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Posted: 6/29/2013
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Creative Pro Agency Moves to the Cloud, Securing Data and Enabling Team Access Across Devices

Employees of a modern events agency were having issues in project management and coordination due to lack of a centralized documents storage system, which could be accessed from any location and device. The introduction of Microsoft Office 365 Small Business brought access to email and corporate documents from any device type and location, increased productivity, and enabled employees to focus on their core business rather than on administration.

* With our communications and shared calendar solution, we reduced the number of meetings for one project by 50 percent. *

Štefan Kozák
Creative Pro

Business Needs

Issues with employee coordination, efficient communication, access to corporate and project documents, and administrative work from mobile devices presented a major operating burden on the company. Solutions used by individuals did not allow employees to separate company from private communications, and therefore lowered productivity. The company needed a solution to increase efficiency of team communications, which also enabled synchronization of email and documents across all currently available desktop and mobile platforms.


The agency switched to Office 365 Small Business, introducing a cloud-based service for internal communications and centralized corporate document management. Now all corporate and project documents are saved into one secure location, which is accessible from any location. Besides email access from desktops, mobile phones, and tablets, employees now have a centralized instant messaging, presence, and conferencing solution, with Microsoft Lync Online.


  • Enabled access to email, workloads, and documents from all devices and platforms
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration, especially with team members from remote locations
  • Secure storage of company data and documents in the cloud
  • Transparent licensing based on current number of users
  • Simplified administration
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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

Creative Pro’s core business consists of providing support for clients in the areas of live marketing, events marketing, and creative team building.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses
  • Lync Online
  • SkyDrive Pro

Vertical Industries