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Posted: 3/7/2013
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Intelbras S/A - Indústria de Telecomunicação Eletrônica Brasileira Brazilian Electronics Manufacturer Accelerates Business with Better Project Reporting

A major telecommunications company in Brazil, Intelbras S/A operates in hyper-competitive markets. To help project teams be even more efficient, Intelbras upgraded to Microsoft Project Server 2013. Project managers can produce reports in minutes versus weeks, which accelerates the pace of business. All project data is accessible in one place, and employees can communicate more fluidly with the email and instant messaging capabilities built into Project Server.

Intelbras S/A, based in São José, Brazil, manufactures telephones, switchboards, networking gear, and security equipment that it markets across Latin America and Africa through approximately 9,000 retail outlets and 10,000 resellers.

Intelbras introduces dozens of new products each year, enhances existing products, and undertakes many IT projects. It requires dozens of people, hundreds of documents, and thousands of tasks to manage each project. For years, Intelbras project managers used a variety of project management tools, ranging from custom applications to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. There was no central repository of project data; instead, data was scattered across multiple personal computers and servers. This made it difficult to track project status, identify delays and roadblocks, keep projects on track, and create reports. In fact, it took six to eight weeks to gather the data for and create a single report, during which time the data became less relevant. Also, there was a security risk in storing critical project data on employee PCs; if a computer was stolen or an employee quit, the data would be lost and unrecoverable.

* With faster report production in Project Server 2013, project managers can make faster decisions…. This accelerates our pace of business and helps us be more competitive in fast-moving electronics markets. *

Rafael Farias
Budget and Cost Analyst, Intelbras S/A - Indústria de Telecomunicação Eletrônica Brasileira

“We wanted a central place for project data and documents,” says Felipe Braun Azambuja, Senior Database Administrator at Intelbras. “We had deployed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 but were not using it for project management. Delays in tracking down information were slowing down our overall pace of business and hurting our competitiveness.”

In June 2011, Intelbras deployed Microsoft Project Server 2010 and Microsoft Project Professional 2010 with the goal of standardizing on a single project management platform and creating one place for project data. However, adoption was slow due to browser compatibility issues, and report generation was difficult because the company lacked expertise in creating customized reports.

Intelbras learned about Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013, which features improved reporting, compatibility with multiple browsers, and tighter integration with SharePoint Server. In late 2012, Intelbras deployed the beta versions of both products and was able to begin using them as is out of the box.

“We really liked the new interface of Project Server 2013, with status reports right on the start page, the easier access to published tasks, and many other usability improvements,” says Rafael Farias, Budget and Cost Analyst at Intelbras. “The improvements to Project Professional 2013 are equally impressive: the improved interface, instant project status through built-in reports, and linkage to unified communications tools, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync.”

Intelbras developers can view Project Server sites with a wide range of browsers and can quickly and easily create high-quality reports using Project Professional. “Reports are easy to access, customize, and publish, and the best thing is that they are ready within one click of the mouse,” Farias says. “This is great for quick presentations and previewing resource allocations, without the need to customize or export data to Excel.”

Intelbras uses Project Server with SharePoint Server so that all project data is stored in one place and easily accessible. Instead of sending hundreds of email messages daily to track down task status, project managers can sync their Project Professional 2013 data with SharePoint or quickly look on a SharePoint site when they’re out of the office. Intelbras is upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, which will give it the ability to create and track tasks centrally with even greater control. The ultimate goal is to create a central page that contains all of an employee’s tasks for the day without the need to log on to different sites.

Further simplifying and speeding communication, Intelbras team members use unified communications capabilities available through integration with Lync Server to send an email message or instant message to a colleague from within Project Professional; these options are available by pausing the mouse pointer on an individual’s name.

By upgrading to Project Server 2013 and Project Professional 2013, Intelbras has gained the following benefits:

  • Reports produced in minutes versus weeks. Intelbras employees no longer wait six to eight weeks for reports. By using Project Server, employees can get reports in minutes. “With faster report production in Project Server 2013, project managers can make faster decisions and more quickly follow up on tasks, costs, and resource allocation,” Farias says. “This accelerates our pace of business and helps us be more competitive in fast-moving electronics markets.”

  • Greater efficiency and data safety from centralized project data. By using Project Server 2013, Intelbras has all project data in one place rather than scattered across multiple computers. “By centralizing data on Project Server, we gain speed and flexibility and can not only create reports much faster but trust the data,” Braun says. Additionally, if a computer is stolen or an employee leaves, the project data remains safe on company servers.

  • Faster, more flexible communication and collaboration.The ability to access unified communications tools from within Project Professional gives Intelbras employees a more flexible way to communicate with one another. Employees spend less time in meetings because they can find documents quickly in SharePoint and get in touch with one another over Lync. Better communication at every step helps employees complete projects sooner with fewer mistakes.

Image 1.
Felipe Braun Azambuja
Senior Database Administrator
Intelbras S/A
Image 2.
Rafael Farias
Budget and Cost Analyst
Intelbras S/A

Figure 1.
Using the reports built into Microsoft Project Professional, Intelbras project managers
can quickly create graphs on their project status.

Figure 2.
The ability to browse through all published project sites from a desktop based on the
Linux operating system helps Intelbras R&D teams. They no longer need to log on to a
Windows-based workstation to get or publish the files that they need.

Microsoft Project Server 2013
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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 1800 employees

Organization Profile

Intelbras S/A is a leading manufacturer of telephones, switchboards, and network and security equipment in Brazil. Intelbras products are sold throughout Latin America and Africa.

Business Situation

Intelbras wanted a standardized project management tool and centralized place for storing project documents.


The company upgraded to Microsoft Project Server 2013 and Microsoft Project Professional 2013 to gain improved reporting and better integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server.


  • Reports produced in minutes versus weeks
  • Greater efficiency and data safety from centralized project data
  • Faster, more flexible communication and collaboration

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Project 2013
  • Microsoft Project Server 2013
  • Microsoft Project 2013 Professional
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Vertical Industries
Network Equipment Providers


Business Need
  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Unified Communications

IT Issue
  • Identity, Security and Access Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Interoperability