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Posted: 11/25/2013
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Tyco International Management Company Microsoft Consulting Services enables secure, incident free migrations for large divestitures

* Tyco was faced with significant resource constraints. All of our internal subject matter experts were being pulled to work on the many activities needed to separate such a large part of the business,” *

Greg Mysak
Senior IT Director, Infrastructure Services, Tyco International

Tyco delivers tailored, industry-specific safety and security solutions. With over 69,000 employees in more than 1,000 locations around the world, their vast reach allows them to anticipate changes across geographies and industries, and deploy the right solutions rapidly. With a tradition of customized service and a passion for technology and innovation, Tyco develops practical, integrated fire protection and security solutions for increasingly complex environments.

“Microsoft has a proven methodology that works. They managed the migration by following detailed processes which allowed us to be successful. They delivered.”

Business Needs

Tyco was about to begin the process of separating into three publicly traded companies. As Tyco separated its IT assets, 12,000 users from three new business units would be removed from the corporate IT domain, and transitioned to sub-domains set up for the newly divested companies. The organization needed to ensure that all end-users who were dependent on Microsoft applications to do their jobs were minimally impacted by this transition.

Greg Misyak, Tyco’s Senior IT Director, Infrastructure Services, outlined the major IT challenges the company was facing through the separation.

“Our biggest challenge was the time constraint,” said Misyak. “The separation date was mandated, so the clock was already ticking before the project had hit initiation.”

The second biggest challenge was uncoupling well-integrated business units from infrastructure services. This migration would be a complex, one-off event that had significant risk and uncertainties that came with multiple moving parts within each entity being spun off. The Tyco IT team was under pressure to complete the divestiture and associated migration within
a tight timeline, while meeting regulatory compliance and avoiding any disruption to end-users.

“Tyco was faced with significant resource constraints. All of our internal subject matter experts were being pulled to work on the many activities needed to separate such a large part of the business,” said Misyak.


Recognizing that a transition of this size and scope, could not be completed using internal resources alone, Tyco evaluated several third party consulting companies, before ultimately selecting Microsoft Consulting Services to lead the migration.

“The Active Directory Migration Service provided by Microsoft Consulting Services was attractive to us. We knew that the self-service migrations component would be effective for us due to our resource constraints,” said Misyak. “We saw this as the best way to get the job done in the time frame we had. So Microsoft was a fairly easy answer.”

At the beginning of the engagement, Microsoft Consulting Services worked closely with the team at Tyco to ensure the ADMS process and timeline was aligned with the organizational strategy to complete the divestiture. Using a self-service approach, Microsoft Consulting Services further enabled Tyco to choose the time and speed of their deployment, in order to meet the needs of all business units.

To prepare for the migration, Microsoft Consulting Services led Tyco through a pre-migration process, where transitioning users, groups, workstations and security identifiers were created in the new destination directory. This provisioning process was implemented, tested and any issues remediated prior to involving any users in the migration, in order to ensure a secure, incident-free transition for end-users.

After fine-tuning the provisioning process, and ensuring all bottlenecks were eliminated and backend directory work was complete, the ADMS Self-Service portal URL was sent to the list of users to be migrated. From this point, users were prompted through a self-migration that was secure and easy to execute.

Microsoft Consulting Services provided support throughout the migration period, to ensure a seamless migration with minimal downtime for end-users.

Benefits Flexible deployment completed within tight timeframe

The Microsoft Active Directory Migration Service delivered by Microsoft Consulting Services enabled Tyco to divest business units, transition 12,000 users to new domains and begin operating in an optimized model faster than other traditional methods.

One of the primary reasons Tyco partnered with Microsoft Consulting Services was the self-service migration component of Active Directory Migration Service. This ability significantly reduced the burden on internal IT services and resulted in a huge time-savings. With no limit on the number of daily migrations, users were given flexibility to self-migrate at a time that was most convenient for their schedule. By completing all backend directory work ahead of the migration, Microsoft Consulting Services was able to ensure that bottlenecks were eliminated from the system for a smooth, quick migration.

From the point of engaging Microsoft Consulting Services, the entire process took just 8 months, and was completed ahead of the deadline.

Seamless end-user experience and zero loss of productivity

Unlike traditional migration methods, the Active Directory Migration Service is focused directly on the user which enabled Tyco to experience a secure migration of employees on Microsoft technologies, from the Corporate Active Directory Domain, to new business unit domains quickly and efficiently, while preserving process, authentication and authorization needs related to legacy applications.

By avoiding downtime for users, the migration resulted in zero loss of productivity for Tyco employees.

Proven, structured approach reduced risk and ensured incident-free migration

The structured approach of the Active Directory Migration Service resulted in a smooth, incident-free transition.

“Microsoft has a proven methodology that works,” said Misyak. “They managed the migration by following detailed processes which allowed the execution to be successful. They delivered on everything.”

By staging the complete migration ahead of time, Microsoft Consulting Services was able to work out any problems before beginning the migration. Additionally, a series of network validation steps that ran prior to the migration reduced the migration failure rate to near zero and ensured a seamless transition experience for the user.

Highly specialized expertise of Microsoft Services

The Active Directory Migration Service is highly specialized consulting, and Microsoft Services was able to provide a superior service in this area given their intimate product knowledge.

“It was extremely important to work with the IT professionals who actually developed the software and products being used. If ever the separation was in jeopardy due to a technical issue, we always had the opportunity to escalate to someone higher up in the food chain, to reach a developer who actually created the Active Directory Migration Service and could fix the problem,” said Misyak, who added that the strong support from Microsoft executives was also particularly appreciated during the engagement.

The deep subject matter expertise of Microsoft Consulting Services combined with their experience and track record of successful customer engagements of this particular nature gave Tyco peace of mind throughout the transition.

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Tyco is a market leader in the fire protection and security solutions industries. Their 69,000 employees help protect and safeguard people and property around the world.

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