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Posted: 11/3/2013
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Web24 Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V helps cloud provider offer more customised services

* The simplicity of Windows Server is brilliant for many of our customers who don’t want to invest hugely in IT. It gives them powerful, automated technology on a pay-per-month basis. *

Melinda Munns
General Manager


With a host of customers big and small, Web24 needs a wide range of cloud solutions to match. Among its clients looking for a customised solution was Vertue Trading, who themselves provide mentoring services to aspiring foreign exchange traders, and who realised the urgency of offering their services in the cloud. “We didn’t decide to move to the cloud, it was a necessity,” recalls Nic Denham, Vertue Trading’s General Manager. “We wanted to safeguard our clients from losing information when they switched off their computers. We share a lot of data through our custom applications, so we recommend our clients use their own virtual private servers.”

However, Vertue Trading’s clients weren’t IT experts – and neither were Vertue Trading. They wanted an easy, automated way to set up their custom training application for each customer – pre-configured and ready to use. They also wanted to deliver variations on that application, depending on their individual needs. That’s where Web24 – and Windows Server 2012 – stepped in.


Web24 selected Windows Server 2012 to help Vertue Trading share their training programs. “We believe in the product and know from experience it’s very reliable, very scalable and very fast – all of things Vertue Trading needed,” says Melinda Munns, General Manager at Web24. “And we could package it cost-effectively because all of the solutions are fully adjusted to their needs.”

Web24 can now provision cloud-based Windows Servers as virtual machines for Vertue Trading customers. “They’re essentially duplicates of a working Windows Server 2012 virtual machine with the Vertue Trading application pre-installed and pre-configured,” says Munns.

On top of that, “the requirements of Vertue Trading has grown since the initial implementation, and we now host five distinct VM templates,” she explains. “Now Vertue Trading can just pick the templates they want to provision. They don’t have to worry about infrastructure. They don’t have to worry about support. They simply pay monthly for their virtual servers, which self-heal and can be scaled up and down as required.”


Vertue Trading immediately appreciated the simplicity of the new solution. They are able to select the custom training application template they would like to deploy, adjust a few settings and it’s ready to go. It’s proved so popular that they are currently acquiring 30 new customers per month.

Simple implementation and easy VM deployment

The VM templates are very quickly deployed. “Windows-based solutions are very easy for the customer to use. You just login and click a few options,” says Munns. The platform is also fundamentally scalable. “You can expand the capacity at the click of a button,” she says. “This kind of simplicity is brilliant for customers who don’t want to invest huge amounts of time and effort into ICT. Vertue Trading don’t need extensive technical support because the platform does the provisioning for them.” Vertue Trading also enjoy fast response times by deploying set templates.

Zero customer maintenance for VM templates

For Web24, maintenance is greatly simplified – and for Vertue Trading, it’s a thing of the past. “We can assist them easily,” says Munns. “We log in to their PC and fix issues in a way that’s almost immediate. We can do it by remote – the customer doesn’t need to be there.”

Satisfying more customers every month

There are currently over 120 Vertue Trading customers using the foreign exchange training service – and they’re growing at over 30 per month. “The best part is it’s working so well for Vertue Trading’s own customers,” says Munns. “They have achieved a high customer satisfaction rating from the new solution.”

Flexible, future-proof and designed to grow

Web24 have future-proofed for expansion should Vertue Trading’s requirements increase or change. This allows them to align their IT capabilities with the financial climate and cope with their rapidly expanding customer base.

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Founded in 2007, Web24 is a Melbourne-based cloud services provider. The company prides itself on being fully Australian-owned and based, serving small to large businesses with local expertise and support, including rapid disaster recovery.

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