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Posted: 12/12/2012
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Street Crane Company Limited Leading Discrete Manufacturer Boosts Global Business-Critical Operations

Street Crane Company, a leading British crane manufacturer wanted to improve productivity across the company and outside organizations. Solid Edge® software with Insight™, a Business-Critical SharePoint solution from Siemens PLM Software now connects the previously disparate line-of-business systems with SharePoint, improving product life cycle management (PLM) processes and return on investment.

Business Needs

With over 60 years of experience, Street Crane Company (Street Crane) is the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of electric overhead traveling cranes and a major exporter to crane makers worldwide. The company wanted to improve collaboration among the company’s teams and outside organizations that all have to deal with large volumes of design data and move away from sending CDs back and forth. “The challenge was to manage our data in a much more sophisticated and effective way given the huge number of configuration combinations of our products.” said Chris Russell, Director of Development at Street Crane. To achieve this, Street Crane selected Prion Cutting Edge to implement Solid Edge® software for 3D product design together with Insight™ for design data management, both from Siemens PLM Software, a Business-Critical SharePoint partner.

* Different people from within our organization are able to see different areas, write to different areas, or edit different areas. *

Chris Russell
Director of Development
Street Crane


The SharePoint-based solution now connects the previously disparate line-of-business systems; therefore, also the teams using the data. It helped break down the information gap between teams that has been impacting decision making and business performance. Solid Edge Insight built on the SharePoint platform allows different functions within the company and various organizations outside the company to access the design data appropriate to their needs in a secure, controlled and easy-to-use manner. For example, design data, product specifications and configurations are not only available to the engineering team but also to the manufacturing and customer services team with role-specific access and views. “Access is through the familiar web interface so that each group of users has, what is in effect, its own web site, so that users can easily understand and navigate, without having to wade through lots of information that isn’t relevant to them or that they should not be accessing,” says Russell.


Sharing with Customers and Suppliers

Effective data management is essential to success. “Being better able to manage our data in this way means that we could start to share it with our suppliers and our customers in a much more meaningful way,” says Russell. “The beauty of using Solid Edge with Insight and SharePoint is the way it has enabled this collaboration with all our partners all around the world. In fact, we can’t actually see any other way that it would have worked. Copying files to CDs (compact discs) or emailing different documents was not the way to do it, as you completely lose control of those documents the minute they are sent out of your company.”

Secure Visibility Inside and Outside the Company

“The structure and security capabilities of SharePoint are very good, as they use the Microsoft security systems. They enable us to create various sites so different people from within our organization are able to see different areas, write to different areas, or edit different areas. This also enables us to write sites for external people to log into our company from the outside world, so we can control information through the supply chain and we can control information from our customers. With the SharePoint system, only the right people are allowed to log on to the right site and they can see the right data at the right time – and know that they have something that is correct and unambiguous.”

Improving Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Processes

“SharePoint allows our distributor network to access this vast amount of technical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t have to worry about copying files from different locations. The capability of Insight enables the documents to be moved to the right places at the right time, by the right people. Solid Edge with Insight provides the linking required for Microsoft SharePoint and it enables the system to open files and save them directly into the virtual server system. It also controls lifecycle management and movement of data around the system automatically,” explains Russell

Fast Implementation

There was no need to rip and replace existing information systems. “With the help of our partner Prion Cutting Edge, we were able to implement this solution – the basic parts of it – in a single day. From that point on we spent just eight days customizing our system.”

Higher Return on Investment

Andrew Pimblett, Managing Director, Street Crane concludes, “Without doubt, the return on our investment in using SharePoint and Solid Edge products has been absolutely second to none. We wouldn’t have achieved what we have, I believe, with any other products on the market.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Profile

Street Crane is firmly established as one of the world's volume overhead crane and hoist manufacturers. They work with a network of 70 international partners.

Third Party Software
Solid Edge® software with Insight™ data management solution

Software and Services
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Vertical Industries
Automotive, Industrial Equipment & Aerospace

United Kingdom

Business Need
  • Business Critical
  • Sharepoint Business Critical


Siemens PLM Software