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Posted: 7/10/2012
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PRM Consulting Group Consulting Firm Increases Mobility, Works 15 Percent Faster with Latest Operating System

Human resource consultants at PRM Consulting Group (PRM) help clients attract and retain employees, including executive search services and performance management. PRM sought a way for its employees to have the advantages of both mobility and connectivity. It became an early adopter of tablets running Windows 8 Pro. The company benefits from increased mobility, improved efficiency, and a better balance of work and life commitments.

Business Needs
Founded in 1999, PRM Consulting Group (PRM) provides a fully integrated complement of consulting services that are tailored to meet clients’ human resource (HR) management needs. PRM provides expertise in compensation strategies, health and welfare benefits, HR training, executive searches, retirement benefits, and communications. Headquartered in Washington, DC, it has five offices and 40 full-time employees. PRM stands for People Really Matter.

The company’s business is predicated on being able to quickly communicate information and data to a diverse client base. PRM utilizes technology as an integral part of doing its work and views it as a strategic enabler to best serve clients and to increase its competitive edge. One of its goals is to be a leader in information technology.

Consultants at PRM primarily use laptops running the Windows 7 operating system. With a number of employees working remotely throughout the United States, PRM knew that the more connected employees were, the more effective they would be. The company’s remote workers need to get information from the central file system, whatever their location. They reported wait times of up to a minute to upload or download a file. Some employees working remotely were unable to easily connect to the company network.

As with other small businesses, PRM em-ployees struggle to balance work and life. They already work hard, so management at PRM wanted to help them work more effi-ciently by maximizing its use of technology. PRM wanted employees to be able to stay connected in a way that would help them quickly connect to fellow employees and clients at any time, from any location.

Looking for an answer, PRM turned to District Computers, a Microsoft Partner Network member with Gold competencies. When it learned that connectivity had become vitally important to PRM, District Computers immediately thought of tablets running the Windows 8 Pro operating system as an effective solution.

* I can take Windows 8 Pro anywhere. I use the traditional keyboard and mouse for intense, high-volume work periods requiring drafting of documents and spreadsheet preparation, but I’m quickly learning to easily work without them, too. *

Peter Kennedy
Compensation Principal, PRM Consulting

With help from District Computers, two employees at PRM became early adopters of a prerelease version of Windows 8 Pro deployed on a tablet. Tablets running Windows 8 Pro offer the option of using touch or mouse and keyboard, which gives a fast and fluid experience. The tablets feature a Start screen with customizable tiles that update in real time.

Right away, Jim Moss, Managing Director at PRM Consulting, downloaded a new app from the Windows Store, built directly into Windows 8 Pro, which showed his AT&T broadband consumption on a tile on the Start screen. Moss found the new user interface (UI) to be so intuitive that he immediately started taking the tablet on business trips. He uses the tablet to stay connected at home or while traveling—for email, information sharing, and data collection. “It’s a wonderful tool. Being able to use Remote Desktop to access and maintain client files is invaluable,” says Moss. With the BitLocker encryption feature, Moss feels safe taking the tablet while traveling. “I don’t even know it’s there, but my partner said it has military-grade encryption. With such a light, attractive tablet, I feel a lot more relieved if the worst happens and it’s lost or stolen.”

Peter Kennedy, Compensation Principal at PRM Consulting, soon saw the possibility of using the tablet running Windows 8 Pro as his primary device and an alternative to his laptop. He uses the tablet to work with familiar Microsoft desktop applications and saves time by being able to retrieve and process information faster. “I can sync my settings and take docs and apps with me, and then sync again using Offline Files when I come online,” says Kennedy. “It’s a huge breakthrough.”

By using the tablet running Windows 8 Pro, PRM has discovered a way to work more effectively, with increased mobility.

Increased Efficiency
Whatever his location, Moss can easily connect to what he needs. “I was amazed at how fast I could connect to the net-work,” says Moss. “The almost instantan-eous connection reduces the time needed to upload and download files.”

“I’ve always wanted to have the touch and reading experience of the iPad and still get my work done. With this tablet, I can access my Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, and Word documents. When I need to, I use the external keyboard and mouse to draft lengthy documents,” says Kennedy. “I think it’s terrific. I’m doing more in the same amount of time, working about 15 percent percent faster, particularly when I take into account the ease of carrying the tablet with me wherever I go. I can jot down ideas and work in any environment.”

Increased Mobility
Moss and Kennedy both say they enjoy the flexibility of the tablet. “I can take Windows 8 Pro anywhere. I use the traditional keyboard and mouse for intense, high-volume work periods requiring drafting of documents and spreadsheet preparation, but I’m quickly learning to work without them, too,” says Kennedy.

Having tablet functionality and desktop functionality on the same device means that they don’t have to take time to switch devices to work on complex tasks. “I’m quickly learning to use the built-in keyboard, write directly on the screen, and use the touch functions,” says Kennedy. “I hope to soon be almost equally productive without the external keyboard and mouse.” Moss says, “I like the fact that the tablet combines work and entertainment features. I can handle business and personal tasks on the same device. I have access to everything, wherever I am.”

Better Work/Life Balance
Kennedy finds that using Windows 8 Pro helps to integrate personal and work life because he can use a single device for everything. He can use tiles to get work done and to arrange his social calendar all in one place. “I can see using just this one tablet for everything eventually. The portability is just overwhelming. It’s a fraction of the weight of my laptop. I’m not sure why I need my laptop anymore.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 40 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Washington, DC, PRM Consulting Group offers expertise in compensation strategies, health and welfare benefits, HR training, retirement benefits, and executive searches.

Software and Services
  • Windows 8
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010

Vertical Industries
Accounting & Consulting

United States

Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Customer Service Management
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • Mobility

IT Issue
  • Interoperability
  • Personal Productivity


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