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Posted: 3/18/2014
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PCS Security Solution Provider Uses BI Tools to Quickly Create Reports and Improve Decision Making

PCS Security—a Singapore-based provider of security solutions—sought to improve manual reporting processes in order to get information to management faster. To meet that goal, PCS deployed a business intelligence (BI) solution based on Microsoft Excel 2013. With the new solution, PCS employees can quickly create and share their own analytical reports, which helps managers make better decisions about allocating resources. In addition, the company’s IT employees are now able to spend more time working on critical internal projects.

Business Needs

Singapore-based PCS Security offers end-to-end solutions for homeland security, information technology security, and physical security. The company helps public-sector and private-sector organizations to manage and mitigate security threats using biometric systems, data protection and encryption, and many other solutions. PCS employs 200 security professionals.

As part of its work, PCS needs to regularly collect maintenance statistics. “When a system has problems, customers will notify us, and we must create internal reports and external reports for support and

resolution,” says Christopher Tan, Manager (Solutions), PCS Security.

However, this reporting process was done manually, with employees collecting information on paper and then entering it into Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet software. “It was a very error-prone process, resulting in missing or incomplete information and, ultimately, unreported incidents,” Tan says. “And the management-level staff who needed the reports didn’t get them on time.”

* With Power Query, we can cleanse the data and also combine data easily from more than one source. That really standardizes information and makes the data more accurate.  *

Christopher Tan
Manager (Solutions)
PCS Security


A longtime user of Microsoft technologies, PCS was interested in finding a new Microsoft BI solution. “Most of our employees are already using Microsoft Office products every day,” says Tan.

In August 2013, PCS decided to implement a BI solution based on Microsoft Excel that provides employees with their own data analysis and visualization capabilities. The solution includes Microsoft Excel 2013 with Power Query for Excel, a data search engine that employees can use within Excel to query data from internal and external data sources. The company is also using Power Query to clean and merge data sets from multiple sources.

The solution also includes Microsoft SQL Server Power Pivot for Excel, which employees are using to process large data sets quickly and easily. Employees are also taking advantage of Power View in Excel to manipulate data and compile it into charts and graphs. In addition, they use Power Map, a 3-D visualization tool for exploring and interacting with geographic data.


Using the Microsoft BI solution, PCS employees can now quickly build and share analytical reports, which help managers make better decisions about resource allocation. Additionally, IT employees can spend more of their time working on critical internal projects.

Empowers Employees to Create Their Own Analytical Reports

With the new BI solution, PCS employees can quickly and easily visualize data and create their own analytical reports.

They can also standardize data with the help of Power Query, which provides data cleansing and filtering. “With Power Query, we can cleanse the data and also combine data easily from more than one source,” Tan says. “That really standardizes information and makes the data more accurate, whereas previously a lot of the data was different because different staff inputted it manually.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 200 employees

Organization Profile

PCS Security provides homeland, technology, and physical security solutions to help public and private organizations defend against security threats.

Software and Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Vertical Industries
IT Services


Business Need
Business Intelligence and Reporting

IT Issue
High Performance Computing