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Posted: 8/29/2013
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WSP Replacement of traditional ISDN telephony system with a Hosted Lync Solution cuts call costs by 80 percent

* Our phone bill has dropped from $14,000 a month to around $3,000 a month. It’s an enormous saving. *

Dave Corbet,
Associate Director – IT,


A global engineering consultancy with offices on seven continents, WSP relies heavily on telephony to collaborate internally and connect with its customers. But the company’s aging, ISDN-based telephony solution was no longer meeting their needs. As well as lacking the collaboration features WSP were looking for, its IDSN-based set-up meant paying for the cost of a call every time staff in different offices needed to talk to one another. As Associate Director – IT, Dave Corbet, puts it: “It was great news for our telco. Not so great for us.”

With the existing system wearing out and difficult to update, it was obvious WSP needed to change. But with offices all around the world, Corbet and his team didn’t want to have to look at integrating a fruit salad of different telephony systems. “We wanted one solution – not ten.” Achieving that meant looking for a simple, seamless, familiar tool that worked effortlessly between one continent and the next. No small task.


The WSP team were already familiar with Microsoft Lync, using its messaging functionality to communicate with each other within and between offices. But with a new phone system now much needed, they looked to the possibilities of Lync’s advanced telephony capabilities to minimise their call costs while adding new functionality, with the aim to make their highly mobile workforce even more productive – whether on the road, at home or at their desks.

After a thorough tender process, WSP selected Microsoft Gold partner for communications Brennan IT to marry a new phone system to the existing Lync solution in WSP’s Australia offices. “Their solution offered the best value for money, and came with the level of confidence we required. From start to being fully operational, the deployment took about ten weeks,” Corbet explained.

Today Australian WSP staff have access to the hosted telephony solution, replacing their desk phones with headsets enabling full mobility as well as a single mailbox for email and voicemail. Even better, WSP is saving around $11,000 on call costs per month.


For a business that relies on telephony to connect and collaborate across borders, the Lync solution has made an invaluable difference to the way WSP does business.

Enabling more flexible work styles: Engineers can sometimes be seen as fixed in their habits – including their work habits. But by unplugging WSP’s team from their desks, the Lync solution is giving them greater flexibility in how they go about their business. “It’s become the centre of their worlds,” Corbet explains. Now team members can take their headsets home and make international calls, opening the door to 24/7 collaboration.

Cutting the costs of collaboration: By ‘trading in’ their ISDN platform for a SIP-based hosted phone and Lync solution, WSP experienced immediate and significant costs savings. “Our phone bill has dropped from $14,000 a month to around $3,000 a month. It’s an enormous saving,” Corbet said.

Simplifying ICT management and training: As Corbet makes clear, WSP was looking for a single, consistent telephony system throughout their global organisation, simplifying deployment, management and training for its staff. “Lync is highly intuitive, so it’s easy for the team to get familiar with and use – no matter how busy they are.”

And as a hosted solution, based on the underlying Lync unified communications platform, it’s easy to scale. “It’s worked so well and saved us so much money, there’s no reason we wouldn’t use it in as many places as possible,” Corbet said.

Improving staff mobility: Engineers spend a lot of time on the road or on site, which can mean a lot of downtime built up traveling from A to B. Not only is Lync helping put that travel time to good use, it means engineers can collaborate quickly and make decisions on the spot, or more easily seek advice when faced with difficult problems to solve. “Even something as simple as being able to sort through your email and voicemail in a cab can save a lot of time back at the office. Our guys are less distracted by day-to-day administration, and more focused on delivering the right solutions for our customers.”

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Organization Size: 15000 employees

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WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultancies. Passionate about problem solving, their expertise ranges from land remediation to urban planning, and from designing sustainable transport networks to finding new ways of extracting minerals. With wide-ranging backgrounds, WSP’s workforce is united by pride in their work, innovative thinking and a commitment to customer service.

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