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Posted: 6/18/2010
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Teknosa Electronics Retailer Enhances Productivity and Communication with Office 2010

As a major consumer electronics retailer in Turkey, Teknosa maintains a robust technology environment, but the company wanted a way to keep its mobile employees more connected with their colleagues and make it easier for teams to collaborate effectively on critical projects, in addition to improving efficiency and reducing cost. In January 2010, Teknosa launched a project to evaluate and deploy an early version of Microsoft Office 2010 to departments throughout the company. As a result, Teknosa is expanding security with improved document management, increasing the productivity of its mobile employees, and enhancing employee engagement by creating more effective training materials faster and at less cost.

In less than a decade, the Turkish consumer electronics retailer Teknosa has grown from five stores in Istanbul to more than 250 retail stores in 66 cities throughout Turkey. With headquarters in Istanbul, Teknosa has more than 3,000 employees and generates annual sales of almost U.S.$1 billion.

Teknosa strives to maintain an advanced technology environment, and the company manages a strong IT infrastructure to support its corporate and retail employees. But many Teknosa employees work remotely, traveling between company stores. These mobile employees needed a reliable way to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues on a daily basis.

Mobile Employee Productivity
For example, Cem Isik, Big Stores Sales Manager at Teknosa, continually travels between Teknosa’s largest stores throughout Turkey, while managing up to 150 email messages a day. “In any three days, I might be in four different cities and on five different flights,” says Isik. “In the meantime, people are trying to reach me to approve an order or a new hire or something like that. If it takes four hours for me to answer, that could be a critical delay.”

In addition to causing business delays, the difficulty in responding to email while traveling was affecting Isik’s own productivity. “If I had eight hours to spend in a store, I might have to spend half that time catching up on email to deal with issues at other stores,” says Isik.

Field Training Development
Teknosa’s Field Training team must also travel between stores, delivering presentations for retail employees about company policies and procedures, as well as information about new products and company promotions. The 16-member team works together to develop training materials, often using the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation graphics program.

* We are using Office 2010 to help us improve productivity, reduce costs, and outperform all our competitors. Every department in the company is going to benefit. *

Onder Kaplancik
Chief Information Officer, Teknosa

In most cases, team members collaborated on presentations across different locations, and they used email to exchange and review draft documents. It could take weeks or even months to complete a presentation, and the team had to develop up to a dozen presentations or more per year. In addition, team members could sometimes wind up working on separate versions of the same material, creating confusion that could contribute to delays.

Information Security Management
Teknosa was one of the first enterprises in Turkey to qualify for ISO 27001 Security Standard Certification for information security. Teknosa’s Information Security team is responsible for managing the company’s Information Security Management System, working with other internal teams and outside consultants.

The Information Security team had to develop a workspace where it could share large files in multiple formats with internal and external teams. The company used a file server to store documents, but it was hard for more than one user at a time to open a file, and business users often had to rely on IT support to help manage the workspace. The server was not compatible with all file types, and users had to log on to a virtual private network to access files, making it hard to work offline.

In 2007, the Information Security team deployed Microsoft Office Groove 2007 software to develop its own project workspace. With Office Groove 2007, the team could share large files without having to rely on email, work offline if necessary, and share the workspace with authorized partners and consultants. However, while business users could administer Office Groove 2007 without IT support, the workspace was unavailable during backup—sometimes for several hours—which often disrupted project work. Teknosa wanted to enhance the efficiency of the Information Security team so that it can fully implement the Information Security Management System throughout the company’s 40 separate departments.

Improve Communication, Accelerate Processes
Teknosa wanted to make it easier for mobile employees to communicate with their colleagues, and it wanted make it easier for teams to work together on projects across units and locations. The company also wanted to reduce the cost and accelerate the process of developing training materials. Finally, Teknosa wanted to build on the success in its security initiative by increasing the efficiency of its document management solution.

Teknosa used the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 on its PCs, and in March 2010, began a pilot project to evaluate Microsoft Office 2010, deploying an early version of Office 2010 to 120 employees throughout the company including members of the Information Security team, the Field Training team, and the Sales Management team.

Employee Mobility
Using Microsoft Office Mobile, Isik and other sales managers at Teknosa can synchronize with their computers and the company network over the Internet with a mobile device such as a smartphone. Teknosa employees can use their smartphones on the road to open, edit, and save documents, and access email in their Microsoft Outlook 2010 messaging and collaboration client.

* Office Mobile saves me a lot of time because I can approve things over my phone. Now I can review documents or answer email as it comes in, rather than having to wade through 30 or 40 messages at a time when I arrive at a store or my hotel. *

Cem Isik
Big Stores Sales Manager, Teknosa

“Office Mobile saves me a lot of time because I can approve things over my phone,” says Isik. “Now I can review documents or answer email as it comes in, rather than having to wade through 30 or 40 messages at a time when I arrive at a store or my hotel.”

Field Training
To help produce training material more efficiently, the Field Training team used co-authoring in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. With this new collaboration feature in Office 2010, multiple team members can work together to simultaneously author, review, and edit individual presentations. In this way, they can save time developing training materials, while avoiding confusion over separate versions.

With updated SmartArt, video, and photo capabilities in PowerPoint 2010, the Field Training team can enhance the impact of its presentations. For instance, they can embed and edit video files directly in PowerPoint 2010, and apply a variety of video styles and effects. “With new features in PowerPoint 2010, my team has already been able to enhance the quality of some new presentations with videos and higher quality graphics,” says Emre Altan, Field Training Supervisor at Teknosa.

