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Posted: 5/19/2011
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Tema Mağazacılık (LC Waikiki) Global Retailer Boosts Agility and Efficiency, Simplifies Data Access and Reporting

To improve agility and data transparency, clothing retailer Tema Mağazacılık deployed a report generation and distribution solution based on the Microsoft platform. Flexible and easy to use, the mission-critical solution improves efficiency, making it possible for employees to create reports with charts and graphics in minutes. It also speeds access to 5 terabytes of data, facilitates consistency, and increases control over information.

Business Needs

Tema Mağazacılık owns and operates the LC Waikiki chain of retail stores in Turkey and other countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. In 2010, LC Waikiki implemented a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise data management software and the Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system. The goal was to consolidate 5 terabytes of corporate information into one solution, improve data transparency, and increase system performance.

* With the Microsoft report generation and distribution solution, employees can create and share reports in just one to three minutes and the company has reached new levels of efficiency.  *

Osman Şentürk
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Merchandise Planning
Tema Mağazacılık (LC Waikiki)

Although the data warehouse helped address some of the company’s challenges, LC Waikiki wanted to enhance its reporting capabilities to facilitate decision making. The existing reporting solution included Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services, custom tools, and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet software. Each morning, new reports were generated in spreadsheets, which were sent to employees by email. Although employees expected reports by 8:00 A.M., they often waited several hours for the files, which sometimes delayed critical decisions about operations such as daily product shipments and retail replenishment systems.

Agility was also restricted because only IT employees could modify report formats, and it took them days or weeks to do so. In addition, the spreadsheets hindered efficiency. The files, which were frequently 100 megabytes or more, contained hundreds or thousands of lines of data. Along with being cumbersome and time-consuming to navigate, the large, one-dimensional spreadsheets made it difficult to identify trends or distill information about consumer habits or operational processes. Data consistency and security issues also arose because there was no mechanism to track who accessed, sent, or changed files.

To address its challenges and facilitate international expansion, LC Waikiki needed a new reporting solution. “The statement ‘retail is detail’ summarizes our business,” says Metin Pekanlar, Reporting Manager at LC Waikiki. “For us, detail means more content, more standards and calculation methods, hundreds of points of view, and thousands of detailed reports. In this environment, we need flexibility and fast data access.”


After reviewing business intelligence products from multiple vendors, LC Waikiki chose an integrated report generation and distribution solution from Microsoft. With it, authorized employees can create reports with charts and graphics using Microsoft Excel 2010—without any intervention from IT personnel. The solution also gives employees a central location to store, access, and manage files. “We found that the Microsoft report generation and distribution solution offered the greatest advantage for us,” says Rahmi Atılganer, IT Data Administrator at LC Waikiki. “It includes products that are easy to use and fully interoperable with the rest of our IT environment. The Microsoft platform is also highly flexible, available, and secure.”

In September and October 2010, LC Waikiki worked with Microsoft Services to implement the solution. On one virtual server, the team deployed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 including PerformancePoint Services and Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft SharePoint. The team also deployed Excel 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel on the desktop computers of some test users. By January 2011, more than 100 power users were creating reports with the solution, and approximately 250 additional employees were accessing reports on the portal.


With its new solution, LC Waikiki has streamlined data access, provided data consistency and file control, improved efficiency, and empowered employees to create reports.

Simplifies Data Access

Rather than sending reports with email or storing static reports on individual systems, employees access one set of reports on the portal. Atılganer says, “Accessing reports on SharePoint Server 2010 has significantly streamlined how employees work and collaborate.” Pekanlar adds, “Refreshing reports by clicking one button also makes our work easier.”

Increases Control and Consistency

By storing reports on the portal, employees make decisions based on the same information. People can identify the latest version of a file, see any changes, and know who has viewed and modified it. Authorized non-IT personnel can also restrict who can access and change files—and control which third-party information sources employees can use. Atılganer notes, “By using the report generation and distribution solution from Microsoft, our people have a single version of the truth.”

Improves Efficiency and Collaboration

Today, employees can collaborate from different locations by simultaneously viewing the same file. In minutes, employees can also extract powerful business intelligence from the 5-terabyte data warehouse and present this information in two-dimensional reports. Pekanlar explains, “With SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel and SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint, we can create colorful charts, graphics, and sparklines to increase business intelligence. We need fewer data sources; we can prepare richer reports; and users can customize report formats themselves.”

Speeds Reporting, Empowers Users

On average, the new solution generates reports 50 percent faster than before and most are available for users by 8:00 A.M. From their desktops, employees can also create reports that slice, dice, or mash information from a new perspective. “The IT department is no longer a bottleneck in creating or modifying reports,” says Atılganer.

Commenting on the new solution, Osman Şentürk, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Merchandise Planning at Tema Mağazacılık (LC Waikiki), says, “With the Microsoft report generation and distribution solution, employees can create and share reports in just one to three minutes and the company has reached new levels of efficiency. This helps our company to expand and compete internationally.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 13000 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Tema Mağazacılık operates more than 300 retail stores in seven countries. It is owned by the Tema Group, a company that sold more than TRY2.1 billion (U.S.$1.4 billion) in 2010.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Consulting Services
  • Microsoft Services
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • BMC - Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft SharePoint

Vertical Industries
General Merchandise


Business Need
  • Business Critical
  • Mission Critical
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

IT Issue
  • High Availability
  • Data Warehousing


Microsoft Services