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Posted: 9/16/2013
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Dobeles dzirnavnieks Separation of IT system enables quicker response to market changes

The situation

JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" is one of the largest cereal processers in the Baltic states. In 2008 it became a partner of an international food concern that includes one of the largest mills in Germany, Saalemühle Alsleben GmbH, and the largest in Estonia, Tartu Mill AS.

During the recent years, the company has renovated and expanded a number of production sites: opened a new, state-of-the-art mill, grain kiln, large-capacity pasta factory and flour storage bunkers.

Construction of a spaghetti production plant and combined mill is under process.
Meanwhile a number of other improvement and reconstruction projects are carried out.

Many of the company's functions are managed electronically, for example, management of certain production processes and monitoring, accounting and customer relations. Computerised management is already embedded during the construction of new objects, such as new flour storage facilities: from production processes to supply records and invoicing. Adapted applications ensure the process management. There are approximately a total of 75 computer users at the company.

Along with the rapidly growing output, JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" had to upgrade and improve its IT infrastructure accordingly, and at the same time to eliminate previously made errors. It was also essential to use the available resources economically, i. e., to implement a solution that meets the following criteria: does not require excessive financial investment, can be managed by a small number of specialists and improves the organisation workflow.

The solution

Having assessed the options of upgrade and improvement of IT systems, JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" was going to opt for certain Microsoft solutions, such as Exchange server, SharePoint, Active Directory. However, while the work was being planned, it became possible to apply for the cloud-based Office 365 work productivity IT platform online. The new service satisfied most of the company requirements and JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" became one of the first users of this solution in Latvia.

Following the free trial, during which the employees had the opportunity to test the service fully, the company selected the E1 plan. The choice of the plan was mainly determined by the range of services. First, JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" wished to use Microsoft SharePoint, and second, Microsoft Lync dramatically improved the communication between employees. Lync Online is regarded as a very successful communication environment that allows using time more efficiently.

“Lync enables online monitoring of staff availability, file exchange, workgroup communication and communication with external partners. Now it is much easier to coordinate it all within the company. Another much-used function is the conference facility. We also appreciate the SharePoint document sharing options that enable, for example, the creation of up to 20 backup versions, sending reminders to all people or workgroups concerned when a file is updated or republished and document review options,” explains Oļegs Jakovļevs, Head of IT of JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" when asked about the benefits of the upgrading. He points out that the range of functions offered by the solution turned out to be more comprehensive than expected. Some examples are employee mobile phone function management and simple and easy SharePoint file sharing using Windows Phone mobile devices.

The cloud service provides mobility, which means that the company employees can access the documents remotely whenever required.

The implementation of Office 365 took approximately one week. Along with the new solution, the company also purchased additional licences for other software. Currently Office 365 is used by approximately 50 computer users.

"Others seem to have appreciated that JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" became one of the first users of the new offer. Representatives of other companies contemplating the implementation of this service come to visit us to learn about our experience," says Oļegs Jakovļevs.

The benefits

The solutions used: Microsoft Office 365 and its integrated products Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync allow JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" to build an effective information system that enables the use of latest solutions, is mobile, easy to administer and saves all kinds of resources. "By using the Microsoft Office 365 solution, the company has saved at least LVL 24,000, which would be required to implement a similar solution if we purchased a server and the licences," says Mr. Jakovļevs.

The cloud service offers reliable and secure IT resource management and enables remote access to those resources by the employees.

No substantial IT infrastructure investments are required - meaning that there is no need to spend funds and time of experts for the purchase and maintenance of multiple servers.

Optimal and predictable IT maintenance costs: the tasks can be managed by a small number of IT specialists and, furthermore, the costs can be planned further ahead.

Short period of implementation, easy to add new users. Users can easily learn new functions.

It is possible to create a company-specific security policy not only for the computers used by employees, but also for mobile phones.

"Office 365 provides us with an efficient and secure technological base at any time, from any location and at a significantly lower cost of the tech. By choosing Office 365, the companies can focus on their business while Microsoft and its partners will take care of the technology and maximum use of its potential,” says of Microsoft Office Business Group Lead in the Baltics Andrejs Juščenko.

Solution Overview

Organization Profile
JSC "Dobeles dzirnavnieks" is one of the leading cereal product producers in the Baltic states. Its key areas of operation are production of all types of wheat flour, semolina, flour mixtures, pasta, cereal flakes, groat and animal fodder.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • Lync Online
  • SharePoint Online

Vertical Industries
Food & Beverage

  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania