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Posted: 3/3/2014
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ING Services Poland Microsoft cloud automates and speeds up the provision of services by ING Services Polska

“The private cloud based on Microsoft System Center 2012 helped us to standardize running processes and automate provisioning of x86 virtual servers, the tangible result of which shortens the launch of new servers — from 12 days to a maximum of 3 hours. We also reduced the maintenance costs by approximately 20%.”
Jarosław Ostapiuk, Program Manager, ING Services Polska

ING Services Polska (ISP) provides IT services to ING Group entities operating around the world. Services provided by ISP include hosting system resources, remote management of IT resources and IT security services. The center employs nearly 500 employees and serves more than 70 customers in 15 countries.


Every year, ISP provides approx. 250 x86 virtual servers with Windows and Linux Red Hat operating systems to its customers. Due to the rapid development of its infrastructure, the company had to make a decision to build a private cloud solution that would allow for offering flexible computing services to customers and shortening the time required to launch new virtual servers. Standardization of processes, simplification and automation of applied solutions and systematization of cost settlement was also important for ISP.

ING Services Polska has chosen System Center 2012 — a solution offered by Microsoft, enabling the creation of a private cloud. This decision was influenced by several factors: “The Microsoft Services team presented a coherent and overall solution that fulfills our business aims and does not only answer to present and individual needs.” — said Krzysztof Furmaniak, Lead PaaS .Net Architect at ING Services Polska. “The price we were offered was also attractive and the implementation was preceded by a successful pilot phase during which we became convinced that this solution will satisfy a vast majority of our requirements. The implementation was completed in a very short time frame of only 7 months which also was a decisive factor. The reason the implementation was so quick was that the solution was built on an already existing infrastructure. There was no need to create everything from scratch as it usually is in such cases. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the solution is not a separated island but an integral part of the existing environment. As a result, we can use the portal to support already existing systems and not only those that are newly created. The solution is scalable and we are able to develop it using internal resources.”

How does it work?
The basic goal of the implementation of new solutions provided by Microsoft was to automate, as much as possible, the process of delivering new servers, reduce service delivery time and enable the execution of many operations directly by users.

“We have used IT management tools provided by Microsoft for many years” — emphasized Jarosław Ostapiuk, Program Manager, ING Services Polska — “Therefore, the implementation of the Microsoft private cloud was more of an evolution, rather than revolution for us. Nevertheless, it is easy to note the rapid development of these systems and the ability to adapt them to the customers’ needs — often quite specific and imposed by, among others, applicable law and regulations. We also had specific requirements and Microsoft met them with flying colors. As a result, the private cloud operated by ISP is a professional platform.”

The solution implemented can be operated in two physical locations (two data centers) and can be spread across other locations worldwide. The solution architecture is composed of basic “layers”. The following table presents individual “layers” of the solution, together with relevant components used in each of them.

Architecture layer Component
Service Portal Layer System Center 2012 Service Manager
Service Management Layer System Center — Configuration Manager
System Center — Operations Manager
System Center — Orchestrator
System Center — Service Manager
System Center — Virtual Machine Manager
Database Layer Microsoft SQL Server
Infrastructure Layer Active Directory (AD DS) service
Certificate Services
SMI-S Provider for VMM
Hypervisor Layer VMware


The architecture of the solution allows for its further expansion and quick reaction to business needs. The costs of new technology will be reimbursed in a year and a half (assuming sustained growth of 250 new servers per year). The management of the life cycle of virtual machines has also been introduced — from the moment of approving the costs and commissioning a machine, through its maintenance, until shutdown.

The implementation of a private cloud solution based on Microsoft System Center 2012 in ING Services Polska reduced the lead time of delivery of a single application or database server, fully compliant with ING Global Security Standards, from 12 days to a maximum of 3 hours. Additionally, the MS DCS 2.0 (Datacenter Services Solution) package allowed for the development of a coherent platform for the management of the entire environment (including dashboard, reporting system, service settlement system). The implementation also had a positive impact on finance. The cost of launching one x86 server were reduced completely. With the new level of services, ISP was able to reduce maintenance costs of systems provided in the cloud by approximately 20%, in comparison to standard maintenance costs.


“The implementation at ING Services Polska is one of the best examples of using a Private Cloud solution based on Microsoft technology.” — claimed Wojciech Zaremba, Enterprise Services Director at Microsoft Poland — “The most important thing is that the benefits can be noticed immediately — both in operational and cost layers.
The implementation of the private cloud based on Microsoft System Center 2012 also allowed us to price the resources that we offer in a more precise and clear manner — which can make a significant difference in business. Users can independently select appropriate services from the portal and pay for them, verifying their correct operation on an ongoing basis.”

“Our collaboration with Microsoft went exceptionally smoothly.” — concluded Jarosław Ostapiuk. — “We had used other tools provided by this developer before, so we knew what to expect. We also had no problems with integrating them with the new solution. We can always count on the support and expertise of engineers at the Polish branch of Microsoft Services which proves the professionalism of their customer service.“

Reduction of the lead time of delivery of a virtual machine (as an application or database server) from 12 days to 3 hours
Reduction of maintenance costs of servers provided using the ISP Private Cloud solution approx. 20%
Return on investment 1.5 year
Implementation time 7 months
Process automation

Microsoft System Center software and services

  • Configuration Manager — physical inventory and support for machine creation processes
  • Operations Manager — monitoring of a developed solution and supported virtual machines
  • Orchestrator — automation of process flows
  • Service Manager — handling of the CMDB database of the solution and calls concerning virtual machines
  • Virtual Machine Manager — virtualization layer management
  • Microsoft DCS 2.0 — end-user portal based on Microsoft Sharepoint
Solution Overview

Organization Size: 475 employees

Organization Profile
ING Services Polska provides IT services to over 70 entities within ING Group, operating in 15 countries around the world.

Business Situation
ING Services Polska provides three major types of services to its customers:- hosting system resources,- remote management of the customer’s IT resources,- IT security services.Due to the rapid development of the company, it was necessary to implement a solution to automate the processes of creating and managing virtual machines that are provided to customers as part of hosting system resources.

The implementation of a private cloud solution based on components of Microsoft System Center 2012, supporting the entire life cycle of virtual machines.

Meeting the business needs of customers by flexibly delivering tailored services/ Development of a private cloud infrastructure that enables the provision of computing services/ Shortening the time the customers wait for the launch of a new service/ Implementation of virtual machines life cycle management/ Optimization of IT infrastructure management processes, providing additional savings/ Gaining competitive advantage and increasing competence of employees

Software and Services
Microsoft System Center 2012

Vertical Industries
IT Services


IT Issue
  • Cloud Services
  • Private Cloud