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Posted: 4/4/2013
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CBS Outdoor US CBS Subsidiary Delivers on the Promise of Superior Customer Service

CBS Outdoor delivers an unsurpassed variety of campaign advertising media including Billboard advertising, Transit and Street Furniture advertising, Digital advertising, Mobile advertising and much, much more. The service promise of CBS Outdoor is simple: “to continue to serve their customers in an unmatched level of client service and touch points.” CBSOutdoor.com & MyCBSOutdoor.com investments are some of the means to the unparalleled level of customer service championed by the organization. With a business-critical solution by LiquidHub built on the Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 platform, CBS Outdoor has optimized existing business relationships and customer collaboration while adding new channels of self-service, customer touch points and improved upon cross-organizational productivity.

Business Needs

As a $2 billion USD subsidiary of mass media corporation CBS, CBS Outdoor is one of the largest outdoor advertising organizations in the world. CBS Outdoor customers are geographically spread across North America and consist of local & national advertisers. Account teams work on diverse set of local advertising needs along with large national and multimode-multichannel campaigns & proposals. Managing this diversified portfolio of accounts while continuing to provide the first class, nimble, and scalable anytime customer service experience is a big differentiator for CBS Outdoor.

In terms of the technology footprint, CBS Outdoor utilizes several complex internal line of business systems for functions such as contract & invoice management, payments processing, artwork collaboration, file transfer and digital billboard viewing. However, these systems are not designed for customers to self-service themselves in an integrated user interface.

For communication and collaboration with customers, CBS Outdoor utilized the standards of the outdoor industry such as FTP, e-mail, DVD distribution and faxes. It took several weeks of communication via email and phone for clients to develop their outdoor campaigns with several different CBS Outdoor staff members. Furthermore, artwork had to be shared between the client and CBS Outdoor via CDs or several emails back and forth.


To provide the customers with anytime self-service and improved collaboration capabilities with its account teams, CBS Outdoor, in partnership with LiquidHub, decided to build a self-service agency portal called My CBS Outdoor. A Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a member of the Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) program, LiquidHub is a global technology consultancy focused on fueling business transformation.

CBS Outdoor chose Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and its related technology stack (SQL Server, .NET platform, etc.), as their portal and technology platform to build My CBS Outdoor. My CBS Outdoor portal combines the capabilities of the SharePoint platform for document management, collaboration, search, security and workflows while integrating and surfacing LOB data from backend systems in a consistent and unified user experience. This portal provides integrated functionality for contract & invoice management; searching for available advertising properties integrated with Bing maps; payment processing using credit cards; setting up recurring payments; art work exchange and approval workflows; lead management system and business intelligence.


The Business-Critical SharePoint solution is helping CBS Outdoor accelerate processes and achieve competitive customer service, cross-organizational collaboration, and cost savings.

Faster Payment Collection

Today, clients can create an account on the new My CBS Outdoor portal, allowing them to view their contract and account history. They can also review and pay invoices with multiple payment options, which has cut the receivables time down exponentially while heightening client services and convenience.

Client Self-Service in Real Time

In addition, for the first time in the industry, CBS Outdoor ad agency clients can literally self-serve, build, and manage their outdoor campaigns right on the site in real time, as opposed to the several weeks it used to take working with CBS Outdoor staff using email and phone. Clients can “shop” online for billboards and other outdoor media that work best for them. They can store and review previous campaign history to see what has been used previously in successful campaigns. Prospective clients can view the inventory of digital billboards in near real-time, further enhancing the sales and proof of performance value experience. Artwork is now posted in seconds and reviewed in real time by clients and CBS Outdoor account executives, shortening the idea to value chain.

Shorter Sales Cycles with Collaboration

The collaboration workspace and notification engine in the business-critical system allow CBS Outdoor teams to work together, posting and sharing background information, pricing strategies, graphics, and related content in order to come up with a winning proposal with more agility and more accuracy.

Higher Return on Investment

With the SharePoint integration, CBS Outdoor is maximizing the value of its existing IT systems without the need to rip and replace. With thousands of dollars of online payments coming in everyday, the solution is not only paying for itself but is actually reducing the cost of a sale. With faster turnaround of content, secure sharing, true campaign management, and access to data like never before, the Business-Critical SharePoint solution has now strategically positioned CBS Outdoor to achieve its goal of being the largest firm of its kind through an unmatched level of client service.

Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) is a Microsoft partner program that includes top solution and service providers who focus on line-of-business (LOB) integration with SharePoint.

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A subsidiary of mass media corporation CBS, CBS Outdoor is one of the largest outdoor advertising organizations in the world.

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

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