizations of PDC and PETECHIM which is ever expanding through merger activities under Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation's orientation, PV OIL is facing problems of IT systems integration, unified and synchronized application and database system management from member companies. Having a distribution system with 40 branches, including two overseas subsidiaries and global customer transactions, etc. challenges faced by PV OIL is how to convey the business and administration information throughout all levels, from executive management to every employee across the entire system.
Thus, right from its inception, PV OIL has been paying attention to the need of self-administration of centralized identity domain name system (Domain Controller) and user account management system (Active Directory) in order to have unified management throughout the system, that acts as a foundation to develop shared applications (SharePoint) on the PV OIL's Portal.
Due to specific business volatility of the petroleum sector, with the scope of activities not only domestically but also abroad, PV OIL is also interested in the ability to provide information safely and quickly to business units, branches and customers through deployment of an account management system and an email system with dedicated domain names (@pvoil.com.vn and @[business unit name]. pvoil.vn).
.... To choosing appropriate IT solution, achieving high efficiency in business operations
Based on the actual needs, PV OIL decided to deploy Microsoft solutions such as SQL Server 2008, Active Directory 2012, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2012, Office 365 with an orientation of deploying advanced solutions like Lync 2012, Forefront PV OIL to well perform PV OIL brand protection and showing professionalism to customers, creating trust and contributing to the confirmation of prestige of the products and services provided by PV OIL to customers.

Benefits of deployment and application of Microsoft IT solutions

Microsoft SharePoint solution is fully compliant with the requirements on data sorting, storing and sharing in large enterprise environments. SharePoint data can be accessed via many different types of devices, which is suitable in a dynamic environment such as PV OIL's. The Lync solution will help PV OIL to maximize the effectiveness and superior features brought about by Microsoft technologies to building up a multimedia working environment, saving costs and improving competitiveness for PV OIL.
Office 365 will be very suitable to a fast changing environment such as PV OIL's in the near future. Specifically, PV OIL will not need to bother about office software maintenance and upgrade because it's been supported by Microsoft Office. It can be said that, the use of Office 365 will save a lot of efforts for Helpdesk, and the company can also use Office 365 on different types of equipment to support anywhere working while maintaining security and safety. SQL Server allows efficient exploitation of the corporate governance applications at small and medium sizes with a capability to be implemented across PV OIL system.
Recognizing the benefits of Microsoft technology solutions deployment and application at the company, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son, President & CEO of PV OIL shared, "We understand the investment in technology is a strategic investment long term, so after developping our IT strategy properly, we have plans to build a multi-stage investment but all phases are strategic and clear vision for years".
Implementation of the Microsoft IT solutions at PV OIL

"In fact, the investment capital for the application of information technology is often very significant, because of the investment into comprehensive infrastructure solutions and related IT applications. In particular, for an such a big scale enterprise like PVOil, which have wide domestical and international distribution networks, the investment budget into technology are quite significant. However, the advantage of the Microsoft technology solution when deploying really effective for all levels- from leadership member to staff. Users understand that without applying information technology, particular Microsoft technology, the job will face many difficulties, time-consuming and costly. So, we convince leaders spent the day care and greater investment in IT", confirmed Mr. Bui Dinh Dung, IT Director of PV OIL.
Currently, the domain name system management (Domain Controller), the centralized account management system (Active Directory 2012), the Email system (Exchange 2013) and the Portal (SharePoint 2010) have been implemented for the 3,300 user accounts in 40 affiliated units, the dominant share joint venture companies and alliances, including overseas companies on the basis of SQL Server 2008 database system. Data are centrally managed on servers and equipment located at the Corporation Headquarter, therefore, the administration, security, backups and upgrades are all done easily and quickly. Additionally, PV OIL has also been exploiting many other Microsoft technologies like SCCM, Hyper-V, etc. to manage the IT infrastructure. With these technology solutions, PV OIL has built a development roadmap from 2010 onwards that lasts for several years, covering comprehensive investment and upgrades of server infrastructure solutions, communication networks, etc., in combination with thorough application of Microsoft technologies. Moreover, IT related regulations, processes and policies are all carefully developed and strictly implemented by PV OIL.
"Upon implementation, a number of difficulties exist, such as convincing users to make use of Microsoft applications while user computing skills and mindset are not leveled; approval of huge investments into IT system during the economic downturn or language issues in software systems are barriers causing significantly increased user support frequency. However, PV OIL has been understanding and thinking seriously about the benefits brought about by the application of technologies to support business administration and activities. That's why the company has committed to deploying and deployed successfully", said Mr. Bui Dinh Dung, IT Director of PV OIL.
PV OIL always received positive support from Microsoft in the system deployment process. IT team and implementation partners have regular participation into Microsoft training courses to improve system deployment and management capacity. When encountering difficulties in the system integration and upgrades, Microsoft has always been actively cooperating with PV OIL to ensure the implementation of the expected results. Although this is a system with multiple technology solutions, but every single solution to the whole of the Microsoft solution has been very effective in supporting activities of executive management as well as business leaders and the daily work of each employee in PV Oil.
Mr. Vu Minh Tri, Microsoft Vietnam CEO shared: "Microsoft has always been actively coordinating and solving problems faced by PV OIL. Currently, all staffs at PV OIL can work from anywhere; they can check email and manage related paper records, whether on computer or other mobile devices,... The comprehensive deployment helped saving a lot of operating expenses, and thanks to that, the time it takes for information exchange and costs of printing out hard-copies drop sharply while job effectiveness is still maintained. User support team (Helpdesk), Network Administrators and System Administrators also fully exploit the Microsoft technology solutions in their daily system operations."

With PV OIL, IT and Technology is not only the key to success, bringing benefits to the business but also the long-term orientation for a top brand

In Vietnam, the use of pirated software is violation of the law. In the case of being inspected and fined, it will seriously affect the reputation of a business in the market; in addition, the business can be imposed commercially limited conditions once a copyright infringement is detected. Therefore, PV OIL has paid a lot of attention to compliance with software copyright law, specifically, it signed a business cooperation agreement (EA) with Microsoft. This agreement has brought about certain benefits and effectiveness as well as a long-term orientation for PV OIL brand both at home and abroad such as:
- The Enterprise Agreement is valid for 03 years from 2012 to 2015 and has been receiving support policies from Microsoft such as multi-year allocation of investment expenditures, training, deployment as well as technical support.
- Helping PV OIL to get immediate license for the selected software packages, having perpetual right to use these software, being provided with deployment services, free upgrades to latest version, technology training and transfer, branding of PV OIL on Microsoft systems globally for 03 years’ time and even allocation of payment amount through the 03 years.
Through activities and development strategy, PV OIL has shown responsibility and prestige, while confirming the message of "PIONEERING - EFFECTIVENESS - RESPONSIBILITY - TRANSPARENCY - KINDNESS."
Solution Overview

Third Party Software
The most important partner of PV OIL in the successful deployment of all IT solutions, inclusive of Microsoft IT solutions, contributing to improvement of PV OIL business and production efficiency is Oil and Gas Trading JSc. (Petechim JSC.).

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Lync Server technologies
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server

Vertical Industries
Life Sciences, Chemicals; Oil & Gas, Mining


Business Need
Business Productivity