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Posted: 4/4/2014
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Kanmo Retail Group Indonesian Group of Retail company Improves Efficiency and Productivity with Cloud Solutions

Focusing on retail and distribution business in Indonesia, Kanmo Retail Group has been in operation since 2005, managing and distributing over 70 brands of portfolio by leading names such as Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Gingersnaps, Justice, Karen Millen, Coast, COACH, TM Lewin, and Yo’ Panino.

Retail business is one of the fastest growing industries, particularly in Indonesia market. Demand for retail products is increasing along with the rise of middle-class income in the past few years.Survey on Retail Sales by Indonesian Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) in October 2013 indicated a growth in household consumption, as demonstrated by annual growth of real sales to 12.8% from 12.3% in the same period of the previous year.

Kanmo Retail Group anticipates the potentials in retail business by improving its competitiveness and by expanding and diversifying its business. This is reflected by the growing number of Kanmo Retail Group’s outlets that today has reached 80 units in the entire nation. Such expansion has not only placed Kanmo as leader in the market of child and infants product categories, but also indicated its entrance into the chain of food and beverage retail business.

The larger the scope of business is, the more the complexity of its operational activities. Kanmo’s management realized that technology can address the complexity of managing sales information and consolidating departments, such as between warehouses, outlets, to headquarter.

Communication and collaboration have been key to productivity, in anticipating the growth of demand and fluctuation in the market due to competition. Kanmo also realized that implementing technology should result in cost saving or efficiency.

With ten outlets across the archipelago, and hundreds of employees connected to each other, implementing cloud-based technology is a feasible choice.“This signifies that our business is moving to the right direction. We need a technology that can support us grow a dynamic retail business, and help us face the fierce competition,” says Hitesh Bharwani, Group Managing Director, Kanmo Retail Group.

The needs match the profile of one of Microsoft’s cloud offerings, Office 365. In addition to the modern and flexible productivity suite, Office 365 also comes with the familiar interface users have already known for a long time. More importantly, Office 365 also features connectivity and collaborative capabilities for staff of all functions and levels, from outlet managers to warehouse.


Users rely on many Office 365 features to help them improve their productivity, communication and collaboration. Employees at Kanmo Retail Group user applications such as Lync, SharePoint, and Outlook to support the information exchange or transformation of idea into execution. Staff can obtain information more timely, more accurately and flexibly, thus helping them get their work done.

“This business is sensitive to currency exchange that fluctuates all the time. Before using the collaborative feature from Office 365 like Lync and SharePoint, we had difficulties to share currency exchange information that affects our selling price. Now, product inventory is synced, allowing management, outlets, and warehouses, to access the most up-to-the minute data,” said Hitesh.

Meanwhile, David Widjaya, Group Information Technology Manager, Kanmo Retail Group, feels that Office 365 is reliable to manage and administer technically, and this provides great help for IT division.

Conference call collaboration viaLync

Lync helps coordination among staff at Kanmo Retail Group. Online shop administration at the headquarter can be executed immediately by verifying inventory with the warehouse through conference call. This makes sales transaction smooth because inventory info is updated in real time.

Store files on SkyDrive Pro safely; accessible anywhere

Sales information, inventory, to marketing strategies are stored in a cloud based storage. Every employee, with their own respective authorities, uses Single Sign-On to access company information safely on Skydrive Pro with space as big as 20GB.

Interactive via mobile devices

Office 365 comes with collaborative features, allowing management and the board of directors who travel frequently to interact with each other through their smartphones. Office 365 provides the admins with capability to control information flow, so we can control the access of data from mobile devices. This gives positive impact on security and productivity of the company.

Use working hour effectively and Save maintenance cost efficiently

Using Office 365 allows working hours to be allocated effectively, and improving the cost efficiency of maintenance. IT staff don’t need to perform routine check or clean spam emails. Office 365 automatically stops filters and stops spam emails from entering into company network.

Easy to manage with Auto-update

From the maintenance perspective, Office 365 has auto-update feature that automatically sends the latest updates without having to spend a long time to monitor whether a new version is available.

Save investment on infrastructure and technology maintenance

The company does not need to allocate extra budget to build an infrastructure. If they previously have adequate server resource, with Office 365 being managed in the cloud, it eliminates the need for high maintenance and hardware investment cost.

“Kanmo Retail Group saves significantly on the budget to develop and operate technology infrastructure. Maintenance cost can also be minimized thanks to the capability of Office 365 to deliver latest updates automatically without any extra cost, or a long time for the implementation,” said David.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based software service, designed to fulfil the needs of organizations for safety, reliability, and productivity.

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Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise maximizes team work with anywhere support. Office 365 Enterprise documents can be accessed from any devices or via web browsers, so team members can work together regardless of where they are. From sharing documents easily, to online meeting with HD quality video.

Office 365 is flexible, can be customized to match the character and the unique needs of business. Office 365 can be combined with existing apps, connecting users with the apps that they are already familiar with.

Office 365 Enterprise gives better administrative control, providing convenience to IT staff. With 99.9% uptime warranty, Office 365 delivers convenience, efficiency and effectiveness of a technology infrastructure.

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More Information

For further information on Microsoft products and services, contact Microsoft Indonesia:

Gedung Bursa Efek Jakarta,

(Indonesia Stock Exchange Building) Menara II, Lantai 18,

Kawasan Pusat Bisnis Sudirman,

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53,

Jakarta 12190 Indonesia

Telp. (021) 2551 8100

For more information through the web, please visit www.office365.com/id-id

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 1000 employees

Organization Profile

Kanmo Retail Group has over 1000 employees working at its headquarter and in more than 80 outlets across Indonesia, serving more than 100,000 customers every month, distributes more than 70 consumer product brands.


Microsoft® Office 365


  • Collaborate in conference call via Lync
  • Data stored at SkyDrive Pro is safe and accessible anywhere
  • Interactivity on mobile devices
  • Effectively allocate work hours and efficiently manage maintenance cost
  • Cost effective investment and maintenance for tech infrastructure

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Microsoft Office 365

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Consumer Goods