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Posted: 3/7/2013
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Watershed Consulting Watershed finds the Cloud ideal


The Watersheld Consulting staff members work mainly from home-based offices and so there was a difficulty in sharing documents and working with each other. Added to which, there was a lack of security. The business is all about recruitment and it was necessary to have complete security when working with a person’s curriculum vitae.


“It was suggested to us that Office 365 would be the answer,” said Carole Craggs, managing director of Watershed Consulting. “We have quite a small staff complement of about 11 people, so Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business and Professionals is ideal for us.”

The central share, previously located at the head office, was moved into the Office 365 cloud which allows staff members to search and pull up any documentation they need for their work.

The company found the installation very simple and there were no problems.

“Staff members have been using Microsoft Office for many years so it was a very simple transition for them, because it is still Office with all the programmes that they know,” went on Craggs.


Staff members have been using Office 365 since the beginning of the year and have had no glitches either with implementation, or with everyday usage.

“Because we were an early adopter, we are using it free of charge at the present time, but we believe that, even with time, it will be more economical that a more formal system would be,” concluded Craggs.

Solution Overview

Organization Profile
Watershed Consulting offers a portfolio of recruitment, HR and administrative support services to business from SMEs to corporates. We differentiate ourselves, in this highly competitive market, by providing outstanding service, innovation and industry thought leadership.

Our portfolio of services falls into three distinct areas: Resourcing solutions, HR consulting and advisory services and ICT HR solutions.

It is an end-to-end resourcing solution with a number of value-adds.

Software and Services
Microsoft Office 365

Vertical Industries
Professional Services

South Africa