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Posted: 5/22/2013
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Sipree Cloud-based Service Provider Helps Major Companies Process Payments

When it comes to making payments to customers, many commercial enterprises today still rely on four primary methods: checks, credit cards, Automated Clearing House (ACH), or wire. However, a growing number of companies would prefer to use all electronic means of payments to efficiently and safely send instant payments direct to customer and vendor accounts. To support these organizations’ demands, Sipree has developed and offers its flexible, cloud-based service architecture linked to leading alternative payment networks. These settlement networks have been built on dominant card, bank and wire infrastructure but so far have not been available in a unified offering. Running on the Windows Azure platform and using Microsoft enterprise technology, the Sipree solution gives customers the ability to easily make and manage payments using a single service platform hosted in the cloud.

Integrates Seamlessly with Alternative Payment Networks
The Sipree infrastructure uses a single-service architecture that integrates with customers’ systems of record to bind payment networks together. These payments can be tied into business rules, current workflows, shipment status, and control mechanisms. “We offer a single unified interface for digital payments that sits on top of today’s leading alternative payment networks, making it easier for companies to transact with their customers electronically,” says Mark Sole, CEO and co-founder, Sipree.

* For Sipree, there was no greater endorsement of our capacity than PayPal
itself using our platform to facilitate payments to their own customers.  *

Mark Sole
CEO and Cofounder

One of the organization’s newest customers is eBay, the popular online auction and shopping website and parent company of PayPal. “We support a PayPal rebate application,” Sole says. “When a customer purchases a product, a rebate is instantly funded back to that person’s PayPal account. For Sipree, there was no greater endorsement of our capacity than PayPal itself using our platform to facilitate payments to their own customers.”

Offers Fast, Easy Implementation
Taking advantage of the cloud, Sipree can implement its platform quickly and easily. “With Windows Azure, we were able to build an enterprise infrastructure for eBay in a very short time frame,” says Sole. “That’s because of the agility we get from working in the cloud. We can provide rapid implementation without costly IT resources or system upgrades.” Another customer recently asked Sipree to build a network payment application to handle millions of online transactions. “We went from start to developing and testing the application to full production in 18 weeks,” Sole states. “The customer has used this internally as an example of how the cloud and software as a service are key to their rapid innovation.”

Meets Customer Compliance Requirements and Improves Efficiency
The Sipree solution also helps the firm’s customers comply with accounting and reporting obligations. “We have an infrastructure that is built to meet or exceed our customers’ critical financial requirements,” Sole says. “As a result, companies are better positioned to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and PCI standards,” Sole says.

In addition, the Sipree solution helps companies eliminate manual payment problems and offers better control of payments. As a result, Sipree customers can improve the efficiency of their payment processes.

Provides Scalability for Future Growth
As Sipree grows, it will continue to base its platform on Windows Azure. “Our solution would not work if it didn’t use the best enterprise-class cloud architecture available, which is Windows Azure,” Sole says. “Our entire infrastructure runs natively on Azure, and that will give us the flexibility and scalability we need to expand out services and add new customers.”

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The company’s ability to grow has also been enhanced by its participation in the Microsoft BizSpark One program. BizSpark One identifies high-potential startups developing solutions on the Microsoft platform and gives them access to Microsoft technical and business resources. “The BizSpark One program was the most efficient way for us to interface with a large organization like Microsoft, and it gives us access to the right people and the resources we need,” says Sole. “We are excited for our future in the alternative payment processing industry, and being in this program will give our product more visibility.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile
Sipree, based in San Francisco, California, offers cloud-based solutions that integrate with alternative payment networks, helping corporate payers perform simple electronic transactions with their customers.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server

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IT Services

United States

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Financial Management

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Cloud Services