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Posted: 6/20/2013
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Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) Limited Leading global BPO & CRM services provider improves platform stability and decreases boot time by 60 percent using Premier Support

HGS sees great value in Microsoft Premier Support. It has helped the organization improve skills within the IT team, increase performance of Windows desktops and ensure smooth Exchange migration.

* With expert resources, training and quick resolution of issues from Microsoft Premier Support, our teams are better equipped to ensure platform stability and optimize performance.


Mr. C. Subramanya

Global CTO,
Hinduja Global Solutions

Business Needs

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) is a world leader in Customer Relationship and Business Process Management with a global footprint across North America, Europe and Asia. They have developed and implemented some of the best-known processes and practices to deliver a comprehensive range of industry-specific solutions.

In early 2012, HGS signed a Microsoft Services Premier Support agreement. By providing direct access to Microsoft technical experts, Premier Support helps organizations to proactively identify and resolve IT issues through risk assessment, health checks, knowledge and resource sharing while also securing 24/7 reactive support. The internal IT team at HGS works actively with the Microsoft Premier Support Services team to proactively manage their IT infrastructure which is largely built on Microsoft technology.

The HGS IT team was primarily looking for Microsoft expertise to boost overall performance of their Windows Desktops and stabilize their email platform by migrating to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

The Global CTO Mr. C. Subramanya wanted to ensure that the health of the Microsoft platform infrastructure is maintained and the IT team at HGS is better equipped and acquires the skills and resources to support their IT environment.

He said, “When we signed up for Premier Support, I was looking for ways to enhance the skill sets of the HGS IT team and improve their understanding of latest products and releases and how these would benefit our IT environment. I also wanted to look at current deployments and optimize performance of our existing infrastructure.”


As a part of the engagement, Microsoft’s Technical Account Manager and Premier Field Engineer who are experts in Windows and Exchange Server came forward with specific solutions aligned to HGS IT Team’s focus areas.

To optimize system performance, Microsoft experts suggested a Risk Assessment Program as a Service (RaaS) for Windows Desktop. WD RaaS is a remote solution that enables customers to diagnose potential issues with their client environment, at their convenience. It employs a powerful suite of data collection from target clients & dependent systems and analysis tools including in-depth operational interviews with the IT staff.

The program helps identify key areas where the environment deviates from Microsoft best practices and generates a remediation plan to improve the health of the platform and mitigate risks.

A review of desktop health and configuration was performed, risks and issues were highlighted and an action plan was shared with best practice guidelines to manage configured applications and physical memory to avoid delays in the system boot times. Training and detailed guidance was provided to HGS IT Administrators around using tools and defragmenting applications.

To help with Exchange Server Migration and upgrade, the Premier Support team delivered an Exchange Workshop to the HGS IT team. Microsoft product support workshops are focused on enhancing knowledge and skills around a specific technology and are designed to provide deep technical presentations and relevant interactive lab demos, based on real-world scenarios.  The HGS IT teams learnt how to proactively avoid problems and developed crisis-management skills.

In addition to these, informative hands-on resources & tools were shared including Microsoft Security Alerts, product roadmaps, e-books & mailers, which the HGS IT team found useful.

* This resulted in increased efficiencies and better overall user experience with boot time (to load the desktop) dropping from 59 seconds to 21 seconds. *

Kannan Ramakrishnan
General Manager – India Technical Operations
Hinduja Global Solutions


With support from Microsoft Services the internal IT Team at HGS realized benefits of enhanced system performance, smooth migration to Exchange Server 2010 without service disruption and better awareness and expertise.

60% decrease in machine boot-times

The assessment from WD RaaS provided the HGS IT teams an in-depth understanding of the issues discovered in their environment, best practice guidance on optimizing Microsoft Windows software, recommended reading and resolutions for speeding up systems. The Windows client was updated with required hotfixes and redundant applications were disabled.

This resulted in increased efficiencies and better overall user experience with boot times (to load the desktop) dropping from 59 seconds to 21 seconds. .

In the words of Mr. Kannan, GM –India Technical Operations “I was impressed with the outcomes and remediation provided as a part of the Risk Assessment Program as a Service for Windows Desktop (WD RaaS). It helped us to significantly reduce boot time for Windows and resulted in a better user experience across the organization. “

Smooth Migration

HGS IT teams handled the Exchange migration seamlessly with zero downtime as a result of the Exchange Workshops. It increased preparedness and shared technology best practices that helped them use Microsoft Exchange Server capabilities and tools effectively.

Mr. Harish Kumar, Manager – Systems says “The Premier Support Workshop arranged by the Technical Account Manager and Premier Field Engineer provided real-world insights and demos. It has helped our IT team to execute a smooth migration.”

Better Awareness of Microsoft Technologies

HGS IT also received benefits, which included Tech Days, Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) briefings and Product Roadmap sessions which led to better planning and understanding of new Microsoft technologies. This resulted in faster implementation cycles and better end user productivity.

To summarize his experience Mr. Subramanya says, “Premier Support helps me maintain a reliable, efficient and proactive IT and my team is now aware of where to find solutions.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 25000 employees

Organization Profile

Established in India in 1993, HGS is a leading business process outsourcing and customer relationship management services provider with a global footprint across North America, Europe and Asia.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Services Premier Support
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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