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Posted: 4/2/2012
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ETRI Found the solution for Open R&D innovation, from researchers engagement and communication

Established in 1976, ETRI is the largest government-run information communication research institution in Korea. ETRI finished the spread of Office 2010 to about 2500 users including researchers and administrative staff and then implemented the enterprise-wide standard integration communication and collaboration platform to complete the transition of the working way and research environment. ETRI evaluated this as it had laid a pavement to the engagement and communication to enable it to make the Open R&D prevalent across the internal organization as well as the external collaborative segments by shaping new research and business environment. In addition, the institution could have the organizational structure to help it to be concentrated into the research in a variety of changes.


ETRI, the nation's largest government-run research institution, carried out 1,942 kinds of researches from 2006 to 2010. IT applied for 18,088 patents in the same period and moves 1,851 technologies into the private sector. It performed the standardization and 6,809 standard propositions were adopted onshore and offshore. 1,338 papers were posted into SCI journal. Like this, ETRI made lots of ideas turned into the intellectual assets, which enables creating new value. The most important driver of creating these values is the very 'talents'.

As a part of the talent management, ETRI aimed at creating business environment where people are able to enjoy their work based on the engagement and communication culture. This is because Enjoy work is more competitive than Work hard and Work smart and the culture of 'engagement and communication' and advanced business environment are the requisite for making their employees enjoy their work. That is the principle in the ETRI's talent management strategy.

ETRI has driven to the innovation into the 'engagement and communication' from the perspective of internal and external organization. ETRI is pursuing the collaboration between person-to-person, team-to-team and center-to-center in ETRI internally, as well as Open R&D externally. ETRI’s commitment to engagement and communication inside and outside the organization is not irrelevant to the quick transition of IT technology development paradigm into the convergence and integration.

Traditionally, ETRI has been a think tank leading the IT improvement in Korea. ETRI’s mission in these times is to break the wall between the divisions in organization and to mine the technology leading the Korea’s IT future. Recently, ETRI has developed the Ship Area Network, the link of IT to shipbuilding industry, and received orders of loading the technology to 77 huge ships from AP Moller, the world’s largest ship owner company. This result will be translated into a variety of convergence and integration area including intellectual automotive, smart TV, Ubiquitous Sensor Network-based agriculture, etc in the future.

In these times when the creativity beyond the area is required, ETRI is trying to shaping foundation and executing strategy for creating new opportunities through the Open R&D inside and outside the organization. ETRI embodied the strategies first including creative convergence planning system, global Open R&D platform deployment, etc. internally. In addition, ETRI has finished the all employees’ daily business software upgrade and in the first half of 2012, the transition into the advanced business environment enabling enterprise-wide standard integrated communication and collaboration was in sight. And it continues to expand its effort of collaboration, including working with domestic 21 universities to establish the Open R&D center, collaboration with domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions externally.


ETRI planned to shape the advanced business environment as two steps: Office 2010 upgrade and deployment of integrated communication and collaboration platform. The reason why ETRI made the Office 2010 deployment its priority is its unique business nature.

By the nature of research institution, the documentation is very important daily work in ETRI. From the start to end of research, people in ETRI write and share lots of documents. They use also a variety of tools. In general companies, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are used, but Vision, Project, etc. are added in ETRI. In particular, they use frequently Visio. IT-related R&D requires configuration diagram, design, UML diagram, Use-case diagram and Visio is used for these tasks.

The fact that the reaction to the latest function comes out very quickly is the difference from that of general companies. The enterprise-wide deployment of Office 2010 for 2500 researchers and administrative staff is a typical example. As for ETRI, standard version is not specified and deployed. Users can download the version as they want. Like this, though they are able to use the version at their disposal, when Office 2010, the latest version, was available, it was diffused across the organization.

Snag Hyun Kim, Team Leader, Creative Strategy & Planning Division, Information Support Team said, "There are lots of requests for the latest software from researchers. Even before the Information Support Team purchased the software, the availability of it was asked frequently." He added, "Regarding Office 2010 as well, before the Information Support Team noticed the download of it, lots of inquiries about that was received. In summer of 2011, right after the upgrade was noticed, users started to download and install the program file themselves. And it was not long until 100% enterprise-wide deployment was completed."

