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Posted: 2/3/2014
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Tanzania Revenue Authority Government tax authority automates vehicle tax revenue collection with 24x7 service

The Tanzania Revenue Authority implemented an online payment system for payment of motor vehicle taxes. As a result it sees revenue collection climb as tax payers find it easier to make their payments with the 24/7 online payment service.

Business Needs

The Tanzania Revenue Authority collects taxes on behalf of the government. Its remit is wide ranging and it collects revenues across many areas of economic and public life within Tanzania. One such area is motor vehicle registration taxes. The organization wanted to improve how it collected taxes in this area by introducing a system that would allow tax payers to make their payments directly online.

* Thanks to Microsoft technologies we have a system that is easy to manage and easy to upgrade.  Revenue collection has increased since the system was introduced and I’m happy to say it’s certainly efficient in terms of fees and tax collection. *

Bernard Mpangala
Senior Business Analyst
Tanzania Revenue Authority

Its existing system was partially online and automated at the back office. However, there were elements of the service, mainly front office functions that relied on manual processing of payments. This sometimes led to mistakes such as some customers being overcharged. It was also difficult for some customers to make payments because the motor vehicle registration tax office had limited opening times. In turn, this led to a fall in revenues and customers being faced with penalties for missed payment deadlines.


TRA charged Microsoft partner, Techno Brain, with developing an integrated module on the new Motor Vehicle Registration System that would allow customers to make online payments at any time. However, the system needed to be built using Microsoft technologies because existing back office systems had been developed on a Microsoft stack and as a result integration would be straightforward. The Microsoft interface was also well known and widely used, which TRA estimated, would spur adoption of the service. Techno Brain along with its technology partner Integra Microsystems developed and implemented a new platform using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server. The platform was called the Central Motor Vehicle Registration System (CMVRS) and provided:

• Seamless integration with other TRA back-office systems

• Mobile payment option via web services that integrate with mobile provider platforms

• Integration with TRA’s existing online payment gateway

• Ability to access system by managers to generate reports and gain insight into revenue generation


• Easy for customers to pay from their mobile phone or via agents obviating the need to visit banks for payment

• System runs 24/7 so taxpayers can make payments within stipulated deadlines reducing the need to pay penalties for missed payment deadlines

• Integration with other back office systems makes for accurate and insightful reporting to TRA managers

• Middlemen eliminated as customers can now check from their mobile handsets if payment is made and whether they have a valid license

• Proper calculation of fees as all payments are calculated by the system, compared to earlier process where some outstanding balances/assessments were done manually

• Increased revenue collection for motor vehicle fees with up to 50 new users using the system each day

• Increased transparency due to reduction in unnecessary interaction between taxpayers and revenue authority

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 3000 employees

Organization Profile

The Tanzania Revenue Authority, headquartered in Dar es Salaam, was established by an act of parliament in 1995. It is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering various taxes of the central government.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard

Vertical Industries
Tax and Policy Admin



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