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Posted: 5/19/2011
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Lenzing AG Keeping things simple - How Lenzing AG is paving the way to virtualization by migrating from Oracle to SQL Server

* Once we started using SQL Server for our SAP system, we were left with very little work to do on the database side. What’s more, we can now have virtualization out-of-the-box. *

DI Gerhard Mayr
Head of Global Infrastructure
Lenzing AG


From special heat-resistant uniforms for the emergency services to sportswear, or heavy-duty upholstery to hygiene products – fibres play a key role in the manufacture of a diverse range of products. As a global market leader – with sites in Europe, the US, Indonesia and China – Lenzing AG is one of a number of firms raising the profile of natural cellulose fibres.

And yet it was not so long ago that Lenzing AG was just a national player. Since then, almost everything has grown at Lenzing AG, except the IT department. This case study explains how they manage their global SAP landscape.

Lenzing AG’s ongoing internationalization has also left its mark on the IT department.

Without a doubt, 2004 was a pivotal year – Lenzing AG acquired the entire Tencel group of companies, opened a new trading company, Lenzing Fibers Shanghai, and restructured its global organization into business units – as DI Gerhard Mayr, Head of Global Infrastructure, remembers well: “A few years ago our main responsibility was to supervise the Austrian head office. Today, we manage a global infrastructure spread across the US, UK, Czech Republic, China, Indonesia, and soon India – with a team of 20 infrastructure colleagues at the head office here in Lenzing and a few, usually small, on-site teams.“

The challenge
To consolidate and virtualize a heterogeneous SAP landscape that emerged due to rapid growth.

The solution
Migrating to 64bit SQL Server in a Hyper-V environment helped increase loads, reduce management activities and significantly improve response times.

The benefits
• Migrating from Oracle 32bit databases to 64bit SQL Server reduces dialog response times by around 70%
• Reduces maintenance and administration effort
• Virtualization ensures better server utilization
• Database compression generates massive savings in the storage area

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 6500 employees

Organization Profile

It has taken Lenzing AG just a few years to become a global leader in the production of natural fibres.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Vertical Industries
Consumer Goods


Business Need
  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Business Productivity

IT Issue