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Posted: 4/18/2013
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Computerlogy Social Media Monitor Reduces IT Costs 50 Percent, Grows Big Data Service with Windows Azure

Business Needs

Computerlogy is a web application development company, based in Thailand. One of the firm’s principal products is a social media monitoring tool, called SocialEnable, which was built using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on Linux.

“SocialEnable aggregates feedback from various sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with a dashboard showing ‘real time’ activity metrics,” explains Vachara Aemavat, Founder and CEO, Computerlogy, Thailand. “Comments and reactions are automatically logged and aggregated, which means customers don’t have to continuously monitor their online presence.”

When the firm launched SocialEnable in 2012, the response was overwhelming.

The service proved especially popular among banks, telecommunications companies and consumer goods brands, who wanted to continuously monitor public perception to corporate activities and campaigns.

Meeting growing demand, however, proved expensive. Scaling company servers to match customer usage required specialist IT personnel, and proved difficult without buying new servers. The application also trawled and monitored foreign sites, adding extremely high charges for international bandwidth to a growing list of expenses.

“I wanted to move SocialEnable to the cloud, so I could rapidly scale to match demand without investing in expensive servers,” says Aemavat. “My challenge was to find a service provider that was reliable and secure with zero downtime. Most important, a hosting partner had to support the mix of open source technologies we had used to build SocialEnable, as well as Ubuntu Linux. We could not afford to rebuild our application.”


Aemavat trialled a number of different cloud service providers before selecting infrastructure-as-service (IaaS) on Windows Azure. “Azure provides the ability to use PowerShell scripts and all the open source integrated development environments we needed to develop SocialEnable,” says Aemavat.

Three other factors influenced Aemavat’s decision. First, Windows Azure pricing was transparent: from the Azure website, Aemavat could calculate precisely how much Azure would cost him each month.

Second, he could choose where to locate the servers, which would help reduce international connection charges and data hosting fees. Third, Microsoft offered local support, so he had someone to consult if he encountered any glitches.

The deployment was straightforward, and Aemavat was impressed with the results. “It proved easy to adapt and migrate SocialEnable to run on Windows Azure, and performance is outstanding. The control panel is amazing: simple, efficient and user-friendly.”


With Windows Azure, Computerlogy has a cloud-based platform that involves no technical compromise. The firm can make the most of their current skills and competencies, and entrust their application to a reliable platform that employees like to work with.

Rapid, cost-effective scaling

After redeploying to the cloud, Aemavat was able to increase capacity 900% within two months, without investing in new hardware. ”With Azure we can scale out and in ‘real time!’, which means we can easily keep pace with demand,” he states proudly.

Openness to emerging technology

Aemavat adds: “Microsoft has proven to be an excellent partner for startups, allowing us to pioneer new web applications using a mixture of both commercial and open source software. With a great support team here and in Singapore, I am totally confident Azure can reliably support all future development.”

Low, transparent costs

Azure has dramatically reduced the company’s cost to market. “Our biggest IT-related cost is maintenance, but Windows Azure mostly takes care of itself,” says Aemavat. “I would have had to pay thousands of dollars per month to maintain SocialEnable on our existing server configuration. Azure costs half that.”

Dependable partnership

For a new company like Computerlogy, having Microsoft as a partner helps attract and retain big customers. “Knowing our product is hosted with Microsoft gives new customers confidence,” says Aemavat. “This will help us expand to other countries in the region like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Since moving to Azure, we have had no downtime, and performance has been awesome.”

“By becoming more open, Microsoft is making it easier for startups like us to develop solutions based on our core capabilities,” he adds. “This openness is even more important in the cloud: it helps companies reduce costs while empowering them with greater flexibility, security and agility. All credit to Microsoft for listening to customers and being truly open.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 99 employees

Organization Profile

Founded in 2009, Computerlogy is the first company in Thailand to create a tool for companies to track comments and feedback on social media sites.

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  • Microsoft Azure
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