ETRI's Information Support Team was looking to the change in the dimension of back office while deploying Office 2010 in 2010. There was an experiment that how they could apply the engagement and communication that ETRI are pursuing to the daily research business. Regarding this, Mr. Kim said, "There are Proof of Concept (PoC) project run by the Information Support Team." He added, "It was about the SharePoint Server-based collaboration and document management, and Lync Server-based integrated communication."

What the Information Support Team was focused on in the back office-related PoC is 'efficiency'. They aimed at reviewing how it can help the research. Its purpose is not to identify the functions and estimate the ROI. They are actually focused on how it can help the ETRI employees do their business and how they can get synergy between back office and front office solutions. From the perspective of product, they want to check how Office 2010 and SharePoint Server, Lync Server can create synergy, which makes the engagement and communication prevalent across the research business.

The Information Support Team’s effort has entered the realization phase in the first half of 2012, beyond the experimental stage in 2011. The team finished the enterprise-wide deployment of Office 2010 and pre-review for the integrated communication and collaboration-related back office solution. And as of 2012, it has started to build the platform for the spread of engagement and communication culture.


Integrate the collaboration and communication channels

There are a lot of tech-savvy who are expert in IT in ETRI and they are likely to utilize IT technology themselves to raise their business efficiency, which resulted in many small tools by division in addition to a variety of system supported by Information Support Team. They are talents who can develop and use tools required for their research tasks. So there are many tools used for managing projects, schedule and file by division.

These environments will be integrated across the organization. ETRI plans to integrate the collaboration and communication-related business environment across the organization in 2012. This integration is predicted to create synergy with several activities for Open R&D.

Build the foundation for Open R&D

To mine the business challenge beyond industry including automotive, shipbuilding and marine engineering, agriculture, construction and carry out research for that, the close collaboration with enterprises and research institutions in other industries is required. ETRI has built the co-research foundation for Open R&D and to do this, the introduction of Office 2010 and integrated communication and collaboration platform is a kind of pre-requisite.

Regarding this, Mr. Kim said, “To move into the Open R&D system, we must know all knowledge information we have for integrated management of them. To do this, enterprise-wide standard procedure and system is required. In this perspective, the deployment of Office 2010 and integrated communication and collaboration foundation will be the foundation for the Open R&D.”

Activate the technical document sharing

When the enterprise-wide integrated communication and collaboration emerges in the usual day-to-day research, it is expected that the minor inconveniences researchers complained will be resolved. This is because the possibility of mitigating the closure of existing way of managing document authorization is opened up.

Mr. Kim said, “Documents written in ETRI are authorized to A, B, C and D.” He said, “All documents are searched, but there are many documents not to be viewed by the authorization. These inconveniences will be resolved by Office Web Apps in the future. This is because it is possible that users are authorized to read only the documents not to download them.

Maintain the concentration in the organizational changes

ETRI has carried the mission-driven reorganization in 2012. ETRI has launched 3 expert research institutions (SW-Soc convergence and integration research center, BigData software research center, the Next-generation contents research center) and 5 expert research divisions (Cyber convergence and integration security research division, Automotive, shipbuilding and national defense IT convergence and integration research division, the Next-generation display research division, Beyond smart TV research division, the Future internet research division). It has reorganized to lead the world's IT market changes.

In these changes, ETRI is not worried about enhancing concentration for research and creating synergy with a variety of intellectual resources and internal/external cooperative organizations. This is because the institution is confident that the new research and business foundation for engagement and communication for all members of the organization is robust. ETRI's Information Support Team is expected that researchers can be concentrated to their tasks without any confusion in the quick organizational changes through the deployment of Office 2010 and integrated communication and collaboration platform, and work with people needed in the quick and efficient manner if needed.

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

ETRI is the govern-run research institution which has been contributed to the IT industry development in Korea by developing TDX, DRAM, CDMA, DMB, WiBro, digital actor technology and NoLA technology successfully.

Business Situation

As the paradigm of R&D in these times has turned into the open innovation, the seamless communication and collaboration inside and outside the organization has become the main challenge.


It presented the enterprise-wide standard engagement and communication environment for about 2,500 researchers and administrative staff by connecting the latest documentation tool and back office platform.


  • Integrate the collaboration and communication channels
  • Build the foundation for Open R&D
  • Activate the technical document sharing

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

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