Security Management
The Information Security team evaluated the synchronization capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 in Office 2010 to save and share content for the Information Security Management project. Team members found that they can use SharePoint Workspace 2010 to automatically store project documents in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, which eliminates the need to manually back up workspace content.

The team can share large files with internal users at Teknosa, as well as external consultants, by assigning permissions for specific users. Multiple users can access documents simultaneously, and they can access content either online or offline. Initially, only the Information Security team will use SharePoint Workspace 2010 to manage Information Security Management content, but eventually the company will transfer everything in its file server to SharePoint Server 2010.

Moving Forward
Teknosa is looking forward to increasing productivity as they roll out Office 2010 throughout the company. For example, the corporate sales department can use PowerPoint 2010 to prepare proposals for business customers. By mid-2010, Teknosa plans to deploy Office 2010 for all employees in its corporate headquarters, and it intends to deploy it in stores by the end of the year.

When Teknosa deployed Office 2010, it helped make its Information Security, Field Training, and Sales Management teams more efficient, positively impacting store performance and enhancing sales. Teknosa’s mobile employees can now stay more connected, and ultimately be more effective. The company can now produce better training materials more quickly and at lower cost. And it can expand information security initiatives throughout the enterprise.

* With new tools like photo and video editing in PowerPoint 2010, we can develop presentations that are more interesting, so trainees will retain the information better. That will translate into more efficient store operations and better sales. *

Emre Altan
Field Training Supervisor, Teknosa

“We are using Office 2010 to help us improve productivity, reduce costs, and outperform all our competitors,” says Onder Kaplancik, Chief Information Officer at Teknosa. “Every department in the company is going to benefit.”

Enhanced Productivity of Mobile Employees
When sales managers and other mobile employees at Teknosa use Office Mobile to access their email and other tools from their smartphones, they will be able to respond quickly to requests and issues from wherever they are, so they can make critical decisions when they need to. That will have a positive impact on the performance of particular stores, products, and initiatives.

By staying connected from anywhere, mobile Teknosa employees and sales managers will be able to shorten response and decision cycles, sometimes from days to minutes. This is especially important in a retail business that requires quick decisions to stay ahead of competition. “Before, if somebody sent me an email while I was in transit, they might not get an answer until tomorrow,” says Isik. “By using Office Mobile I can answer my email whenever I get it, and save people hours or even days.”

Mobile employees will also increase their own productivity and effectiveness, whether they are on the road or on the floor of a Teknosa store. Isik estimates that by using Office Mobile he will be able to visit more stores, going from visiting about 30 stores a month to seeing about 40 stores every month. Just as importantly, he will be able to make the most of his time at each store.

“With Office Mobile, my mobile phone has become my most productive device for keeping up with the volume of email I receive and responding quickly,” says Isik. “Now when I get to a store, I’ll be able to spend more time dealing with that store. In some cases that will double my productivity for that particular visit. Everybody at Teknosa that has to spend time on the road will benefit from this, from the CEO on down.”

More Efficient, More Effective Training
The Teknosa Field Training team is using co-authoring to prepare training materials more quickly and effectively. The team has reduced the time it takes to prepare a typical presentation by more than 25 percent, saving five full days for five staff positions per presentation. Now the Field Training team can present more training sessions per year and deliver presentations faster for new products or promotions, which the company expects will likely boost sales of new products.

Improved collaboration is also contributing to better working relationships within the Field Training team, which helps to reduce delays and minimize errors. By using new and enhanced features in PowerPoint 2010 such as multi-media editing, new transitions, and enhanced templates and designs, the team is creating more engaging, more effective training materials, which will also help improve sales, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.

“With new tools like photo and video editing in PowerPoint 2010, we can develop presentations that are more interesting, so trainees will retain the information better,” says Altan. “That will translate into more efficient store operations and better sales.”

Expanded Information Security Initiative
By using SharePoint Workspace 2010, the Information Security team at Teknosa can improve document management and work more efficiently with consultants and internal teams in other company departments. The team will improve and expand the execution of Teknosa’s Information Security Management project, which will enhance the protection of data and help ensure business integrity.

“As market leaders, we have to protect our business data and the know-how we have developed,” says Kaplancik. “We are using SharePoint Workspace 2010 to expand our security initiatives, which will help us ensure that our information is protected, correct, and accessible.”

Because SharePoint Workspace 2010 synchronizes automatically with SharePoint Server 2010 whenever employees connect to the company network, Teknosa will eliminate disruptions from manual backup processes and make project workspaces easier to use and administer. That will help to accelerate the adoption of the Information Security Management project throughout the company.

“By expanding the use of SharePoint Workspace 2010, we can help more of our 40 departments become ISO 27001 certified,” says Emre Onan, Information Security Specialist at Teknosa. “That is something we can advertise to our customers, and we believe it will give us a competitive advantage.”

Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 gives your people powerful, timesaving tools to do their best work from more places. With new capabilities and insightful updates to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, Office 2010 offers the complete package—with familiar, intuitive tools. Now you can express ideas, solve problems, connect with people, and create amazing results—in the office, at home, or on the go.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 3000 employees

Organization Profile

The consumer electronics retailer Teknosa operates more than 250 stores in Turkey. The company has 3,000 employees and generates annual sales totaling almost U.S.$1 billion.

Business Situation

Teknosa wanted to make it easier for employees to communicate and work together, accelerate the development of training materials, and expand an information security project.


Teknosa began a pilot project to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 to every company department, including the Information Security, Field Training, and Sales Management teams.


  • Enhanced productivity of mobile employees
  • More efficient, more effective training
  • Expanded information security initiative

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Suites
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010

Vertical Industries
Retail and Consumer Goods