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Posted: 6/19/2013
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VietnamWorks Microsoft Comprehensive IT Solution And Platform Helps Vietnamworks Improve Service Quality

Microsoft comprehensive IT solution and platform helpsVietnamworks improve service quality

Vietnamworks is a leading online recruitment services company in Vietnam. Vietnamworks provide companies with the tools to advertise their vacancies and jobseekers the opportunity to search and apply for those jobs. Now, this organization has about 200 employees working for us in our offices across Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

For Vietnamworks, IT always plays an important role in ensuring the growth and stability of business. A solid and advanced IT system is a key element to infrastructure of the leading business like Vietnamworks which could help business leaders get a transparent view about the company status, so they can make the right decision for operation as well as right vision for the whole business. That’s why Vietnamworks finally decided to deploy the entire Microsoft platform and applications such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Lync to improve their competiveness, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Improving high quality service

Economic growth has quickly increased (from 6%-8%) during the past 10 years and with over 30 internet users, it shows that online recruitment services market is very potential in Vietnam. The fast development of job search webs has created a more seriously competition. In this context, Vietnamworks sees improvement of high quality service is the first priority in order to keep their position as the leading online recruitment services company in Vietnam. However, to achieve this goal, Vietnamworks has to face many challenges and difficulties.

Challenges in managing information

At Vietnamworks, database management is a very important task. Vietnamworks is responsible for not only receiving and posting information on website but jobseekers always expect Vietnamworks to help them find the best and most suitable job. For businesses, they expect Vietnamworks to be a connection between businesses and jobseekers. Vietnamworks is now under pressure with a database of over 400,000 CVs.

Ensure the security

Ensuring the security is always important to every enterprise, especially when the internet is developing so fast; Vietnamworks as well as other enterprises are worried about the risk of network security attacks which may cause them heavy loss. As not only to the jobseekers, a safe network security is an essential condition for business customers to trust Vietnamworks. Even though they has applied many security technology and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information, the security part always take much times and cost to maintain and deal with unauthorized access.


The number of over 400,000 CVS will increase in due course. This is both opportunity and challenge to Vietnamworks. Recently they started using Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and SQL server to ensure all data is stored securely and helps them to carefully manage the information as well as to provide their customers with more suitable job opportunities.

* The deployment of Microsoft platform and productivity applications helps our employees to be more efficient and productive which could bring them economic benefits. Also, this helps us to provide our customers with better quality services and beyond their expectations *

Mr. Carlton Pringle
Operation Manager,

For their employees to work flexibly in communicating and information managing, Vietnamworks decided to deploy the Lync system of Microsoft. Microsoft Lync’s integration with Dynamics CRM to create a perfect appearance which is easy to use and search helps Vietnamworks’ employees to be fully informed with customers information in short time as well as connected to the system and communicate with customers immediately at any time or from any where


Through the deployment of Microsoft ERP, CRM and Lync solutions, Vietnamworks gained a stable business with high productivity which will benefit their customers and jobseekers in the higher level of the service they will continue to receive.

Microsoft Dynamics are known as one of the leading solutions among many choices of business administrator for its ease, convenient, efficiency and customization level. Microsoft Dynamics enables the employees to be more productive; to take advantage of Vietnamworks’ investment in the current systems as well as to keep business activities up to date and competitive in such a fluctuated market.

Regarded as an alternative solution for other means of business communication, Microsoft Lync helps Vietnamworks employees to create connection everywhere, every time by connecting popular communicating devices such as computer, telephone, and mobile and website browser. While being deployed at Vietnamworks, Microsoft Lync received good feedbacks from employees as they are now ensured with continuous customers’ connection via various means such as emails, messages, call and IP video call. Besides, the information exchanging between Hanoi and HCMC offices via Lync helps to reduce expense such as 15% cost for traditional call. The audio, video and web conferencing integration also helps to decrease about 20% cost in travelling and meetings.

Moreover, as all parts of the business infrastructure are integrated it makes for a very smooth running machine. Vietnamworks supervisors are able to monitor competently and all areas of the business will see time saved which was previously spent transitioning through systems and applications to perform different tasks. The flexibility and integration of Microsoft solutions not only help to minimize the unnecessary errors but also the system interruption times which enables their employees to be effective in every situation from wherever they are.

We can say that the integration and supporting between Microsoft solutions brings the best working environment at Vietnamworks where each individual can show their working ability. These efforts are now making Vietnamworks one of the top recruitment networks and will always be a trusted site for Vietnam jobseekers to believe in their process of looking for new job opportunities.

“Vietnam now has nearly 500 enterprises which are using Microsoft Dynamics in enterprise resources management and customer relations management. By using software and online service in a traditional way, enterprise can quickly make decisions and adapt to market changes. At Vietnamworks, we believe that the integrated solutions can enable employees to be more productive as well as help to use effectively the investment in current systems while keeping the business activities trendy and competitive to reflexes in such a fluctuate market’’.

Mr. Phung Phuoc Linh – Microsoft Solutions groups, Microsoft Vietnam

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